Valrhona Chocolate Buns
Shokupan White Bread

This acclaimed, fine-dining restaurant has become one of Auckland’s most popular bakeries by day

A fine-dining institution, Kazuya Restaurant is renowned for the creative, carefully crafted dishes it offers on its degustation menu. The signature dish comprises of over 30 vegetables and although it made waves on the Auckland dining scene, Kazuya’s recent surge in popularity is for a very different reason.

Owner, Head Chef and Director, Kazuya Yamauchi opened the doors to his acclaimed restaurant almost seven years ago with a vision back then to expand on his baked goods offering — Kazuya’s bread is known for being particularly delicious. But it wasn’t until Yamauchi met Yuko Segawa — not only a talented baker but also a chef, having honed her skills at 3-Michelin starred restaurant, Esaki — that his idea to capitalise on Kazuya’s baking prowess started to take shape.

It was a match made in heaven, it seems. Segawa, with her experience working for the likes of Japan’s popular bakery, Levain alongside having previously operated her own outfit, Kinari Bakery for over a decade, had already set her sights on opening a spot in Auckland. So when Yamauchi invited her to use Kazuya’s kitchen and turn the restaurant into a bakery space during the day, it presented the perfect opportunity for her to flex her culinary muscles and start to build a name for herself before opening a standalone place on her own. Segawa’s approach to baking is delicate, her creations are beautifully refined and until she gets her own separate space, for now, her bakery is called Mizu Bread — and it’s utterly delicious.


Every day, well before Kazuya’s doors open, customers line up, eager to get their hands a loaf of Segawa’s bread. Her signature is the Shokupan, a white bread that is made via the yudane method of baking, which basically just involves hot water and dough. The interaction between the hot boiling water and the dough allows the bread to ferment and achieve an unbelievable level of fluffiness. The simple, white loaf is bouncy and light, making it the perfect option for the sandwiches on offer.

Katsu sandos and tamago sandos are both extremely common delicacies in Japan and Segawa’s rendition does them justice (and then some). Seeing soft, supple slices of bread slathered with Dijon mustard and filled with shredded crunchy cabbage and a pork cutlet (otherwise known as ‘tonkatsu’) the delicious katsu sando is drizzled with a traditional brown Bulldog sauce — the condiment traditionally used for tonkatsu in Japan. It’s succulent and juicy, and while the sandwich is rich, the airy Shokupan bread works to balance out the heavier elements.

Tamago sandwich

The tamago sando is a type of egg sandwich that is sold in almost every convenience store in Japan but here, an intriguing twist has been added. Instead of the usual, simple mixture of egg, potato and mayonnaise, Mizu Bread’s rendition includes truffle aioli, Parmigiano and fresh slices of crunchy cucumber. Generally speaking, the tamago is lighter than the katsu, but still provides the same kind of layered, delectable flavour. And considering how expertly the two versions have been realised by Yamauchi and Sagawa here, we would highly recommend either.

The mochi breadstick is also something to take note of. And although it looks like a French baguette, it is anything but. From the texture to the flavour, the mochi breadstick is in a realm of its own, pillowy soft to the touch and boasting a chewiness in the centre that makes it more akin to the texture of a doughnut than a baguette, it’s unlike anything you will have tried before.

But Mizu Bread isn’t limited to just bread. The offerings also include speciality Ark Coffee, and freshly-made onigiri (rice balls) filled with prawn tempura, teriyaki mushroom and shiitake mushrooms, to name a few. Sweet treats are also tucked away in the cabinet and our favourite would have to be the tiramisu. The multilayered dessert consists of the freshest mascarpone alongside marsala, espresso-soaked sponge cake and a hefty dusting of cocoa powder.

L: Valrhona Chocolate Bun R: Mochi Breadsticks

Mizu Bread’s cabinet is compact as Segawa keeps her batches small in order to ensure consistency and control across all her creations. It pays to go early — as in, before the 11am opening time — because, despite the fact that Mize Bread is officially open until 1pm, it isn’t uncommon for the cabinet to be emptied out in as little as half an hour.

