This breathtaking wildlife exhibition is an absolute must-see for animal lovers

The animal kingdom has long captivated the human imagination. From the underwater marvels of the vast ocean to the giant beasts of the African plains, we’re continuously in awe of the fantastical creatures that walk this earth alongside us. It is the reason why David Attenborough is still gracing our TV screens (that, and the fact that his voice is the most soothing thing known to mankind) and it’s also the reason why Auckland Museum’s hosting of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is such a huge hit, every single year.

For the uninitiated, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the longest-running nature photography competition in the world, a prestigious international event that is owned by London’s Natural History Museum. For nature lovers, it is quite possibly one the most moving exhibitions there is, with each image boasting the power to transform the way people look at the natural world, alongside stimulating conversation around topics like extinction and animal welfare.

Such is the case with this year’s exhibition, which will feature 100 winning images that illustrate the majesty and vulnerability of life on our planet. From a breathtaking shot of a marmot being ambushed by a Tibetan fox, to an eagle, wings outstretched, landing gracefully into a mound of crisp, white snowfall, each image incites wonder and curiosity while also reminding us of the fragility of our planet and our responsibility to protect it.

This year carries even more reason to make tracks to Auckland Museum, as amongst the winners is 14-year-old Aucklander Cruz Erdmann, who won the title of Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his snap of a big fin squid illuminating the inky blackness of the ocean. With Erdmann’s incredible capture being just one of many breathtaking images that can be seen at the exhibition, we can guarantee that this is one event seriously worth carving out time for.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition takes place at the Auckland War Memorial Museum from 28th February – 10th May

Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland Domain


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Determined to be better with money? These three apps will help you on your way

Stop avoiding the money discussion with these apps that are designed to help you get on top of your finances — and stay there.

For splitting bills… Split Wise
This app allows users to create groups, input detailed expenses and track payments and IOUs. It can also be used to set up recurring bills and simplify debts into easy repayment plans, ensuring you never have to encounter awkward money moments with friends or family again. 

For hitting goals… Pennies
An award-winning budgeting app, Pennies makes keeping track of daily spending easy and allows users to reach their saving goals in a stress-free way. This is a flexible, user-friendly option for anyone wanting to get on top of their personal finances.

For easy accounting… QuickBooks
Perfect for freelancers or small business owners, this app is designed for straightforward money and account management on-the-go. Simple and approachable, it will have you managing various incomings and outgoings in a far more organised way in no time. 


Down South? Don’t miss these exceptional events at Ayrburn
Heading to Synthony Pride this August? We have everywhere to eat, drink and celebrate around the event
We talk to author Trent Dalton on his dark childhood, finding light between the cracks, and the girl who saved him

Citrusy and sweet, Ecoya’s latest fragrance has us craving the humble aperitif

Aperitivo is, without question, an art. It is similar to our Happy Hour, if our Happy Hour was a beautifully lit affair laden with elegant citrus-infused libations, that is. It is something that we have long wished we could incorporate into our daily lives but, unfortunately, the act of knocking back crisp cocktails each evening isn’t deemed as appropriate on this side of the world. Luckily, we here at Denizen have stumbled across the next best thing, and it comes in the form of Ecoya’s latest candle offering.

The new release is reminiscent of everybody’s favourite aperitif, from the scent — undeniably crisp and citrusy — to the ‘ingredients’ list. Entitled Blood Orange, the latest iteration to join the iconic candle house’s line-up blends sparkling blood orange notes with bergamot before melding the duo with ginger, cinnamon, carnation and musk.

This isn’t the first time that Ecoya has based a candle scent upon a sublime beverage, just last year they blessed us with the fruity and refreshing Wild Strawberry Frosé, but this time around the new addition has been added to the brand’s core collection and thus is here to stay. As such, the cocktail-inspired candle is available across all Ecoya’s products, including The Madison Jar, Mini Madison Jar, Metro Jar, Fragranced Diffuser and Mini Diffuser.

