Queenstown bound? Add these thrilling activities to your list of adventures

If you’re heading south to Queenstown this winter, you likely have plans to hit the slopes, but there are plenty of other worthy pursuits to further your journey of discovery into this ultimate winter wonderland. From sky gazing to e-bike trails to thrill-seeking adventures, we round up a few of the off-piste activities worthy of your attention.

Aurora Australis

A wintertime highlight that very few have the luck of experiencing. During the months of April through to September, the electromagnetic phenomenon known as the Southern Lights puts on a spectacular display in the night skies. Best seen from a high vantage point and looking south, the atmospheric show can be seen in the early morning (many of the recent displays have been between 4am and 6am) on a clear night, typically during the waning (darker) phases of the moon. Get updates from a local group of Aurora enthusiasts by following the Queenstown Aurora Australis Facebook group. 

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Oxbow Adventures

Set amid the spectacular backdrop of Nevis Bluff in Gibbston Valley, Oxbow offers an unforgettable day of adventure like no other. Upon the banks of the Clutha River, land owners Lloyd and Julz Ferguson have set up the ultimate thrill-seeker’s playground on their expansive farm, with the idea of creating an unmatched experience that inspires fun, adventure, and camaraderie among friends and family. Offering a full day of activities including jet sprinting around a purpose-built lake, clay target shooting, and ultimate off-roading vehicles, Oxbow is the adrenaline junkie’s paradise. 


Bike Gibbston Valley

For another great friends and family adventure among beautiful scenery, head into Arrowtown to one of the many bike rental shops, and saddle up on an e-bike for a picturesque peddle through the Gibbston Valley. The e-bikes take away any need for serious exertion, allowing you to take time to marvel at the beauty as you bike alongside the Arrow River. Traverse swing bridges, ride past vineyards and through valleys, to your final destination— Gibbston Valley Winery, or the Gibbston Tavern. After a gentle one hour ride, settle in for a well deserved lunch and a glass or two of the region’s finest wines. Then simply call to have your bikes and yourselves transported back to Arrowtown.



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