The Land Rover Community Award Winner, Nicholas Loosley

Nick Loosley is the founder of Everybody Eats, a pop-up dining initiative established in response to New Zealand’s issues with food poverty and food waste. Nick completed his master’s degree in Green Economics at Schumacher University in England and as part of his studies, undertook action research at Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food and The Real Junk Food Project. Becoming educated in the issue of food waste as well as witnessing various ‘pay-as-you-feel’ restaurants servicing the community using food directed for landfill, he endeavoured to bring the concept here and has done so incredibly successfully. The Everybody Eats pop-up takes place every Monday at St Kevins Arcade in Auckland City and is run by a constant rotation of volunteer staff who turn food that has been ‘rescued’ from supermarkets and establishments around Auckland into impressive three-course meals. Everybody is welcome and attendees can pay whatever they can for the food — even if that’s nothing.

Aiming to establish this country’s first permanent pay-as-you-feel restaurant, Loosley started a PledgeMe campaign aiming to raise around $120,000 needed to secure premises, pay some necessary full-time staff and buy key pieces of equipment. The campaign is still open for donations. For more information on Loosley and his inspiring initiative, pick up a copy of the latest Denizen magazine, available now. 

The Everybody Eats PledgeMe campaign is open for donations until 3rd June. Click here to donate.


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