Last night the Ecoya team, reminding us that they know how to throw a party just as much as they know how to make a good candle, put on a wonderful event to celebrate the Blood Orange launch in a roof-top room at the SO/ hotel. What took place was an intimate affair, complete with glasses of Aperol Spritz on tap, delicious canapés, plenty of fantastic company and, of course, numerous Blood Orange candles littering the scene.

Ensuring that the home remains beautifully lit while filling each room with deliciously citrusy aromas, Ecoya is bringing the thrill of Aperitivo hour into our very own homes. It is a scent that is at once playful, effervescent and uplifting, so, suffice to say, we’ll be setting the scene with Blood Orange candles for all dinner parties to come.


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As our Creative Director discovers, Van Cleef & Arpels’ enrapturing Melbourne exhibition is a journey through the poetry of time
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The classic white shirt can flatter the silhouette of every woman, so here’s how to nail the timeless staple 

The world of fashion flips and flirts with one trend after another, yet there are some select items that remain above the fray and offer an eternal style go-to. The crisp white shirt is one of those rare enigmas and is therefore essential to every woman’s wardrobe. Not only does it pair perfectly with almost anything, but it also serves an array of different purposes, depending on how you wear it.

This sartorial delight is simple but never basic. As part of its versatility, it offers either a sense of serenity, or a suggestion of power, to the overall aesthetic of the outfit. Let’s look deeper at some of the many ways you can play with these two faces of the timeless white shirt staple. 

The Classic

From left to right — Nili Lotan Tegan Shirt from Workshop, The Row Amos point-collar-poplin shirt from Matches Fashion and Viktoria and Woods Minister Shirt from Superette

Sporting a prominent collar and puffed sleeves, the classic white shirt can be casual, or help to dress up an outfit. With top buttons undone and sleeves elegantly rolled up, over a casual denim blue jean, your look attains the ultimate in smart-casual confidence. For more formal attire, button it to the top with chic retro-cool, keep your cuffs crisp and allow the strong silhouette do the talking.

Sleek and Refined

From left to right — Helen Cherry Valencia shirt from Workshop, Long-sleeved Pleated Shirt with Lavaliere from Louis Vuitton and cotton blouse from Dior

Straying from the formality of the highly-tailored white shirt, is the look that is more relaxed but still full of subtle sizzle. The shoulders are smoothed out, there’s less emphasis on symmetrical collars, and the style has a modern edge that dares the conventions to keep up. This design pairs especially well with fitted, tapered pants.

Feminine Flair

From left to right — Ga Man shirt from Georgia Alice, Peplum poplin shirt from Gucci and Egyptian poplin shirt from Prada

Highlighting the artistic curve of the hips, while bringing in the stitching to create a flattering, more pinched-in visual line around the waist, these white shirts emphasise the beauty of the feminine shape. Tucked in or not, this shirt enhances both skirt and pants. The slim-fitting arms contrast with the classic collars and put your inner preppiness beyond doubt. 


Tiffany & Co. turned to the heavens — and the stars — for the debut of its 2024 Blue Book collection in Los Angeles
As our Creative Director discovers, Van Cleef & Arpels’ enrapturing Melbourne exhibition is a journey through the poetry of time
Chaumet’s exquisite tiaras are the luxury jeweller’s crowning glory — here, we explore the maison’s history of haute headpieces
Brandy snap cannoli
She-Wolf Pizza
Caprese salad (on the left) and Amaretto Sour (on the right)
Caprese salad with black krim tomato (on the left), caprese salad (in the middle) and Italian meatballs (on the right)

This restaurant is bringing a slice of Roman trattorias to Grey Lynn

If you enjoy Grey Lynn’s renowned Mediterranean restaurant Lokanta, or have heard the hype around K’Road’s Carmen Jones, both owned by the same operators, you’ll be interested to know that a third eatery is now being served up, by them, to Aucklanders. Given the solid track record of the other two locales, expectations for the newly-opened West Lynn restaurant are high. And indeed, our experience there confirms that big things lie ahead for Romulus & Remus.