Opening hours:
Tuesday — Thursday, 11am until 1pm

Mizu Bread

193 Symonds St
Eden Terrace

(09) 377 8537


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Resort Report: We walk you through the key trends from the latest runways

Resort is a funny season in that, for all intents and purposes, it’s largely untethered to a specific time or place. In the beginning, Resort (or Cruise) collections were created especially for those escaping the Northern Hemisphere winter to embark on prolonged summer holidays.

But the world we live in now is far more global, and far less dictated by a binary hemispherical split. This means that for designers, Resort offers up an opportunity to create transeasonal, inherently wearable collections and put on shows that are afforded the space to shine outside the busyness of the major fashion weeks. Often, VIP clients are flown in to be treated to a more personal experience of the brand, which has lent the season a more commercial edge — undertaken by many brands as a shrewd way to make money.

So while it doesn’t necessarily evoke feelings of whimsical summer days or make us want to cosy up in front of a fire, Resort still consistently offers some of the best looks of the year and is a good touchstone for prevailing trends. That said, let us walk you through some of the trends we’re on board with for Resort 2020.

Bare some leg…

Left to right: Chanel, Prada, Maggie Marilyn, Louis Vuitton

But if not… put on a pair of stockings…

Left to right: Gucci, Givenchy, Fendi

Or some 3/4 trousers…

Left to right: Chanel, Dior, Chanel, Chloé

Utility motifs are still a thing…

Left to right: Chanel, Dior, Off-White, Burberry

While pink is fighting its way back to the top tonal spot…

Left to right: Prada, Givenchy, Gucci, Prada

Leather is the fabric of the season…

Left to right: Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Nanushka, Fendi

A new breed of preppy is leading the style pack…

Left to right: Victoria Beckham, Chanel, Dior, Khaite

But it’s the democratisation of red-carpet glamour that has us swooning.

Left to right: Red Valentino, Khaite, Gabriela Hearst, Chanel


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Introducing the new breed of nesting tables set to give your living space a shake up

Inherently functional and as charmingly decorative as a series of Russian dolls, nesting tables — as in, clustered coffee tables that comprise multiple surface shapes and heights — are offering an easy way to give your living room some added dimension. And while the type is certainly not new to the interior scene, a far sleeker, more contemporary take on the style has brought about a spectacular resurgence.

Instead of snuggly slotting right underneath one another, the new breed of nesting tables is designed to showcase a subtle overlap, where the outstretched, sculptural bases at varying heights can truly be displayed. Able to be made to suit any space, these tables will offer a unique point of difference in your home. As such, we’ve outlined three of our current favourites.


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Eleven things you absolutely must do if you’re heading to Queenstown this winter

Landing in Queenstown, it’s hard not to be struck by the spectacle of frosted mountains, iridescent lakes and rolling landscapes that frame the flight in. Rendered in the wild, earthy tones that typify Central Otago’s beauty, it offers nature at its most arresting, making its popularity as a tourist hotspot hardly surprising. Brimming with boutique experiences that immerse visitors in Central Otago’s breathtaking wilderness, Queenstown is a region with culinary offerings that showcase the best of local produce and tourism offerings that treat overseas and local visitors alike to unparalleled experiences.

So if Queenstown is your destination of choice this winter, look no further than our definitive list of the ten things you simply must do while you’re down there. From elevated food to private skiing and everything in between, these incredible experiences will ensure you leave having made the most of all this evolving region has to offer.

Kina Parpadelle with Shaved Paua from Aosta

1.Visit Ben Bayley and Sir Michael Hill’s newly-opened restaurant, Aosta, in Arrowtown
Arrowtown’s newest restaurant is a collaborative endeavour by acclaimed chef Ben Bayly and Sir Micahel Hill (of the eponymous jewellery brand). Considering that the former is a decorated chef who made a name for himself at lauded Auckland institution, The Grove, and the latter is not only a renowned philanthropist but is also a longtime resident of the Queenstown region and a cornerstone of the community, it was expected that anything resulting from their decision to join forces would be noteworthy — and rightly so.

