Global milk tea sensation, Machi Machi, opens its first store in Auckland

Bubble and milk tea bars are one of those cult-followed, foodie things that seem to always draw a crowd, and for those in the know, Auckland’s newest opening is set to continue the trend. Machi Machi is a global sensation (it started in Taiwan and now, boasts 23 stores across the world) and has recently made its first foray into New Zealand with a shiny new store in Albany.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the new outpost has already seen queues out the door of those seeking some of the chain’s coveted freshly-brewed teas, fruit teas and milk teas. Machi Machi’s menu is renowned for its delightfully sweet offering, where classic teas are given delicious (and unexpected) twists — think cream cheese foam or creme brûlée topping. And, in order to ensure Kiwi punters were treated to the full Machi Machi experience, the brand even sent its original Taiwanese baristas here to train the local team.

Machi Machi’s aesthetic is just another delightful touch. The interiors are very Instagram-worthy, with cute illustrations and neon signs set against simple, concrete walls. And if you want your tea in a version that can be thrown into a bag to finish later, Machi Machi also offers its drinks in sleek glass bottles. But what really makes Machi Machi stand out more than anything is its focus on quality ingredients. Sourcing traditional tea leaves from Taiwan and creating all of the pearls, creme brûlée and panna cotta in-house, here, there is a focus on detail that makes the Machi Machi milk tea second to none. If you’re looking to try something different this weekend, look no further.

Machi Machi

11/14 Corinthian Drive,
Albany, Auckland

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These are the non-fiction releases we’re devouring right now

When it comes to our bedside reading stacks this season, non-fiction new releases are taking precedent. While there is an overflow of new titles emerging from great literary minds and new thinkers, these are the books that we believe are worthy of your attention.

How to Raise an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
Following in the wake of tragedy and unrest, the latest work by this prolific activist suggests a way to keep anti-racist work at the forefront of a child’s upbringing, giving us all hope for the generations of the future. 

Tremors in the Blood by Amit Katwala
For those who indulge in true crime podcasts and murder mystery novels, comes the ultimate literary probe into the tool that changed investigation forever — the lie detector.

The Secret Life of Secrets by Michael Slepian
Secrets — everybody has them. Whether they’re simply the subject of idle gossip, or something more sinister, they are an intricate part of our complex society. This recent release finally considers how secrets impact the mind and the world in turn. Drawing on the author’s research, this is an eye-opening look at human behaviour.

Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole by Susan Cain
In her new masterpiece, Susan Cain reveals the power of a bittersweet outlook on life, and why we’ve been so blind to its value. This read shows how embracing life’s struggles will help you develop your greatest strengths.

Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Makingby Tony Fadeli
Ingenuity and innovation are the cornerstones of the modern world, yet there is no one recipe for success. From the mind behind the teams that gave us the iPhone, this unorthodox guide offers inspiration and suggestions for breaking the rules to bring about unparalleled success.

The Unkillables by Jo Lambell
Cultivating a proud garden as a plant parent can be tougher than the act of parenting itself, but in Jo Lambell’s illuminating release, we uncover 40 of the most resilient houseplants for the horticulturally challenged — and how to care for them to ensure their survival.

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Comfort food and bottomless coffee collide at Avondale’s delicious cafe

Burnt Butter unofficially calls itself the anti-cafe, where the owners have gone somewhat against the grain by opening with a philosophy of good food first, and everything else after. On the front door the signage reads ‘Simple done well. Breakky, Lunch & Hot Cuppas. Small Batch Catering. Fresh Bakes’ and really, we couldn’t sum its offering up better. (But we’ll try, all the same.)

Left: Burnt Butter Diner’s cookies.

The new Avondale cafe is small but mighty and has been designed to feel like walking into the home of its owners, Claudia Long and Ryan Pearce. It is a an eclectic space where warm tones of red, textured walls and touches of timber are bathed in natural light from the large front window (adorned in cute illustrations by Carly Black). Here, only filter coffee is served (bottomless, of course), and Long’s cookies and cakes take centre stage.