Clare Hindmarsh, Michelle Arsan, Zeki Kizilata and Ali Fuat Arsan are the quartet behind the 110-seater space. They have combined their cultural diversity and knowledge of Italian cuisine to curate everything from the fit-out to the menu, which is taken well beyond the traditional Italian parameters. This has no strict pizza-and-pasta protocol, and not even one checker of the red and white tablecloth was in sight. 

Romulus & Remus

Instead, the restaurant exudes a warm and homely feeling that welcomes in the dining public. Blending walls of soothing green shades, so familiar in Italy’s olive groves, with natural wooden floors, hand-painted tiles, and a Roman-inspired gold ceiling, the aesthetic of Romulus & Remus somehow combines an updated Italian decor with a New Zealand feel.

The thoughtful menu is designed by Hindmarsh and Kizilata to be shared. The pair did not hold back from showcasing their Turkish and Kiwi roots in the list of mouth-watering offerings. They wanted to create timeless and straightforward food, so with chef Luis Andrade, they chose to avoid the ubiquitous edible flowers and smears of sauce, and reel it right in to focus on the flavours. And these solid foundations are also evident in the fact that everything is made from scratch, and in-house. Even the tomatoes and basil in the Caprese Salad have been grown by Kizilata in his own garden. 

Caprese salad (on the left) and melanzane chips (on the right)

For most Italian restaurants, the predictable polenta chip is almost always a staple, but not at Romulus & Remus, where it makes way for innovation: the Melanzane Chips. Here, crumbed and deep-fried eggplant sticks are served with a deliciously creamy feta and fennel whip that resonates beautifully with the Mediterranean labneh. But if you are a diehard lover of authentic Italian dishes, there are still many you can choose, including the blended beef and pork mince Meatballs which are offset by a rich tomato sauce, with fragrant Italian parmesan cheese. 

According to Hindmarsh, the She-Wolf Pizza has already become a crowd favourite. It took only one tasting for us to understand why. Using a simple medley of olives, tomatoes, garlic, capers, anchovies and chilli flakes, it seems to capture the perfect balance of tanginess and cheese-churning creaminess, with a kung-fu level of spicy kick from the chilli. From there, we began our endings and opted for a dessert of Brandy Snap Cannoli. We suddenly realised we had managed to save the best for last: it was spectacular. The Italian fried pastry was traded in for a nostalgic Kiwi brandy snap, then filled with lemon-and-fennel-infused ricotta cream. Add in a coating of pistachio, and you have the sweetest of must-have finales to a fun and fulfilling night.

She-Wolf Pizza

Romulus & Remus’ beverage game is just as strong, with talented mixologist, Salvatore Gioiosa behind the bar, creating unique concoctions such as the nutty and delightful amaretto sour and tiramisu espresso, perfect during their happy hour and aperitivos from 4pm until 6pm. The doors are also for brunch from 8am on Fridays through to Sundays with an entirely different menu, including the carbonara eggs which we will most certainly be coming back for.

Opening hours:
Tuesday — Thursday: 4pm until late
Friday — Sunday: 8am until late
Happy Hour: Daily from 4pm until 6pm

Romulus & Remus

551 Richmond Road,
West Lynn


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Bringing heritage into our current context, this home exemplifies the new classic

With a history dating back to 1869, when Australian architect John James Clark designed and built it as his private home, the Clark House in Melbourne holds great cultural and architectural heritage. So it was crucial that when SJB Architects were approached to lead a restoration effort, they took into consideration the historical significance of the dwelling, tackling the project with the respect it deserved. 

Seeking the right balance between honouring the house of old and bringing it into the modern context in such a way that the two versions could harmoniously coexist, SJB worked with Heritage Victoria and the council for two-and-a-half years. Important heritage features such as the stark white exterior, the ironwork columns and timber fretwork were maintained and accentuated, while other aspects like the original octagonal gazebo, were removed in order to make room for a contemporary extension. 