Named after the small town in the Italian Alps where Bayly first discovered his passion for Italian cuisine — a town that boasts a very similar climate to Central Otago — Aosta is a restaurant that combines the culinary philosophies of Italy with the fresh, local fare of Central Otago and Southland. The aim was to create a place where people could have an unparalleled dining experience, without it ever feeling inaccessible or definitively occasional. Pulling widely-respected architect Anna-Marie Chin (who also designed Sir Michael Hill’s private lodge and golf course) onto the project to conceive a space that was intimate and elevated, Bayly and Hill have created a restaurant that reflects the beauty of the area in its refined elegance while still being inherently warm and inclusive, in line with the underlying ethos of its cuisine.
18 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown
(03) 442 0131

2. Book a day trip with Southern Lakes Heliski
The Alpine Group’s Southern Lakes Heliski, run by brothers Jonathan and Toby Wallis, offers a range of daily and private charter heliski experiences. With access to over 800 runs across 17 different mountain ranges, it offers more terrain and more vertical than any other operator in the area and can cater to skiers from intermediate to expert level. Ensuring a day spent with them is planned down to the last detail, Southern Lakes Heliski will pick its guests up, organise them into small groups based on skill level, and send each off with its own experienced guide, who will lead enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders on some of the most pristine runs they will have likely ever experienced. Lunch will be served surrounded by the arresting alpine scenery before a few afternoon runs finish the day off and guests are taken back to their accommodation. And while the picturesque flights and thrilling day-trips draw visitors to engage the company’s services, really, it’s the Alpine Group’s personal approach that keeps people coming back for more. “We just treat everyone, no matter who they are, with respect, a handshake and a smile,” says Jonathan Wallis. “The ‘luxury’ we offer is really all about the authenticity of the experience and the genuine, warm service — which is what Kiwis are all about.” And in an industry where authenticity is the difference between an okay experience and a memorable one, Southern Lakes Heliski rises above the rest.

Jonathan and Toby Wallis

3. Experience an elevated lunch at the Mountain Kitchen
Yet another offering from The Alpine Group is its unprecedented alpine retreat, Minaret Station. Set on a 50,000-acre high-country farm and only accessible by helicopter, Minaret Station is the secluded site of the Alpine Lodge, where guests are treated to off-the-grid luxury within the accommodation’s four, two-person chalets. But alongside the lodge, Minaret Stations’s restaurant, The Mountain Kitchen, can be booked by those simply wanting to experience this incredible hideaway for an afternoon. Offering a scenic dining experience where locally-sourced ingredients are prepared by resident chefs and accompanied by award-winning wines, a lunchtime spent at The Mountain Kitchen includes a spectacular scenic helicopter flight from Wanaka or Queenstown and can be booked for groups of four people or more.
Click here to book and for more information.

4. Cosy up at The Lodge Bar
Situated in an idyllic location, The Lodge Bar by Rodd & Gunn boasts enviable views across Lake Wakatipu from its prime spot in the heart of Queenstown. However, it’s the involvement of Executive Chef, Matt Lambert (from new New York-based Michelin-starred eatery, The Musket Room) that has really established The Lodge Bar as an elevated culinary experience. Although at first, a clothing label and a restaurant might seem worlds apart, here the combination really works. Rodd & Gunn’s collections highlight the palette of New Zealand in their textures and tones, while the intimate restaurant does the same through fresh, seasonal flavours, paired perfectly with local wines. The Lodge Bar’s menu features premium New Zealand produce and handles seasonal ingredients with expert precision and the chef’s menu is clearly an attempt to showcase the very best from the region, whether that’s locally-sourced crayfish tail, or the array of fresh seafood delights that make up the delicious Rodd & Diver platter. Lambert describes the time he spends in Queenstown as a “lucky opportunity to get to work with the finest ingredients, closest to where they were found, at their absolute best,” and once you’ve experienced The Lodge Bar’s offering, you’ll know what he means.
2 Rees St, Queenstown
(09) 442 9426