The BB FlatBRead

Burnt Butter is not the first hospitality venue for the owners. Both ex-Gemmayze Street, the chefs opened nearby Ol’ Mate when the pandemic first hit, as a way to remain in hospitality and serve the food they love, alongside coffee the locals swear by. Burnt Butter was simply the next step in their evolution, and it all happened organically. The space, a former recording studio and art gallery, became available, and the next thing they knew, Long and Pearce were rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck into the fit-out.

Right: Smoked Fish Crumpet.

At its core, Burnt Butter is where the clever culinary duo can continue to break the hospitality mould. They cook the food they know and love, which can sometimes be cakes inspired by Long’s other venture Sweetcheeks, or meals with flavours inspired by Pearce’s travels (a personal favourite is the smoked fish atop a homemade crumpet with egg, pickles and Greek yoghurt). They’re confident that if they love it, others will too.

It’s a vision that we’re confident with too. At any given time, the space is flooded with locals, catching up with one another or sitting back for another cup of coffee and a good book to read. It’s a space where you could happily sit eating, reading and catching up with friends for hours on end, and in the coming months, you can expect to find us doing just that.

Burnt Butter

62 Rosebank Road,
Avondale, Auckland

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Becky Sweater in Rice, Stripe and Black with Honey Tip.

New season Muse Cashmere is here to brighten up your winter wardrobe

Muse’s Boutique’s in-house cashmere line has something of a cult following. Designed by Owner Olivia Healy and her team and sustainably produced by artisans in Nepal from some of the world’s finest cashmere, the pieces are elegant, well-made and warm, making them some of our favourite things to wear when winter rolls in.

Now, Muse Cashmere is returning for its seventh season, and this time, the collection is making a case for colour. Inspired by the silhouettes and ‘joie de vivre’ of the 60s, the new Muse Cashmere combines classic neutrals with bright, bold tones. From an unapologetic ‘Basil’ green and a high-octane ‘Citron’ yellow, to a vivid ‘Marmalade’ orange and an eye-catching ‘Violet,’ the colours used in this collection feel new and fresh for the brand, and a good reminder for us to have some fun with our winter wardrobes.

That said, there are a number of timeless designs to sit alongside new silhouettes, and a raft of beautiful, pared-back layering pieces to balance out the more statement-making ones. Those seeking a classic high-neck sweater, for instance, should look no further than the ‘Becky’ or the ‘Madeline,’ available in a range of hero colours (or a simple black, white or grey marle). The former also comes in a distinctly Parisian ‘stripe’ and the latter, in an understated ‘Honey’ beige — promising the perfect, throw-on layer for the season ahead.

Elsewhere, the ‘Mimi’ v-neck and the ‘Rosie’ crew neck exemplify how Muse has balanced simple design with unique detail in this collection. And while both styles are available in bold colours, they also stand as an ode to classic sweater shapes — universally flattering and unchanged by trends. Similarly, the ‘Elizabeth’ scarf is a new piece that forms a central part of this collection, offering a simple (but deliciously warm) cashmere layering piece to deliver that extra boost on winter’s coldest days.

“After months of talking, brainstorming and designing, our seventh season of Muse Cashmere is here, and it has something for everyone,” Muse Boutique Owner, Olivia Healy, tells me. “These pieces have been designed to offer gentle warmth and to bring a touch of luxury to your everyday. And whether you wear them at night or during the daytime, for work or for relaxing at home, they’re meant to be worn and loved forever.”

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We uncover the purveyor of some of the freshest, tastiest pasta in Auckland

It has been said that there is no labour of love quite like homemade pasta, and those who have attempted can attest to the idea.

But for some, it is more love than labour, like Mirella Kostandini, who has recently opened Arte Della Pasta — a space serving some of the freshest, handmade pasta in Auckland, ready for you to pick-up and prepare with love at home (almost like you made it yourself). It is an easy and delicious upgrade from the classic supermarket packets, and a little-known secret that we’ve been eager to share.

Left: Gnocchi.