Inside, the home has been rendered in soft, minimal tones in order to clarify the heritage detailing, create a neutral backdrop for more sumptuous furnishings and lend a contemporary feel to the original classicism. And while the extension, finished with steel-framed windows, white walls and a monochromatic palette stands in distinct, aesthetic contrast to the architecture of its conjoining building, it has been done in a way that mimics the feel of the front part of the house, even if it differs in style. Cleverly tying the residence’s two sections together via a mixture of contemporary and classic furniture, SJB has managed to achieve a result that brings this historic home up to date, without stripping it of any of its cultural significance — an impressive feat indeed. 


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Soul Bar & Bistro

These restaurants are proving that the calamari is the quintessential entrée

Aucklanders are no strangers to the calamari starter. It’s a dish that is found at almost every European restaurant and has been on menus for as long as we can remember. Some might label the calamari as outdated, but we hail it as a timeless staple. When it has been prepared correctly for the exterior to achieve a golden crisp and the squid itself to remain soft and slightly chewy, it really hits the spot and these are the restaurants that are continuing the legacy of the fried seafood. 

Euro Bar & Restaurant
Spice lovers rejoice, Euro Bar & Restaurant’s crispy chilli calamari is the dish you need to get amongst, stat. Marinated in a sticky sweet and spicy sauce, accompanied by a tangy and tart sambal mayo and a fresh squeeze of lemon to enhance every bit of flavour, Euro’s calamari is truly one-of-a-kind.

Euro Bar & Restaurant

Non Solo Pizza
If you’re a calamari purist, Non Solo Pizza serves the Italian delicacy in its most authentic form which is impossible to fault. The batter is light and tossed in fresh lemon juice to cut the richness of the fried coating. A melange of salt, cracked pepper and parsley are utilised to season the dish and is served with decadent aioli to offer a creamy balance.

This Herne Bay favourite sure does know how to serve a delicious Italian fare and the calamari is one of its star dishes. Paired with a sauce made from garlic, anchovies and olive oil, otherwise referred to as ‘bagna cauda’ and a drizzle of spicy chorizo oil to lend a kick in flavour, there’s no better way to start your feast at Andiamo. 

Andiamo (on the left) and Jervois Steak House (on the right)

Jervois Steak House
This is a fairly new addition to Jervois Steak House’s menu and we’re glad to see its debut as it has quickly become one of our favourite calamari’s in town. The plate starts with an incredibly fresh and subtly sweet palm sugar and coriander dressing, followed by the crispy seafood that has been topped with a Vietnamese-inspired salad of fragrant herbs. 

Soul Bar & Bistro
Although this renowned waterfront restaurant changes its menu on a regular basis, the calamari is a Soul staple and is here to stay for eternity. Starting with a base of skordalia — a Greek purée that sees potatoes, walnuts, almonds, and olive oil, the crispy calamari sits on top and glazes itself over the thick emulsion. Chilli oil is drizzled over the squid to add a gentle spice and blends into the nutty skordalia perfectly.

Soul Bar & Bistro (on the left) and Prego (on the right)

It would be a crime to leave this Ponsonby institution unmentioned while we are on the topic of calamari. A plate of calamari fritti will be present on almost every table as it’s simply a Prego classic that can never do you wrong. The battered squid rings are placed on top of rocket leaves and drizzled with aioli — a simple yet faultless dish. 

When it comes to battered and deep-fried seafood, you can trust that FishSmith will do an immaculate job at serving top-notch quality and flavour. Fish and chips are only the beginning of their offerings for this spot and the regular patrons will know that the calamari is not to go amiss. Taking crispiness to an entirely new level, whether you have it on its own or in a burger, you can be ensured that it will not disappoint.


Rosie’s Red-Hot Cantina is Auckland’s newest Cali-Mexi eatery in Viaduct Harbour
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4 cultural happenings you need to be aware of going into this week

It is inevitable that, at some point during the forthcoming five days, you will find yourself in a situation where conversation runs dry and you are forced to think on your feet in order to ensure that the quiet moment doesn’t spiral into awkward and uncomfortable territory. As such, it pays to arm yourself with a small but interesting mental list of recent cultural happenings and newsworthy moments. Not merely keeping dialogue flowing freely but also ensuring that you look cultured, knowledgable and most definitely ‘with the times’, the following four topical conversation starters are sure to get the ball rolling.

