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Give Mum the celebration she deserves with our round-up of the best ways to mark this Mother’s Day

In my family, we have always harboured the firm belief that every day is Mother’s Day — something reinforced by my mother’s own hand (and the close proximity of her birthday). But as an advocate for celebration and all things extravagantthis is the one day a year where I like to show my mum a little extra gratitude. Whether it’s by way of lunch together, a package of treats or a meaningful gift she’ll remember, this year I’m taking the opportunity to honour her in any way I can.

Off the back of a busy roster of long weekends, there’s something for everyone to discover this Mother’s Day, from afternoon teas to indulgent spa treatments. After all, there’s never a better time to make sure Mum knows how much you love her.

The Living Room at Park Hyatt, Spring Spa.

Park Hyatt Mother’s Day Lunch & Afternoon Teas
If there’s a team that knows how to celebrate Mother’s Day right, it’s the hospitality maestros at the Park Hyatt. This year they’re delivering an offering that’s nothing short of magnificent. The Living Room will play host to a hard-to-beat afternoon tea, specially tailored for the mothers in our lives. With a specially-conceived five-course menu, complimentary glass of Billecart-Salmon Brut, live music from Allenby Park and a gift from Kingdom Candles, this is the ultimate celebration.

If you’re looking for more of a dining experience, a Mother’s Day lunch at Onemata may hit the spot instead. Head Chef Rob Hope-Ede and Executive Pastry Chef Callum Liddicoat have created three beautiful courses to mark the occasion.

For bookings and enquiries, contact 09 366 2500 or email [email protected]

Mother’s Day Spa Treatment
Sometimes it’s nice to eschew a day of activities and simply unwind with Mum in a calm, laid-back setting. A mani-pedi is one way to do just that. With the addition of Spring Ponsonby’s Margaret Dabbs Supreme Pedicure, you and your mum can spend some quality downtime together, while soaking up the joys of self-care. That said, if your mum is seeking som much-needed alone time, perhaps a gift voucher for any of East Day Spa’s signature Mother’s Day treatment packages is a thoughtful touch.

Lilypad Free Concert — with The Veils, Bic Runga, Nadia Reid & Arahi
Paying homage to festivals of the past, Lilypad is the newest live music experience to land in Auckland. With a delightful daytime lineup and all proceeds from tickets going to charity, it’s a chance to immerse yourself in a musical experience with the woman you love the most. The Veils, Bic Runga, Nadia Reid and Arahi have all come together for the first of many concerts set in the space, and there’s no better way to set the stage than Mother’s Day.

Attendees are invited to register for their free Lilypad ticket via Moshtix (to a maximum of 6 tickets per person), by donating to the music charity MusicHelps here.

Ebisu, Bracu Estate.

Ebisu Mother’s Day Dinner 
Crowd-favourite restaurant Ebisu is offering a fresh take on Mother’s Day dinners this year. Offering the same contemporary Japanese fare the restaurant is renowned for, all mums will receive a complimentary flute of Veuve Clicquot Rosé to add an effervescent touch. For an occasion like Mother’s Day, we recommend opting for the best of the best with Ebisu’s signature tasting menu — a multi-course degustation experience that offers authentic Japanese cuisine with a distinctly New Zealand influence.

Nigiri & Champagne Sundays at Faraday’s Bar
Faraday’s Bar has put a maternal spin on the divine Sundays that they have become quickly known for. Japanese for ‘trust the chef;, enjoy an indulgent selection of omakase by chef Anthony Price, with a glass of champaign and a decadent sweet delight from Atelier Shu — the perfect afternoon for mothers who love luxury.

Bookings are essential with limited seats available, here.

Mothers Day Sip & Paint at Bracu Estate
For those who fancy something a touch more creative this Mother’s Day, Bracu Estate’s Sip & Paint will be a welcome addition to the agenda. This gorgeous estate on the edge of the Auckland border, will offer a day filled with platters, wine and painting with Studio Vino. At the end of the day, you’ll get to take home your painting as a special memory to cherish.

Tickets are available to purchase for both morning and afternoon sessions, here.

Butter Baby, Mudbrick.