Pasta making is an art that has been in Konstandini’s family for generations and (like all good pasta recipes) it was passed down to her by her Nonna. Now, she shares with it with those who visit her space. Located in central Newmarket, Arte Della Pasta is more than just a grab-and-go. It’s also a dine-in and takeaway experience that offers wholesome Italian food as it was meant to be served, as well as a place in which the chef offers a range of pasta classes. In these intimate sessions, Konstandini passes on the knowledge shared by her family, to help you to make truly bellissimo pasta every single time.

Left: A selection of Arte Della Pasta’s pestos, sauces and olive oils.

For Konstandini, nothing brings her more joy than creating traditional pasta every day. Everything is made by hand, with the freshest, seasonal ingredients that inspire the day’s dishes — be it spinach and ricotta ravioli or slow-cooked lamb. “What really makes the difference is I make everything with my hands,” she explains. “You can smell it, and you can taste the difference.” It is almost akin to an art form — and the level of care and detail doesn’t go unnoticed.

After the rise of internet sensation Pasta Grannies, there has been a collective growth in the appreciation for just how much love, effort and energy goes into making these kinds of dishes; dishes that capture such a special culinary culture. “For me, this is not a business,” Konstandini explains to me. “This is a home — and I want all the people who come in to feel at home too.”

“When I see the people enjoying what I do, and when people come back and say thank you, you feel at the heart of the family… This makes it all worth it.”

Opening hours:
Monday — Sunday, 11am until 6pm

Arte Della Pasta

21C Remuera Road,
Newmarket, Auckland

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Andiamo’s new set menu is a delicious celebration of autumn
Taking over a coveted spot in Parnell, meet Rhu — the elevated new all-day eatery from an ex-Pasture chef
Raise a glass to rosé as Soul Bar & Bistro launches a month-long celebration of this delicious drop
MAH Residence by Mim Design.

Stay cosy without losing your cool with our guide to the finest fireplaces around

About two million years ago, we learnt to control fire. It’s a defining factor in the evolution of the human experience, and our humanity. A fire provides warmth and heat, but it also acts as a conduit for connection, drawing us together as we search for meaning through the flames. And as recent studies have shown, the ancient campfire led to the rise of storytelling.

Strike fireplace by Chad Dorsey Design Studio.
Cascata Uno by Alwill Interiors.

So, when you want to tell a story in your home, a distinctive fireplace will let visitors know who you truly are. We suggest looking to sculptural shapes with smooth, inviting curves to draw attention to both the fire and your room’s form. And if you want to make a statement, get more from your mantle by extending it upwards for dramatic effect — or outwards to make it seem like it emerges seamlessly from its surrounds. Mim Design’s striking fireplace feature wall for the MAH Residence does both. Utilising the space on either side of the custom display, the fireplace fans elegantly over the flames below.

From left: Paris Residence by Félix Millory Architecture, Henessy 86 Residence by Ivan Honcharenko.
Californian House by Axel Vervoordt.

If you’d rather your fireplace be quite literally in the middle of your conversation, an artful suspended fireplace in the midst of a room will make time stand still at the end of an evening. Many of these fireplaces, like the Gyrofocus, designed in the 1960s by Dominique Imber for Focus Fireplace, are able to swivel 360-degrees for those who desire full control over their blaze and the ambiance it creates.

Sheffield Residence by Vincent Appel.

That said, if you’re after something more substantial, you might be moved by marble. First chiselled by the ancient world, the rock offers a refined yet robust form, whether impressed on the wall as a mantlepiece, or made to stand out in the middle of a room as a special feature. From blanco carrara to dark onyx, the natural veining in marble is unique to each piece — formed by crystallised minerals from water that once ran through the stone and evaporated. Such veins may be trapped in time, but they seem to have more vitality when set against the heat of a flame.

42 Crosby Street, New York Residence by Samuel Amoia.
The Collector Residence by Framework Studio.

For choosing furniture that encircles the fireplace itself, select these like you would your fireside companions — welcoming and with a sense of humour. Tactile chairs of bouclé and shearling have their own charming quirks, and promise to be points of conversation if all else fails. Seating in tones like smooth cognac and deep brown will offer a necessary sense of calm when it’s time to put your feet up, while pieces rendered in solid timber will only add to the warmth already radiating from the undulating flames.