Right: Executive Chef at The Lodge Bar by Rodd & Gunn, Matt Lambert

5. Ski Soho Basin
The allure of a fresh layer of snow on a virtually unimpeded run is, for most ski enthusiasts, too fine an opportunity to ever pass up. Which is something John Darby banked on when he opened Soho Basin (part of his Glencoe Station property) as a remote, invitation-only haven for snow sports and cat skiing. The prolific Queenstown businessman has been making use of the basin’s undulating runs and untouched terrain for over 30 years and has built up a cult following for Soho by developing it into an all-encompassing experience. Offering pristine, backcountry powder and runs (backcountry skiers can access the area for free, although Darby recommends registering on Soho’s website for safety reasons) Soho is unencumbered by the usual tourist groups. Darby has also introduced a gastronomic element, by calling on the kitchen at his acclaimed cellar-door bistro, Amisfield. The exclusive ski field offers a multi-course lunch, cooked over an open fire in a beautiful, European-style chalet on the mountain.
For more information and to book a day at Soho Basin, click here.

6. See what all the fuss is about at Amisfield Bistro
Speaking of which, why not book in for a delicious long lunch or dinner at the acclaimed Amisfield Bistro & Cellar Door, nestled in historic Arrowtown on the shores of Lake Hayes. The outpost of one of the largest, single-estate vineyards in Central Otago, Amisfield is as renowned for its idyllic backdrop as it is for its pure-tasting pinot noir and hyper-seasonal dishes and offers guests truly memorable dining experience.s And it’s largely due to the vision of its Executive Chef, Vaughn Mabee. When he isn’t in the kitchen, Mabee spends his days outdoors, and credits the landscape of Queenstown with inspiring his intricate dishes at Amisfield, “whether it’s in the bush, hunting with my dogs or being on a mountain and discovering wild (frozen) rowan berries.” Leading the restaurant in a seasonally-driven direction has required a far more innovative approach from the chef and as such, the bistro doesn’t have a traditional menu. Instead, Mabee and his team design dishes daily to suit the changing environment and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that no two meals at Amisfield are ever quite the same. Although a challenging undertaking at times, the chef explains that “the struggle makes it exciting and the team thrives off the constant changes.” Providing an opportunity for visitors to step outside their comfort zones and put their trust in the chef, Mabee’s leadership at Amisfield Bistro is showcasing the natural bounty of the region in fine gastronomic form.
10 Lake Hayes Road, Queenstown
(03) 442 0556

7. Take a tour of Cardrona Distillery
Quiet and unassuming, the Cardrona Distillery has a particular type of charm that isn’t easy to put your finger on. Completely family owned, Desiree and husband Ash Whittaker have worked together on the distillery since its inception and, together with their team of experts, have conceived a number of acclaimed drops, including the triumphant creation of a recently-anointed single-malt whisky. Head along to the beautiful distillery and be guided on a tour of the facilities, where you’ll learn about the processes behind each of the hand-distilled, artisan spirits — including milling, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation — an experience that will conclude with a tasting.
For more information and to book a tour, click here.

8. Book dinner at Jervois Steak House
Auckland’s restaurant scene simply wouldn’t be the same without the work of Richard Sigley and Nourish Group. One of the jewels in the hospitality group’s crown, Jervois Steak House (JSH), is regarded as one of the best steak houses in the city and offers premium cuts of meat accompanied by soulful sides like truffle mac and cheese and baked candied kumara. And since its inception in 2006, the steak house has become a bona fide Auckland institution. So when Sigley was looking for a reason to spend more time in Queenstown, he decided to marry the success of his Auckland steak house with his love for the South Island township and opened a Jervois Steak House there 2012. Since then, the dining scene in Queenstown has continued to evolve, which Sigley says inspires him to push the culinary boundaries and provide patrons of JSH with memorable experiences of the finest cuts of New Zealand meat — straight from the source.
8 Duke St, Queenstown
(03) 442 6263

9. Play a few rounds at Jack’s Point
A major project that is seeing a new suburb (ultimately aiming to house around 5,000 residents) materialise on the periphery of Queenstown, Jack’s Point is 10 minutes from the airport, 25 minutes from Arrowtown and boasts what its Developer John Darby describes as “the essence of Queenstown,” which is just “lots of protected open space.” Alongside its nature tails and central hub Jacks Point also boasts its own golf course which sits against the jaw-dropping backdrop of the Remarkables and offers an 18-hole, par-72 championship course that is recognised as one of the most spectacular in the world. Visitors don’t have to be members to book in for a few rounds, and it promises an experience that will delight avid golfers and amateurs alike.
For more information and to book, click here.