Butter Baby’s Mother’s Day Choux Puff Box
Butter Baby’s famed delights include more than cookies and cinny buns. This year, the choux puff box is being touted as a token of appreciation for mothers everywhere, and it’s something we are wholeheartedly on board with. These boxes offer three delightful flavours and nine puffs in total, with a cute gift card to share nine reasons why you love your mum. The sweetest part about the gifts isn’t the taste however, it’s that it’s available all month — meaning whenever you’re able to celebrate, you’ll have a sweet gift to mark the occasion.

Mother’s Day Choux Puff boxes can be ordered online here.

Helitranz Mudbrick Experience
If you’re seeking a Mother’s Day experience to rival the siblings, this is the ultimate in exploration. Helitranz’s Mudbrick Experience offers a true taste of Waiheke for mum. Including a stunning solo helicopter flight over Rangitoto, Motutapu and Motuihe Islands, it’s the only way to travel to lunch at Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant. On arrival, you’ll be treated to a glass of Mudbrick Bubbles, with a divine three-course a la carte lunch to follow.

Bookings should be made directly through Helitranz.

Mother’s Day Lunch at Soul Bar & Bistro
There’s no place to celebrate an occasion quite like the seaside stalwart, Soul Bar & Bistro. The team there knows this too — and has put its ever-wonderful touch on this year’s Mother’s Day. Serving a specially curated menu and an aptly fitting glass of Mumm on arrival, the three-course menu (with one for kids too) will swiftly earn you the favourite child title.

Bookings can be made through the Soul Bar & Bistro website — ensure you add Mother’s Day Lunch to your booking.


Art Market: Upgrade your interior with a captivating work of art 

Greer Clayton’s latest exhibition will transport you to exquisite landscapes

These are the new non-fiction releases we’re devouring right now

Gather around an open fire anywhere with the versatile, mobile fire pit you need this season

Gathering around an open fire with friends or family is a time-honoured winter tradition, and this iteration of the classic fire pit is allowing us to bring that warm, inviting ambiance to any outdoor setting.

The Flames fire pit by Philippi is a sturdy fire bowl that is both aesthetically elegant and simple to use. Satisfyingly weighty and available in two different sizes, the sturdy legs and straight-forward set-up make it about as versatile a fire pit as you’ll ever find, while the powder-coated steel well allows plenty of space for a roaring fire. Beyond its mood-setting value, the Flames fire pit can also be used as a grill thanks to a small hole in the base that provides air supply.

A winter essential? We think so.

The Studio of Tableware

5 Harold Street
Mount Eden
Auckland 1024

09-638 8082


Here’s how to display your favourite pot plants like works of art

Plumy is the iconic 80s settee making a comfortable comeback

Stay cosy without losing your cool with our guide to the finest fireplaces around
The Righteous Gemstones.

Wondering what to watch? Try these new seasons of highly-acclaimed TV series

The gap between seasons of your favourite series can seem to yawn — until you discover another great show to watch, that is. There is something to be said about returning to the same beloved (or not-so-beloved) characters time and time again, and these new seasons of some of the most acclaimed series pick up where they left off — inviting the viewer to do the same.

The Righteous Gemstones
Everyone’s favourite televangelist family is back for another round of this hit Danny McBride-created comedy. Season two sees the money-obsessed Gemstone clan continue to find “blessed” ways to amass their fortunes — but, this time, outsiders threaten to destroy everything they’ve worked so hard for. An excellent cast (led by John Goodman as the Gemstone patriarch) and constant laughs make this an unmissable watch.

Stranger Things
Season four of the exquisitely bingeable, supernatural-teen-mystery show is due to start in May, and its many fans are eagerly awaiting its return. Will, Eleven, Mike, Dustin and the rest of the gang are once again entangled with the Upside Down, thanks to a hauntingly empty house that seems to have been the scene of horrible things.

After a four year hiatus, Donald Glover’s award-winning, eccentric, semi-surreal series returns for its third season. This time, its stars — Glover along with recurring favourites Lakeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz — are heading to Europe. Quintessentially unpredictable events ensue, as their characters Earn, Alfred, and Van navigate their new unfamiliar surroundings.

Top Boy
The fan-favourite British drama, often described as similar to The Wire, takes us back to the housing estates of East London for its fourth season. Against the backdrop of gang tension and drug deals, its titular characters navigate alliances and rivalries, while trying to retain the reputation and title of “Top Boy”.