Taika Waititi is set to direct a new series
…and it will be starring English actor Jude Law, no less. The Auteur is a new horror-comedy series that is based on the graphic novel of the same name. The storyline follows a film producer who, desperate to make a great horror movie after a massive bomb, accidentally traps his production on a backlot with a serial killer… being executive produced by Waititi, we can no doubt expect much of his renowned, biting satire laced throughout.

Jacinda Ardern will appear on the cover of Time Magazine
Jacinda Ardern will grace the International cover of Time magazine, marking almost one year since the terrorist attack in Christchurch. Last Friday the magazine unveiled a preview of the cover, showing Ardern — wearing a seasons-old, understated silk top by local label Ingrid Starnes — alongside the subhead “know us by our deeds.” The story, written by Australian journalist Belinda Luscombe, focuses on the attacks and the Prime Minister’s responses during the aftermath.

Friends is returning
It’s been sixteen years since television’s most iconic programme debuted its final episode, The Last One, and now Friends is due to return to our screens — as early as this coming May. The one-off special will be hosted on HBO, and will see the whole crew — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer — reunite for the big moment.

The Thunberg family are releasing a book
If there’s anything that we can take away from the Thunberg family’s latest project, it’s that 17-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg has had quite the transformation. In the book, entitled Our House is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis, Greta’s mother Malena Ernman tells how her eldest daughter journeyed from a near-mute, 11-year-old into one of the world’s most powerful voices. The book will be released on the 5th March, and is available for preorder here.


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Spanning music, art and design, these coffee table books are seriously worth poring over

It’s no secret that we have a penchant for the carefully-curated coffee table book, and are constantly on the lookout for an elegant, intriguing tome to add to our ever-expanding collections. Really, we should be investing in more coffee tables. Nevertheless, here is our top five from the current new releases.

Zaha Hadid: The Complete Works 
by Zaha Hadid
The life and work of Zaha Hadid, whose revolutionary architecture took in everything from Olympic venues to an astounding world-class airport, fills this aspirational coffee table collection of photographs, in-depth texts and a variety of Hadid’s very own drawings. Each page in the beautifully updated monograph is worthy of study and admiration.

Woodblock Wonders 
by Andreas Marks
The weird and wonderful Japanese woodblock print is a phenomenon with no Western equivalent. Sex workers in shop windows are placed alongside samurai swordsmen, kabuki actors and sumo wrestlers, and set against breathtaking landscapes. This XXL edition allows us a glimpse into the marvels of this little-known art, by showcasing 200 of the most beguiling prints — ranging from the 17th Century ukiyo-e Japanese art movement, through to present-day oeuvres.

Peter Saul: Crime and Punishment
by Peter Saul 
Painter Peter Saul is one of America’s most bold and brilliant painters. His tongue-in-cheek, colour-drenched, political pop art is known and admired the world over. The soon-to-be-released Crime and Punishment, a glorious coffee table book that reproduces sixty-five of the satirical works recently featured in his acclaimed exhibition at The New Museum, cries out for multiple coffees and many hours to pore over its exquisite pages. The book also includes work from a number of other artists, and accompanying text from Saul himself.

Window To The World
by David Hockney
Window to the World invites the browser into the creative mind of one of Britain’s most influential artists, English painter David Hockney. Impressively, each page showcases a creation crafted by Hockney using only an iPhone or an iPad. While this fascinates, the true allure of the book lies within the content: 120 Hockney drawings, each one inspired by the view from a favourite window of his Yorkshire retreat. Along with his prodigious talent on display here, this tome offers a beautiful depiction of England’s contrasting seasons.

Before Easter After
By Patti Smith and Lynn Goldsmith
For anyone who longs to learn about the artistic life and original works of legendary Godmother of Punk Patti Smith (that is: everyone, surely?), then Before Easter After will bring some serious coffee table delight. The slipcased book, with its hundreds of previously unseen photographs all taken by longtime friend, and famed rock and roll photographer, Lynn Goldsmith, includes text by Smith. As always, her writing is rich with the trademark Patti Smith originality and word mastery.