Cloudy Bay’s The Shed

10. Go off-grid at Cloudy Bay’s new shed
Take a scenic 45-minute drive from the heart of Queenstown into Cromwell and get lost in the whimsical, recently-opened cellar door experience, The Shed by Cloudy Bay. While globally celebrated for its exquisite Marlborough sauvignon blanc, Cloudy Bay emphasises the depth of its sublime pinot noir, and this beautiful new Central Otago space is the perfect place to do so. Open to the public seven days a week, The Shed offers tasting sessions of Cloudy Bay’s full range of wines alongside bespoke experiences including private tours of the vineyard. Going beyond the typical cellar door experience, it is the perfect antidote to the perpetual busyness of Queenstown and offers an indulgent, relaxing, sensory escape

Smithy’s Smoke House

11. Indulge in some smoky barbecue at Millbrook’s Smithy’s Smoke House and Arrowtown’s newly-expanded Slow Cuts
On a crisp winter’s day, what could be better than sitting near an open fire and indulging in a plate of perfectly-cooked, succulent smoked meats. Smithy’s Smoke House (at Millbrook Resort) and Slow Cuts (in Arrowtown) both provide this experience in their own ways. The former offers unparalleled al fresco dining under the stars, where tapas and various meat dishes, craft beers, fine wine and whisky are served in front of roaring fire pits; the latter, is a delicious, newly re-opened eatery (it recently expanded) where slow-cooked meats, rotisserie chicken, burgers, ribs and other seasonal dishes are delivered by operators renowned for their friendly service. Both are places at which you are guaranteed to enjoy a delicious meal, and both are the perfect spots at which to post up over your break.


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Peppered Lamb Pappardelle
Roger's Hangover Hash
Smoothies from Newbie

Say hello to the new eatery delivering classic brunch with a contemporary twist

And just like that, Newmarket has another eatery to add to its ever-growing line-up. Welcome Newbie, a new cafe on Broadway serving classic brunch dishes with modern touches in both presentation and flavour. The space boasts a vibrant and eccentric interior, conceived by Material Creative, where technicolour tiling meets fun neon accents and dried flowers hang from the wall, a kind of three-dimensional incarnation of the colourful, leafy mural that adorns the wall overlooking the front counter. The bright ambience evokes the golden era of Newmarket when, in the 1960s, Broadway boasted the biggest collection of neon in the country, and highlights to the kind of vibrancy Newbie is seeking to offer in its experience.

In contrast to its bright and colourful surroundings sits a crisp, white La Marzocco Modbar espresso machine, tucked seamlessly under the countertop. The machine is managed by Newbie’s experienced team of baristas (which includes the two-time winner of the New Zealand Latte Art championship, Leo Li), who expertly churn out cups of Atomic Coffee Roaster’s Velcoe blend, and ensure the quality of the brews level up to the sleek aesthetics of the machine they’re being made on.

Newbie Cafe

The menu at Newbie comprises classic breakfast staples, made more interesting with creative twists. Owner Roger Liu, the mastermind behind Scout in Torbay and the widely-renowned Woolfy’s in East Tamaki, worked alongside Head Chef, Logan Wang (former sous chef at The Hunting Lodge and Pilkingtons) to create a menu that was simple, comforting and focused on flavour. Differing to Liu’s previous cafes, he and Wang decided that for Newbie, less was more, a mantra that saw the pair strip the complexity of the dishes back without taking anything away from their unique and eye-catching presentation.

Newbie’s Savoury Cabinet

From sweet treats to savoury bites, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Newbie. Roger’s Hangover Hash sees fried potatoes, crispy and golden on the outside served with thinly sliced chorizo sausages for some extra spice. Dollops of creamy labneh and red capsicum salsa are scattered across the plate and the whole thing is topped with a fried egg, sunny side up so that the yolk can weave its way through the dish and enrich every element.