Art Market: Upgrade your interior with a captivating work of art 

Greer Clayton’s latest exhibition will transport you to exquisite landscapes

These are the new non-fiction releases we’re devouring right now
from the left: fendi spring 22, Alexander McQueen spring 22, Saint Laurent Spring 22, Alaïa spring 22

White is the unexpected shade of winter — here’s how to wear it with confidence

White might be known for its purist notions, but the new way to wear it, as temperatures cool, is with a sense of carefree creativity. Whether you pick-up a white leather handbag from the likes of Chanel or Christian Dior, or go for a white shirt and blazer from Workshop or Dadelszen, find confidence in a mix of slouchy and tailored silhouettes.

White? For winter? It might be unexpected but trust us when we tell you that this particular shade will (when done right) command attention in the best way.

Clockwise from top left: CARO BELT from Dior, ISABEL MARANT ÉTOILE BELVIRA FLARE JEAN from Workshop, Helena Double Breasted Jacket from dadelszen, Small top handle bag from Gucci, CAGOLE 50MM SANDALfrom Balenciaga, helen cherry Kwan Blouse from Workshop.

From left: Alexandre Vauthier Spring 22, Derek Lam 10 Crosby Aaliyah shirt jacket from Muse Boutique.

Clockwise from top left: 22 bag in white from Chanel, Metal hair clips from Prada, ALAÏA tube skirt from Faradays, givenchy sneakers from Faradays, LOOSE COLLAR SATIN SPENCER JACKET from Louis Vuitton, the Garment boston sleeve shirt from Workshop.


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Atlanta home by Melanie Turner

Create artful compositions on your wall with these captivating artworks

Why hang one piece of art, when you can combine plenty? A collage of collectibles communicates your sense of style much more than a single showpiece. Look for complementary tones and themes to amplify your artistic side — currently, we’re coveting deep ochre and ink in figurative strokes. To complete the masterclass, frame each piece with a corresponding colour from the artwork beside it.

Left: Silhouette I by Caroline Walls. Right: View From a Window III by Alan Ibell from Sanderson Contemporary.
Left: Sista Source by Natasha Wright from Sanderson Contemporary. Right: Exams by Josephine Cachemaille from Sanderson Contemporary.
Left: Negro Sangre VI (I) artwork by Novocuadro of Spain from Sarsfield Brooke. Right: S-G-1-#BEBDB6-SC by Zara Dolan from Sanderson Contemporary.
Left: Venus by Molly Timmins from Sanderson Contemporary. Right: Purpura artwork by Novocuadro of Spain from Sarsfield Brooke.


Here’s how to display your favourite pot plants like works of art

Plumy is the iconic 80s settee making a comfortable comeback

Stay cosy without losing your cool with our guide to the finest fireplaces around

Co-founders of Dawn Aerospace James and Stefan Powell speak to the new space race

The new Space Race has taken off in New Zealand — already a billion-dollar business as we discover more of the great expanse. But while we are sending much more stuff up there, we risk making the same wasteful mistakes as we have on Earth, with toxic materials, inefficient technologies and end of line products left like litter in no man’s orbit. Creating a sustainable space environment — at scale — will enable a new era of possibilities, and prosperity.

On a mission to make “the next frontier for humankind” more accessible globally (and without the satellite tumbleweed) are James and Stefan Powell. When studying at the University of Canterbury and the Delft University of Technology, respectively, Stefan joined an international team that built an amateur rocket and broke European altitude records. While it was a huge achievement, it was a one-hit-wonder. “It took us five years to build and was only in the air for 10 minutes,” says Stefan. “That was industry standard. But we knew there had to be a better way.”

In 2017, the brothers founded Dawn Aerospace with three more founders from the team, split between New Zealand and The Netherlands. Its reliable propulsion technologies enable explorers to actively de-orbit satellites at the end of their useful life, bringing them back down to Earth safely. “Presently, space junk is only just manageable. If we don’t change things, it won’t be long until it could become an irrecoverable mess,” says James. Luckily, Dawn Aerospace’s order book was already three times that of last year’s for the start of 2022.

But the business’ most exciting development is its sub-orbital spaceplane, which combines the Powell’s experience in aviation and aerospace engineering to deliver satellites and science experiments to the border of outer space (where they will then manoeuvre into position under their own power).

The revolutionary design has the performance of a rocket but can land like a plane for rapid re- use. As such, the first flight test was not so much about the thrilling suspense of the launch, but seeing the spaceplane slowly roll back to mission control afterwards. “Every other piece of space hardware I have ever gotten back was collected in rubbish bags,” says Stefan. “I felt a real sense of vindication that we are on the right path.”