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Heading to Synthony Pride this August? We have everywhere to eat, drink and celebrate around the event
We talk to author Trent Dalton on his dark childhood, finding light between the cracks, and the girl who saved him
Smoked fish rillette crumpet from Homestead

Where to find Auckland’s most scrumptious crumpets

At most local daytime eateries you’re likely to find some combination of pancakes, French toast, or waffles on the menu. But where is the retro crumpet that can stir such nostalgia in those Kiwis seeking a throw-back breakfast bite? The delicious crumpet offers a versatile backdrop to enhance either sweet or savoury fillings, and we have set out to discover the best crumpets to give your memory, as well as your tastebuds, a happy gastronomic glow.

Bombe crumpets from Percy
After landing at Auckland Airport, you can head to nearby cafe Percy at The Landing Park, for bombe crumpets that will fly off the plate. With an enviable airy lightness within these thick stacks of crumpets, the flavour and texture will remind you of the classic Bombe Alaska dessert. Perhaps it’s the smothering of meringue, the use of the blow-torch to crisp up the exterior, or the pairing with a sweet, lemon-infused, whipped ricotta that sets off the pleasure centre in the brain. Certainly, the final touches of white chocolate crumble and natural honeycomb topping, underscore that these are crumpets at their most delightfully decadent.

Bombe crumpets from Percy

Avocado mousse and cardamom vanilla crumpets from Chuffed
Crumpets pairings abound, and Chuffed on High St exploits this adaptability by offering both sweet and savoury versions. For the lover of salty over sweet, seek out the avocado mousse crumpets, with their balanced combination of crème fraîche and smooth avocado. This is then given both a crunchy edge by wasabi peas, and a delightful succulence by gin-cured salmon. Meanwhile, the sweet rendition offers raspberry purée, maple espuma, freeze-dried lychee crumbs, fragrant cardamom and vanilla poached pear, tastefully orchestrated into a melodic combination of flavour. 

Banana salted caramel crumpet from Kraken Crumpets
Keep your eyes peeled for this food truck, because Kraken Crumpets offers the ultimate selection of the fresh, handmade variety. Among almost ten variations, our favourite would have to be the banana salted caramel. Slathered with cream cheese icing, crunchy biscuit crumble and fresh slices of sweet banana, it’s then drizzled with an indulgent salted caramel sauce and topped with a sprinkle of walnuts. Scrumptious indeed. 

Salmon ‘pastrami’ crumpets from Euro Bar & Restaurant
Proving that crumpets can venture out of purely breakfast dishes, and dance on to daytime menus, Euro Bar & Restaurant’s innovative crumpet combines a thick layer of cultured cream with a salmon ‘pastrami’ so tender that it melts in the mouth. Add in the final touch, of salmon caviar, and sit back and enjoy the bubbles of bursting saltiness lingering long on your palette.

Salmon ‘pastrami’ crumpets from Euro Bar & Restaurant

Lemon curd crumpet and smoked fish rillette crumpet from Homestead
The crumpet offerings here are quadrupled, so you can try any one of four different presentations. For us, the lemon curd and the smoked fish rillette are the two standouts. The sweetness of the lemon curd crumpet is nicely balanced by the labneh, while the smoked fish rillette crumpet tantalised us with its toppings. Served with pickled cucumber, dill and a sunny-side-up fried egg, this might be one of the tastiest savoury crumpets in town. 

Burnt butter crumpets from Orphans Kitchen
The ever-changing Orphans Kitchen’s menu remains constant in one key area: the burnt butter crumpets. They stay on no matter the season, and for very good reason. In their shape they are unique but taste-wise, they are true to the original flavours. By simply pairing them with the caramel tastes of the burnt butter, along with sweet honey from the Orphans Kitchen rooftop, this is a creation for the crumpet purist of the ages.


Rosie’s Red-Hot Cantina is Auckland’s newest Cali-Mexi eatery in Viaduct Harbour
There’s a new food festival kicking off this spring, and trust us when we say this is one event you don’t want to miss
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