Corny Fried Chicks

If it’s a tasty lunch you’re after, the Corny Fried Chicks is a must-try. Cornbread, despite being something of an underrated delicacy in Auckland, is undeniably delicious when done right. And we’re glad to see Newbie doing it justice. Here, the cornbread is paired with delectably crispy fried chicken and is served with tangy fermented chilli aioli. Elsewhere on the menu, the Peppered Lamb Pappardelle (apparently both Wang’s and Liu’s favourite dish) is an absolute must-try. Seeing a plate lined with sweet date purée and al dente pasta ribbons doused in a smoky black pepper sauce, the dish boasts a slight Eastern Asian twist. Beautifully braised lamb is mixed in with charred onions which add depth in aroma and texture and elevate the peppery notes in the pasta sauce and jus.

Spiced Apple Cake (on the left) & the French Kissed Toast (on the right)

We can tell you one thing for sure, never leave Newbie without having had something sweet. The French Kissed Toast features an array of brioche pieces that have been crumbed with macadamia and sit atop rosewater Anglaise foam and fresh berry cream. And off the menu, the array of enticing cakes in the cabinet are almost impossible to pass up. Our favourites were the double layer chocolate cake filled with pumpkin cheesecake and the berry crumble slice with a centre layer of sour cream. Both tasted as good as they looked (in fact, even better) and went down an absolute treat with one of Leo’s warm and comforting coffees.

Opening hours:
Monday — Friday:

Coffee from 6:30am until 7am
Breakfast menu from at 7am until 3pm
Lunch menu from 11am until 3pm
Saturday & Sunday:

All day menu, 8am until 4pm


33 Broadway


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Ecostore Kids Toothpaste and Extra Soft Kids Toothbrush

Ecostore has extended its oral care range with a new toothpaste and toothbrush specifically for kids

Our country’s leading brand in sustainability, Ecostore, released its first toothpaste last year which became a favourite among New Zealanders. As such, Ecostore decided to expand its offering so that every member of the family could use its eco-friendly range, recently releasing its Ecostore Kids Toothpaste and Toothbrush. Following in the footsteps of the Complete Care collection, Ecostore Kids Toothpaste boasts all-natural ingredients that have been selected with the support of the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Cosmetic Database and while its child-size toothbrush is made from 99% renewable, plant-based materials and is free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Not only has Ecostore managed to formulate a product that is especially gentle for children, but it has also managed to come up with a natural way to give the gel-based toothpaste a strawberry flavour — without using any artificial colours, flavours, fluoride, parabens, SLS, triclosan or any added sugar. All of the ingredients are listed in detail on the packaging. In fact, the low-foaming, minimally abrasive formula is so free from nasties, that it’s been deemed suitable for kids as young as six months.

Ecostore Kids Toothpaste and Kids Extra Soft Toothbrush

Even the design of the range has been carefully thought out by the team at Ecostore in order to make it more user-friendly for kids. The toothpaste comes in a stand-up tube with a flip-top lid which minimises mess and mitigates the hassle of a twist-top cap. The handle of the toothbrush has been taken down a few sizes to fit perfectly in a little hand and features a new monster design in two eye-catching colours — purple and green. The head has also been reduced in size with extra soft, end-rounded bristles to offer a pain-free experience for young gums.

The new Ecostore Kids Toothpaste and Extra Soft Toothbrush are available in selected stores, nationwide. As it’s an Ecostore product, of course, the packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard and the toothbrush and toothpaste tube are both recyclable via Ecostore’s oral-care recycling programme whereby the products are collected through Freepost and collection bins in key retailers and the plastic from the toothbrush handles reused — contributing to the sustainable, circular economy.


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The perfect vacation wardrobe starts with a pair of shoes — see our picks for your midyear break

We’re well into the middle part of the year, which means that if you haven’t already escaped the brisk weather in favour of warmer pastures, you likely will be doing so soon. July, especially when the school holidays kick in, usually sees a mass exodus of Aucklanders skip off to destinations where they can thaw out on a beach and put the worries of winter behind them, albeit temporarily.