The spaceplane is the first craft capable of such a feat multiple times per day, with the possibility of cutting launch costs by 96 percent, while buying everyone a lot more time. A recent test model showed it could allow the collection of 1000 times more data. Its chosen subject was the high layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, meaning it could help dramatically improve climate models.

As Dawn Aerospace continues to develop the next spaceplanes, the Mk-II and Mk-III, with testing from sites including the Glentanner Aerodrome near Aoraki Mt Cook, the overarching goal is to build a globally deployable, commercial space fleet.

While they have an overseas office, Aotearoa is the place to innovate — with a stellar aviation regulatory system. “Great people, clear skies, and a general can-do attitude,” confirms Stefan. “We have coupled that with the experience, resources, and customer base of Europe to achieve a totally unique ability.”

Dawn Aerospace is fundamentally transforming space transportation, something which Stefan says takes “determination and humility” more than anything else. “In the next 30 years, space could go from being a small niche to being a significant factor in our everyday lives,” he adds. “But that will only happen if we can figure out ways to operate in space without harming the Earth below.”

It’s “nearly impossible” to imagine what we can do with such accessible and sustainable capabilities, but like any project in space, it pays to think big. This year, Dawn Aerospace is doubling its team size and further developing its spaceplane and satellite propulsion product lines, while gearing up for many more research projects, including with the European Space Agency. Beyond that? “Up, up and away,” they say.


Here’s how to display your favourite pot plants like works of art

Plumy is the iconic 80s settee making a comfortable comeback

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Parade is taking up permanent residency on Ponsonby Road, here’s how you can be the first to try it

It doesn’t take much for a place to make a name for itself in Auckland, just good food and a cult following. It’s how Ponsonby’s Parade has amassed such notoriety in the short 12 months it has been open, and what began as a simple pop up has now taken up permanent residency in the space next door.

Even if you haven’t tried Parade (and trust us, you’re missing out), you’ll likely have seen the burgers. Truth be told, they’re unlike anything else. The epitome of indulgent eating, each burger is served in a house-made pretzel bun, with decadent fillings that have been known to include fried chicken with macaroni and cheese or a smashed beef patties with nacho chips, cheese sauce and salsa. As far as flavours go, the Parade team are never afraid to try something new or push the boundaries of what’s expected from a burger. And now, this approach is paying off.

Parade began as a vision from the trio behind Newmarket cafe, Mutual Friends. And now, after starting Parade as a pop-up amid Auckland’s longest year of lockdowns, Bryan Anderson, Nick Fury and Sean Bone are proudly opening an official outpost at 252 Ponsonby Road. Where Parade is unique, is in the way that it offers Instagram-worthy burgers that not only reimagine what the classic burger is (flavour- and composition-wise), but that also taste as delicious as they look. And it’s this potent mix that has seen Parade’s popularity skyrocket.

With the arrival of a more permanent space, the “grown-up version of Parade” begins, according to Anderson. While much of the menu everyone knows and loves will remain the same, the team have taken this opportunity to expand their selection of sides alongside finally being able to offer (thanks to a new liquor license) cold Asahi, natural wines and tasty cocktails.

“What we’re most stoked for is making it more of a three-dimensional space,” Anderson reflects. “It’s a bigger space than where we were previously, we were missing the whole dine-in experience. Here we can collaborate and host more activations — we’re levelling up what’s on offer.”

Although Parade is swiftly growing (thanks, in large part, to the magic of social media) it is still a grassroots venue of sorts. When I go and visit the space before opening, all three of the owners are moving a fridge and unloading new stock ahead of a pre-opening night for the friends and family who have supported them since the beginning. In fact, much of the new fit-out was handled personally by the trio.

Now officially open to the public, Parade’s sleek new spot is sure to draw the crowds. And while we’re anticipating lines around the block this weekend, in our opinion, any wait for this menu is worth it.

Opening hours:
Wednesday – Thursday, 5pm-9pm

Friday – Saturday, 12pm-3pm, 5pm-9pm
Closed Sunday Tuesday


252 Ponsonby Road,


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Global milk tea sensation, Machi Machi, opens its first store in Auckland

Comfort food and bottomless coffee collide at Avondale’s delicious new cafe
Left: Sebastian Hunt. Right: Dylan Richards Diaz.