As for coffee tables, whichever shape you choose for this other important centrepiece, our one rule is to ensure yours is kept level with the fire, so that its flickers reflect softly on the surface. 

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Enjoy the best-dressed season of your life with our simple sartorial rules

Curating the perfect winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our simple guide will not only have you dressing more confidently and effortlessly than ever before, but will see you build a wardrobe to last more than one season. Here, we deliver some easy sartorial rules to keep your looks timeless, practical and memorable.

1. Don’t forget accessories
If you’re throwing on your trusty sweater for the fifth day in a row and need something to spruce it up, lay on some warm layers with woollen accessories that are practical and polished. And remember, a pair of sunglasses is just as essential as a finishing touch in winter as in summer.  

From the left: moscot dahven SUNGLASSES from Parker & Co. DIOR AND SACAI BERET from Dior Men. ACNE STUDIOS ARGYLE DESIGN SCARF from Workshop. POSSUM MERINO BEANIE from Bonz.

2. Invest in a shearling
There are a few styles of winter outerwear that every man should have and the shearling is high on that list. Whether you opt to keep it classic, or contemplate something more modern, this is a timeless style and a worthwhile investment. 

From the left: AVRO jacket from Bonz. COCOON AVIATOR JACKET from Balenciaga. Dior Men Pre-fall 22 runway. BOMBER JACKET IN CANVAS AND SHEARLING from Saint Laurent.

3. Monochrome will save you
If you ever find yourself wondering what to wear, a head-to-toe tone can take the angst out of getting dressed. Build some monochromatic looks into your wardrobe and save them for the days when nothing else is working out.  

Louis vuitton pre-fall 22

4. Keep on your toes
Stay one step ahead of everyone else with a line-up of shoes to suit any occasion. From elegant boots to sleek loafers and of course, a pair (or two) of sneakers, opt for quality over quantity and you will stay in-step for seasons to come. 

From the top left: Teodora Scotch Boot from Dadelszen. Chocolate brushed loafers from Prada. Smith sneakers from Saint Laurent. B27 HIGH-TOP SNEAKERs from Dior men. GG Loafers with tassel from Gucci. LV Driver moccasins from Louis Vuitton. STRIKE 20MM BOOTIE from Balenciaga.

5. Say it with a shoulder
Take tailored looks to a whole new level by introducing a bold shoulder. Subtle, sophisticated and modern without being avant-garde, a sharp shoulder will lend you some edge without taking over.

From the left: men’s Engineered blazer from Balenciaga. Single-breasted wool and mohair jacket from Prada. DOUBLE-BREASTED STRIPED JACKET IN WOOL from Saint Laurent. Gucci Fall 22 runway.
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The Curious AF Bottle Shop.

Doing Dry July? These are the foolproof tips and tricks you need to see you through

It’s almost astonishing that another year has passed, and Dry July is upon us once more. While it may feel daunting to forgo a wintry glass of red with dinner, (or a neat whisky when times call for something stronger), there’s fair reason to undertake a month alcohol-free. Beyond the desire to cleanse and reset, most commit to Dry July in order to raise money for cancer, and there is a handful who use it as a catalyst to more longer-term sobriety.

But going cold turkey is no easy feat. And with that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few tips to see you through Dry July in style.

Left: Sawmill’s Bare Beer (Image by Cliff Mclennan); Monday Disterllery G&T.

Swap out the seltzers for 0% alternatives
While they could be confused for a can of fizzy, many drinks purveyors have dedicated their efforts to creating enjoyable alternatives for those seeking sobriety. Yes You Can has developed a delicious range of Non-Alcoholic Spritzes, and festival-favourite Pals recently added a 0% can to its beloved line. Monday Distillery makes a divine range of alcohol-free cocktails for occasions that need a decidedly elevated twist, or for those needing a barbecue-friendly alternative, you can’t go wrong with Sawmill’s Bare Beer — a no-alcohol pale ale.