That said, if you are lucky enough to count yourself among the hoard heading overseas, you’ll need to ensure you have the right gear to take with you. And while summer-worthy linens, daytime dresses and accessories like shiny new shades are all essential, where you really need to start, is your shoes.

Elevated sandals, wedges that will give you height without inhibiting your ability to walk, easy slides and sleek slip-ons are a few of the various breeds of footwear you should be taking with you on your sojourn. So we’ve rounded up our favourite picks for your perusal. If in doubt, head to one of our go-to spots for all things footwear, Scarpa, to find the perfect fit.


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Seafood drunken noodles
Khao San Eatery & Bar
Lamb Shank Massaman Curry
Khao San Eatery & Bar

Newmarket welcomes a new eatery delivering some seriously flavoursome Thai fare

With a number of new eateries landing in Newmarket of late and the grand opening of Westfield on the horizon, the area is clearly well on its way to reviving its glory days as a bustling Auckland hot spot. A recent addition to this new wave is Khao San Eatery & Bar, situated on Davis Crescent, which marks the second outpost for its original location on Symonds Street (a longstanding Eden Terrace favourite).

Owned and operated by Nat Harrington (who is Thai himself), Khao San prides itself on serving traditional Thai flavours with subtle, modern touches that don’t detract from its authenticity. Unlike the small and cosy Symonds St branch, the Newmarket eatery is a more expansive space, able to hold over 60 people and also offers a bar that is open late into the night. Khao San’s skilled mixologists create unique and delectable concoctions such as the Jungle Bird, a mixture of Campari, white rum, lime and pineapple juice and the Bangkok Kiss Kiss which is a medley of Maker’s Mark whisky, lime juice, sugar syrup, grenadine and soda (to name a few).

Wa zap sashimi (on the left) and tiger prawn one bites (on the right)

Named after the road in Bangkok that was formerly the main street for locals to purchase milled rice, Khao San strives to represent accurate, authentic Thai cuisine and flavours in all of its dishes. The menu is varied and offers sharing plates, curries, stir-fries and soups, all of which are delicious in their own right. The tiger prawn one-bite wraps were a definite highlight to start and managed to pack in intriguing layers of texture and flavour despite their small size. Comprising a plump prawn resting on an earthy leaf (subject to change depending on the season) and served with fragrant herbs, crunchy peanuts and sweet toasted coconut, we were pleasantly surprised at how many subtle flavours could be picked up in a single mouthful. The Mo Ping pork skewers were another favourite and had been grilled over a hot flame to not only lend the meat a crispy outer layer and juicy centre but a beautiful smoky flavour as well.

Mo Ping pork skewers

Although a traditional pad Thai and pad see ew both feature on Khao San’s menu, it’s the seafood drunken noodles that this eatery deems its ‘signature dish.’ This is a common street food delicacy in Thailand and is usually enjoyed as a late night, drunken feast (hence the name) designed to put you in a warm and comfy carb coma. The egg noodles are freshly made and doused in a chilli oyster sauce before being served with a seafood mix consisting of prawns and octopus. But if noodles aren’t your thing, opt for one of Khao San’s rich, saucy curries, loaded with different spices and succulent meat. The wagyu brisket Panang curry was a definite standout, with an especially tender brisket that worked beautifully with the peanutty, coconut sauce in which it was served.

Wagyu brisket panang curry (on the left) & tom yum hot pot (on the right)

But it was the classic Thai staple and ultimate winter-warmer, the tom yum soup that really stole our hearts at Khao San. Served slightly differently to other tom yums we’ve tried in Auckland, this version arrived at the table in a sizzling pot with a lit flame underneath to ensure it remained hot until it was finished. The soup was loaded with seafood and herbs to enhance its fresh, invigorating aroma and would be the perfect palate refresher between dishes or a great conclusion to any Thai feast.

