4 Long Weekend Necessities


With the long weekend just around the corner, beckoning us to hit the road, take off or simply escape the hustle and bustle, we’ve corralled a quartet of travel-friendly things we couldn’t possibly leave without.

Ecostore’s Mini Travel Packs
A stand-alone saviour from dubious hotel toiletries, the mini amenities range includes Ecostore’s Normal Shampoo and Conditioner, Orange and Patchouli Body Wash and Extra Moisturising Body Lotion; making it even easier to reach for the gentle, plant-based ingredients that won’t strip the skin’s natural protective oils regardless of where you roam. To buy, click here.

Triumph & Disaster Toiletries Bag
A take on the travel must-have, ‘Frank The Dopp’ (as he is known among friends) features an internal wire structure to keep products squish-free as well as a synthetic water resistant base compartment for wet items. Leave it to Frank to keep ‘the goods’ safe and in one place, fighting fit and street smart until you need them. To buy, click here.

Crash Baggage
Born already damaged or ‘crashed’ but made with the most practical, functional, hard-wearing materials, we’re fans of the cabin-ready range that embraces all things adventure and a life that’s anything but handled with care. To buy, click here.

Arquiste Florals Travel Set
Anything but the duty-free miniature fragrances of the masses, these handy atomisers are filled with the floral olfactory experiences by none other than the nose that knows, Carlos Arquiste. Whether your getaway calls for smelling like a convent in bloom or a lemon orchard at dawn, look no further. To buy, click here.


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