Make plans outside the norm
In a city like Auckland, it can be easy to revert to old habits — after all, our hospitality scene has much to tempt us with. But like any challenge in life, distraction can be a helpful tool for success. See Dry July as an opportunity to embrace more ‘wholesome’ experiences. Maybe that’s checking out one of the exciting exhibitions on in the City, such as the new Ancient Greeks at Auckland Museum. Alternatively, look to head out of town for a weekend getaway to a gorgeous Airbnb or luxury lodge where you can drink hot chocolates and play board games — the truest form of winter comfort.

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Whiskey.

Grab a bottle of Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits to give back
For those times when you would love to pour yourself a drop of whisky or whip up a cocktail at home, it helps to have a collection of your favourite non-alcoholic spirits on hand. A few more brands are entering the market of late, and one we adore is Lyre’s. This year, the brand has joined forces with Dry July as the official partner, meaning 10% of all sales from its website will be donated to Dry July NZ Trust — an added reward for your efforts.

Misery loves company — enlist a friend to join
The more challenging moments in life are always made better with people you care about by your side. It’s why we recommend enlisting a friend or partner (or colleague, for that matter) to join your Dry July campaign. Having someone in your boat who you can go for walks with while everyone else is heading to bottomless brunch (and someone with whom you can celebrate come August) will make July fly by.

Pay a visit to New Zealand’s first alcohol-free liquor store
The visionary team behind AF drinks have launched a revolutionary new concept in the heart of Ponsonby Central for the month ahead. Here you’ll find New Zealand’s first 100% alcohol-free liquor store, where the team have rounded up a boutique curation of some of the most exquisite champagnes, wines, beers and spirits in a divine space. With the fit-out prompting curiosity and the drinks on offer being a palatable alternative to conventional libations, it’s a haunt that we expect to visit often in the weeks ahead.

Yes You Can Advent Calendar.

Treat yourself to a midwinter advent calendar with Yes You Can
In the same way that December is spent celebrating the arrival of Christmas with a daily advent calendar chocolate, July can now be marked in a similar way. Yes You Can, the alcohol-free drinks company, has launched an advent calendar that offers all the makings of the annual classic, with a sobercurious twist. Allowing you to enjoy 31 days of the brand’s beloved drinks (that mimic the entire experience of a cocktail without the alcohol) this calendar is a Dry July must.

Establish a new after-work routine
Many of us are all too familiar with a satiating drink after a long day at work, whether it’s a glass of wine as you cook, a sip of something stronger as you decompress, or perhaps even a beer on the sofa as you tune into your favourite show. The easiest way to kick this habit is by replacing it with something else. You can use this time to peel back the layers on what you enjoy or what you actually crave when you get home from work and make that part of your evening routine instead. It could be a walk or a gym class, or maybe you’re a meditator who needs some downtime to unwind. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your new routine; but instead, replace the regular drink with something else you love.

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Andiamo’s new set menu is a delicious celebration of autumn
Taking over a coveted spot in Parnell, meet Rhu — the elevated new all-day eatery from an ex-Pasture chef
Raise a glass to rosé as Soul Bar & Bistro launches a month-long celebration of this delicious drop
Digital artwork by Marcio Mauro, of an astronaut lounging with a drink from Moon Paradise, Assouline Spring 22 classic collection.

Why these coffee table tomes are the perfect addition to your living space

Winter can be a time where literary inspiration is often lacking, but when we find ourselves ready to look for it again, leafing through a nearby coffee table book is always the next best muse. From the latest in Assouline’s travel series to books that impart the wisdom of designers who have shaped the world, these are the books you should add to your collection this winter.

Moon Paradise
The latest addition to Assouline’s ever-growing travel series is Moon Paradise, which journeys further than the collection has ever done before by delving into the omnipotent presence of the moon throughout human history. Moon Paradise considers everything from the early stages of scientific inquisition, to the moon landing, and even to the way the moon has informed visual movements in fashion, architecture and culture. Paired perfectly with accompanying text from space journalist, Sarah Cruddas, it brings together a collection of images and essays intended for those inquisitive about outer space.  