How Entire Studios founders Sebastian Hunt and Dylan Richards Diaz are taking over the world

When it comes to creating, launching and sustaining a successful fashion brand, these days it’s not enough to merely focus on a finished garment. It requires the vision to create an immersive world, an identity that consumers feel they can slip into as easily as putting a hand through a well-fitted sleeve. With their label Entire Studios, Sebastian Hunt and Dylan Richards Diaz understand this intrinsically.

Having both worked as stylists and creative directors for several years in New Zealand, then Los Angeles, Hunt and Richards Diaz launched Entire Studios in October 2020. In under six months, they received seals of approval from celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner who were photographed wearing Entire’s signature brightly-hued puffer jackets. Since then, the label’s trajectory has only accelerated.

Early famous fans were not entirely out of the sartorial blue; before they created their own label, Hunt and Richards Diaz were gaining widespread clout in the industry through consulting as “ghost” creatives for Kanye West and his label Yeezy (operating behind the scenes to help shape the brand and holistic vision); plus working with Kardashian, Justin Bieber and internationally acclaimed New Zealand choreographer Parris Goebel.

Uzziah and Hugo wear Entire Studios Drop 2

“Years of styling and creative consulting set us up with the skills and industry knowledge to start our own brand,” says the duo. Seeking clothing that simultaneously embraced not only functionality but also quality, impeccable design and accessibility, was a key impetus to take matters into their own hands. “Many brands will meet one of those criteria, but then the others are sacrificed, which we believe is a missed opportunity for a brand to elevate at the intersection of luxury and accessible streetwear.”

With each new collection, they explore the impact of colour and push the boundaries of silhouette; through their lens, shapes are exaggerated to transform or highlight the body, whether that be the sell-out, oversized puffer jackets, the slick catsuits, ultra-mini micro skirts or the perfectly relaxed hoodie and tracksuit sets. 

Josephine and Calvin wear Entire Studios Drop 2.5

Since launching, the duo’s approach to design has evolved and improved constantly, as has their awareness of what their customers gravitate towards. While initially, they released just one item in three colourways (the emblematic puffer jackets), now that they create wider collections, they say it’s resulting in a more well-rounded understanding of who the Entire Studios customer is, and what pieces work in their wardrobes.

Currently, Richards Diaz is based in L.A. and handles much of the design, creative direction and shoots, while Hunt focuses on art direction and manages the team and operations from Auckland. The distance can be a challenge, but they’re constantly connected through technology — and, if anything, covering more ground between them has been an advantage. 

Entire Studios pop-up at HBX Hong Kong

Debuting a new label during the pandemic has also not been without its fair share of hurdles. Like many other designers, they haven’t been able to work as closely with their manufacturers as they would like to, due to travel restrictions. Fabric and reference-sourcing have also been limited, they say, but the most noticeable challenges have been around not being able to attend their own pop-up stores in person. “Because Entire Studios is driven by social media, we’ve had fewer opportunities to see people out and about in ES looks.” Luckily for them, there is no shortage of people offering free marketing by flexing their Entire ensembles for the ‘gram.

Speaking of social media, much is being said about how its domination creates an endless feedback loop of homogenous trends. How do these creatives avoid this? By being relentless in their vision, regardless of what’s trendy, they think.

“We are guided by what we like and steer clear of the echo chamber by having a wide reference base of fashion history. In order to create the new, you need to know what has gone before.”

Clockwise: Bad Bunny, Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, Stormi Webster, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner wear the Entire Studios Puffer Jacket. 

Recently, the label has been seen on the likes of Dua Lipa and Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny (Spotify’s most-streamed music artist of 2021). Although one would imagine they’d be used to it by now, Entire Studios’ founders say it’s always incredibly exciting. “We don’t think it’ll ever get old seeing a public figure give our clothing the tick of approval.” 

When asked who are the ultimate people to see in their pieces, for Richards Diaz that would be Naomi Campbell, and for Hunt, Gwyneth Paltrow. 

In the last year, the launch of Entire Studios’ Drop 2 and Drop 2.5 collections have been met with frenzied enthusiasm; Hunt and Richards Diaz have collaborated with Hypebeast on a pop-up store in Hong Kong, and sold out a collection on luxury e-tailer Ssense before the marketing for it had even launched.