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday, 12pm until late

Khao San Eatery & Bar

61 Davis Crescent

(09) 600 3349


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Embrace the season with our edit of all of the compellingly great reasons to head out this winter

Viaduct Harbour is getting behind Everybody Eats this Matariki — and here’s how you can too

Last year we profiled Nick Loosley, founder of pay-as-you-feel pop-up restaurant, Everybody Eats. Back then, Loosley had just launched his dining concept and was feeding those in need in a way that was unprecedented for its sustainable, considered approach. Temporarily taking over Gemmayze St’s space in St. Kevin’s Arcade every Monday night, Everybody Eats turns donated, surplus food into wholesome three-course meals and diners are only called upon to pay whatever they can — even if that’s nothing.

Of course, in order to turn the ingredients into the incredible, tasty dishes that come from the kitchen every Monday (at an incredible speed and volume, by the way), Everybody Eats has had help from some of New Zealand’s most renowned chefs, all of whom generously donate their time. And considering that you’d be hard-pressed to find an area in Auckland with a higher concentration of acclaimed chefs than Viaduct Harbour, it makes sense that the next culinary master to lend his skills to the cause will be Soul Bar and Bistro’s Executive Chef, Gavin Doyle, set to take to the Everybody Eats kitchen on the 22nd of July.

Although the issue of empty bellies isn’t limited to a particular time or season, Matariki (this year taking place between the 25th and 28th of June) holds a special resonance with Everybody Eats’ core values — ones of harvesting and sharing food and of gathering with people from all walks of life to connect meaningfully over a meal — and it’s a time of year that Viaduct Harbour celebrates with gusto. As such, Viaduct Harbour, in this spirit of Matariki, has set out to raise $10,000 for Everybody Eats.

Given that every $10 enables Everybody Eats to provide a three-course meal to three homeless or vulnerable patrons, Viaduct Harbour has pledged to match all donations made with an equal amount, up to a total sum of $5000. The donations period will run from now until midnight on the 22nd of July (when Doyle and his Soul Bar and Bistro team will be cooking at the St. Kevin’s Arcade pop-up).

To make your donation to Everybody Eats, click here.


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Embrace the season with our edit of all of the compellingly great reasons to head out this winter

Teaming up with Virgin Galactic, Range Rover’s exclusive new Astronaut Edition is out of this world

Land Rover has been intricately intertwined with Virgin Galactic since the two companies launched a partnership in 2014. It’s a collaboration that, since its inception, has continued to grow from the duo’s shared values around creating innovative design and encouraging adventurous spirit.

Looking to entrench this relationship further, Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations has recently launched a special edition Range Rover that will be made available only to Future Astronauts signed up to fly into space with Virgin Galactic. It represents the new frontier, if you will, one where the vast, unknowable nature of space, is edging ever nearer. Its myriad complexities slowly but surely bring us closer to the day when anyone will be able to travel beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

The exterior of the sleek, recognisable Range Rover has been rendered in a unique Zero Gravity Blue paint, employed to reflect the depth of the night sky and what lies beyond. The regular puddle lamp has been replaced with an outline of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, and the tailgate and the sides of the car, fitted with special Astronaut Edition badging.

Inside, a raft of bespoke, custom detailing renders this vehicle unlike any other in the Range Rover fleet. Virgin Galactic’s own Future Astronaut Community constellation pattern is engraved on the solid aluminium door handles, the headrests and above the glove box. While a ‘DNA of Flight’ graphic adorns the lid of the carbon fibre front console — a motif that is repeated on the leather armrests. Range Rover can also stitch the initials of the Future Astronaut who owns the car onto the headrests, for an extra personal touch.

Perhaps the most arresting feature of this car, however is in its bespoke cup holders. Two discs have been formed from a piece of spaceship, specifically the front landing skid of the spaceship that flew on Virgin Spaceship Unity’s first flight in December last year. One of the two discs is emblazoned with ‘See you up there,’ the words of Richard Branson, while the other carries details of the flight. Importantly, once one of Virgin Galactic’s Future Astronauts has actually gone to space, the second disk will be swapped out with part of the skid from the flight they were on, and will be engraved with those flight details instead.

And if all of this wasn’t enough, Range Rover is offering the Astronaut Edition with either Land Rover’s plug-in, hybrid electric vehicle powertrain (as a commitment to sustainability) or with a high-performance 5.0-litre V8 supercharged petrol engine.

A car for the future, in more ways than one.


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