Moschino by Alexander Fury
Here is a delightful coffee table addition that becomes an element of decor in and of itself. The rare release offers words directly from Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott — a mind we’ve longed to get inside for some time now. Moschino has quickly become synonymous with Scott’s quirky designs that challenge the mould of fashion, and readers should expect no different from this book. Featuring a collection of images (some never-seen-before) from campaigns, editorials, fashion shows, backstage photos, front rows, red carpets, parties, and more, this release truly captures a moment in time and shares the story of Moschino as only Scott could tell it. A never-ending mood board for the creatively-minded and an insight into the cultural and social structures that have long shaped the landscape of fashion.

Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising
Paramount to any sneaker-head’s collection is this release which offers insight into, and inspiration from those behind some of the most high-profile sneaker campaigns in the world. Comprising a line-up of memorable advertisements (and some that may have slipped under the radar) this is essential for any avid shoe fan’s collection.

Ken Fulk: The Movie In My Mind by Ken Fulk
From renowned interior designer Ken Fulk comes The Movie in My Mind, a curation of projects by Fulk and his team that capture his inspired, magical designs. One of the latest additions to the Assouline stable, this coffee table book offers an essential glimpse into the innermost creativity of the esteemed designer. Taking a look at Fulk’s creative process, and containing a treasure trove of some of his greatest works, this will prove an endless source of inspiration for any lover of design. 

Prime: Art’s Next Generation
Told in vivid illustrations and bringing together more than 100 innovative contemporary artists working across all media, this exquisite read will prove seminal for any culture-lover. Introducing the rising stars of the art world, the book peers into the future and showcases work selected by a new generation of curators, writers and academics. 

Michelangelo: Complete Works
From the publishing giant Taschen, Michelangelo: Complete Works reframes the Italian artist’s life through a complex exploration of essay, illustration and inventory. As a sculptor, painter, engineer, and architect (an exemplified Renaissance man), his achievements are perfectly captured in this book, published for the 450th anniversary of his death.

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These are the 7 best natural deodorants that actually do their job

Conventional deodorants have been given a bad rap over the years, and rightly so, given their highly toxic ingredients. Here we make a very strong argument as to why you should go au-naturel.

The more we learn, the more we realise that traditional aluminium deodorants of the past — despite doing a seemingly ‘good job’ — are actually harmful for overall health and wellbeing. Emerging studies have shown that the aluminium in deodorants has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, and other parabens found on the ingredients panel are known to be hormone disruptors. Underarm sweat has been the way we have detoxified for centuries, but after our attempt to thwart that process saw us suddenly switching to a daily dose of toxins instead, our bodies don’t know how to keep up.

The last decade has offered a masterclass in detoxification, and how important it is for us to support our bodies’ natural processes. Like it or not, under the arms is one of the most efficient ways we dispel toxins. Traditional antiperspirants effectively act as plugs that prevent the body from doing what it’s meant to, and that’s when the system reaches a point of overload. But before you make the switch to a more natural alternative, here are some crucial things to be aware of.

Pushing Past the Purge
Moving from traditional to natural deodorants will result in what is known as ‘the purge’. In the case of natural deodorant, this refers to the week or two where our bodies adjust to a new normal. It’s not nice, and it doesn’t smell great either. A lot of people mistake this as the natural deodorant not working, and are quick to pick up their supermarket standard once more. But this is actually the body ridding itself of the toxins and heavy metals accumulated over the years, which can finally exit as they were supposed to.

Navigating Trial & Error
Finding a natural deodorant that promises to carry us through the day is an unpleasant reality that often involves a lot of trial and error (sometimes with more error than success). Which is why our editors have taken the guesswork out of your beauty routine and disclosed their forever favourites, so you can smell rosey and be healthy at the same time. It may take a couple of tries to find the product for you, but this shortlist is the perfect place to start.

Clockwise from top left: Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream from Mecca, Deodorant roll-on from Aesop, Malin+Goetz eucalyptus deodorant from Mecca, Ultrella Sunshine Lime Natural Deodorant from Skintopia, Tangerine Deodorant Cream from Plant & Share,Sarah’s Day Pitty Party Natural Lychee & Vanilla Deodorant from La’Bang Body, Deodorant from Nuud.
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