All shining moments from a duo who have an even brighter future ahead of them — but the proudest of all is closer to home. “Ultimately, hiring our team and watching the buzz with them every time a new delivery goes live is our proudest accomplishment.” 


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Bar Non Solo.

The 16 best places in Auckland to pull up a stool for after-work drinks

As summer finally settles and we move through the waves of lockdowns, crowds across the city are beginning to return to the office. It sees the end of meetings in athleisure and midday showers, and some familiar habits are slowly returning. One of our favourites? After work drinks. With the easing of restrictions and offices across the city welcoming their workers once more, plus another long weekend afoot, there’s never been a better time to celebrate Friday knock offs among your team. And when it comes to choosing the perfect spot, there’s a handful we would never look past.

Alma, Annabel’s Wine Bar.

Although one of our favourite inner-city haunts for an after-work dinner, it makes an apt venue for a day’s end drink too. Alma offers a burgeoning wine list and reliable cocktails (including a 0% alcohol list for sober friends), and those outdoor spots are the ideal possie to watch the world go by.
130 Quay Street, Auckland CBD

Annabel’s Wine Bar
Those lucky enough to nab a seat at this Ponsonby Road wine bar have something to celebrate. A menu that focuses mostly on wine, and just enough on the aperitivo menu that accompanies it, here you’ll find the ideal place to celebrate (while escaping the inner city crowds).
277 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

Bar Martin
For those who find themselves working in the Inner West, Bar Martin has you covered. It’s a surprise for the suburbs but one that we welcome with great reverence. Boasting a larger than life wine menu, and a few favourite beers, this humble spot has put Mount Albert on the map.
43 Martin Avenue, Mount Albert

Beau, Captain’s Bar.

Ponsonby’s Beau is a Denizen team favourite, part-restaurant and part-wine bar, the courtyard makes a gorgeous place to send off the week. With an extensive wine menu and delicious food to match, it’s just another of Ponsonby Road’s great offerings when it comes to after-work drinks.
265 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

Captain’s Bar
A crown jewel on the water’s edge is Park Hyatt’s Captain’s Bar, the hotel bar that feels anything but. Amid an aptly fitting curation of fine rums, extensive cocktails and terrace views to rival the city’s best, this is an under the radar spot for an end of week wind-down.
Park Hyatt Auckland, 99 Halsey Street, Auckland CBD

East Street Hall
Is there anything East Street Hall can’t do? Now that live music has resumed, East Street is back to its lively self once more. Knock offs are best spent with a cocktail and pizza to share in the courtyard, making the most of the DJs on offer.
5 East Street, Auckland CBD

Faraday’s Bar, Hotel Ponsonby.

Faraday’s Bar
Parnell outposts are more of a challenge to find than those in the city itself, which is just one reason we were so glad to see Faraday’s Bar open its doors last year. Serving champagne and caviar, it’s not a venue to be taken lightly, but the bar is as accommodating as it is opulent, and it’s an essential addition to this list.
8 Faraday Street, Parnell

Hotel Ponsonby
For those lucky enough to work in the Three Lamps quarter, you’re treated to some of the city’s favourite knockoff spots. The talk of the town? Hotel Ponsonby of course. When that post-work sunset hits the courtyard on a Friday afternoon, an Elderflower G&T in one hand, a bowl of truffle fries in the other… That’s knock offs done right.
1 Saint Marys Road, Ponsonby

Little Culprit, Madame George.

Little Culprit
Fondly dubbed ‘Culprit’s mischievous younger brother’, this locale embodies a hole in the wall take on drinks. Yet the scale is what makes the venue so palpable (alongside the famed cocktails), and the location is truly the cherry on top.
Corner of Wyndham &, 151 Queen Street, Auckland CBD

Madame George
Karangahape Road’s contribution of Madame George is a regular on our after-work drinks roster. Conveniently located on what could be the precipice of a bigger night, the delicious modern Peruvian cuisine comes second only to the cocktail menu. If you’re craving one of the infamous pisco sours, or something a little lighter, Madame George makes the quintessential end to a busy week.
490 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD

Non Solo Pizza, Rooftop at QT.

Non Solo Pizza & Bar Non Solo
NSP’s aperitivo hour is what we’re all about. Spending the late afternoon in the famed courtyard, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, enjoy a late afternoon drink and a delicious selection of complimentary finger foods to ‘tease your appetite.’ For those a little closer to town, as an extension of NSP’s offering, Bar Non Solo is the new inner city mainstay that brings a slice of Italian life to your after-work drinks. Here you’ll find the legendary aperitivo hour again, accompanied by live DJs and an inner-city location you simply can’t say no to.
Non Solo Pizza — 1052/259 Parnell Road, Parnell
Bar Non Solo — Level 2, 52 Tyler Street, Britomart

Rooftop at QT
The only thing better than a rooftop bar is a rooftop bar as the sun goes down. Here, on the edge of Viaduct Harbour, Rooftop at QT is simply the most beautiful place for after-work drinks. Open Wednesday through Sunday, it’s conveniently close enough to the office to warrant dropping in, but far enough away to feel like the ideal space to wind down.
4 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Westhaven

Saint Alice, Soul Bar & Bistro.

Saint Alice
Adored by many for the live music offerings, this waterfront mainstay is the perfect blend of sea views, beer, wine & cocktails, live entertainment and a mouthwatering locally inspired menu — everything we crave when it comes to knockoffs.
Level 1/204 Quay Street, Viaduct Harbour

Soul Bar & Bistro
Viaduct Harbour stalwart Soul Bar shouldn’t be looked past for a more casual drink with colleagues and friends alike. After all, its waterfront location offers incomparable views, paired with the bustle of a busy venue — where everything is always just right.
Lower Hobson Street, Customs Street West, Viaduct Harbour

The Brit, The Lodge Bar & Dining.

The Brit
The Britomart precinct has a new lease on life with the return of people to the city, and The Brit Pub & Eatery is a fitting place to unwind over an after-work beer (or whatever you fancy, the bar staff aren’t fussy). The cocktail jugs are perfect for sharing, and it’s a nice place to watch the day turn into night.
122 Quay Street, Auckland CBD

The Lodge Bar & Dining
Housed in the most convenient of locations, this Commercial Bay outpost makes for the ideal after-work drinks venue. Amid the hustle and bustle of corporate life is this ever-reliable mainstay, where you can enjoy anything from a casual drink to Matt Lambert’s incredible cuisine on offer.
7 Queen Street, Commercial Bay


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Global milk tea sensation, Machi Machi, opens its first store in Auckland

Comfort food and bottomless coffee collide at Avondale’s delicious new cafe

Recipe: This delicious caramel slice is putting a twist on the classic ANZAC biscuit

Liv Glazebrook, the baking genius behind Kitchen of Treats (and our favourite ANZAC biscuit recipe), has very kindly shared with us her latest creation ⁠— a gloriously sticky, sweet and chewy ANZAC caramel slice. Silky smooth caramel is paired with an oaty base and just the right amount of texture from the crispy crumble topping. And while we don’t deny that the classic ANZAC biscuit is timeless, this decadent slice is offering a fresh take on tradition, and is the perfect thing to whip up this weekend. 

Kitchen of Treats ANZAC Caramel Slice

For the caramel:
225g butter
2x tins (395g) condensed milk
4 Tbsp golden syrup

For the oat mixture:
250g butter, softened
165g brown sugar
1 tsp baking powder
225g flour
135g rolled oats
60g desiccated coconut
½ tsp salt

+ 40g whole oats (optional)

1. Preheat the oven to 160C.
2. Line a 20 x 25cm slice tin with baking paper.
3. Melt filling ingredients together in a medium sized saucepan until the butter has melted. (NB. Do not boil – the mixture catches easily and will burn.) Remove from the heat and set aside to cool slightly.
4. To make the oat mixture, cream the butter and brown sugar until pale and creamy. Sift in the flour and baking powder then add the oats, coconut and salt. Stir until combined.
5. Add ¾ of the oat mixture to the base of the tin and press into an even layer. Mix together 40g of whole oats with the remaining oat mixture & set aside.
6. Pour the caramel over the base, then bake in the oven for 15 minutes, remove from the oven and crumble the remaining oat mix lightly over the caramel filling.
7. Return to the oven for another 30-35 minutes until the edges of the slice and the crumb are golden.
8. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely before chopping into squares.

Liv’s Top Tips:
– I like adding the whole oats into the topping for extra oaty texture, but not necessary. You could also add walnuts (or some dark chocolate!)
– Make sure the baking paper covers the sides of your tin to avoid a sticky mess.
– For a gluten free slice, sub flour with Healtheries baking mix & use GF oats.


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