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With the theme of the underdog at its core, the new issue showcases feats of triumph in each section. Immerse yourself in Gastronomy where we uncover Auckland’s under-appreciated dishes, while in Culture you will meet teen pop prodigy Benee, who has far more to offer than a powerful repertoire of innovative tracks. Grab this issue, assume the position on your sofa and ride out the impending cold months with inspiring stories offering a glimpse of a brighter future.

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New complex Sonata is making a strong case for apartment living

With its sunny beachside location, generous scattering of eateries and sweeping views across sparkling waters to Rangitoto Island, it’s hardly surprising that St Heliers is often regarded as one of Auckland’s most coveted neighbourhoods. But what this laidback coastal suburb might offer in grand family homes with sprawling grounds, it lacks in elegantly-appointed apartment complexes. As the children grow and then fly the nest, the options for families to downsize, while still remaining in the neighbourhood, have been scarce. This apparent need is the driving force behind a new collection of luxury private apartments called Sonata, which will deliver an enviable living proposition.

Located on the gentle slope of Devore Street in the heart of the village, this boutique development epitomises refined and upscale living. The architecture, by the award-winning team at Buchan, is unparalleled. The undulating curves and smooth contours of the building’s structure seem to echo the languid waters of the bay which its design is clearly intended to complement.

Each of the five apartments, spread over their own individual floor, is fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows which delights in uninterrupted views of the eastern bays — looking out over Rangitoto, the harbour, and Auckland’s cityscape in the distance. The generous windows also allow an abundance of radiant natural light to dance through the spaces and create an inviting and uplifting ambience.

Sonata’s resplendent apartments offer an undeniably warm and welcoming space to which to come home. Part of this is thanks to their being appointed with seamlessly integrated appliances — like the Gaggenau apparatus gracing the kitchen, alongside furnishings from renowned Italian design firm Polifom — as well as amenities like the built-in wardrobes and free-standing baths, while also being finished in materials which range from plush wool carpets to timber ceilings.

Furthermore, Reside — the visionaries behind the apartments — have made sure that, while the spaces exemplify their sense of a welcoming home, residents are also encouraged to put their own aesthetic stamp on the design. Floor plans, for example, can be customised to enable apartment owners to add additional rooms where needed, whether an extra bedroom, or office space, or home gym. It does however pay to bear in mind, that the opportunity to customise apartments is closing soon — as construction is beginning in June. 

The apartments’ outdoor area also offers myriad options, with carefully considered landscaping supporting a flowing arrangement of terraces, courtyards and sunrooms to amplify the building’s sophistication. And with the village and beach a mere stone’s throw away, residents can stroll to restaurants, cafes, and boutiques with ease.

For many, the notion of downsizing equates to trading down. But Sonata is the antithesis of that. Delivering what can only be described as a new level of luxury, heightened by the exceptional location, Sonata is setting a new standard in the art of scaling back. Downsizing has never looked so appealing.

For more information contact Jason Gaddes of Sothebys International Realty on 021 994 921


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Crack the transeasonal dress code with cool cashmere

It’s the Goldilocks time of year when it’s not too warm and not too cold but finding something that’s just right is an Everest-sized struggle. Make life easier by setting your default transeasonal setting to cashmere with pieces that offer immediate comfort as temperatures begin to drop and clouds gather.

Since Katie Holmes stepped out in a cashmere bra, the finest of fabrics have been infiltrating wardrobes in unexpected ways, taking cashmere well beyond the standard v-neck sweaters. Here are the key pieces from cashmere whisperers Elle + Riley that will stop you staring into the autumnal abyss of your wardrobe, wondering what to wear.

The Camisole
A cashmere bra is not for everyone but a camisole taps into the underwear as outerwear trend without worrying about the condition of your abs. The sleeveless design makes it perfect for layering beneath leather jackets, with the soft texture offering a creative contrast with tough outerwear. 

The Polo Workhorse
Everyone needs that one piece that they can throw on and feel polished enough to face down judgmental baristas or the school run style police. A cashmere polo elevates simple denim to a suitable level of sophistication.
Don’t let the New Zealand-designed light knit fool you, with cashmere offering greater insulation properties than wool.

The Cardigan
Blame your childhood science teacher for spoiling the idea of cardigans but worn the right way, this button-up can turn up more than your body heat. In moderate temperatures the cardigan is optimal outerwear, offering a streamlined silhouette but come winter it serves double duty beneath structured jackets.

The Stylish Sweatpant
Thanks to cashmere the concept of a stylish sweatpant is no longer an oxymoron, with styles now worthy of gracing your designer sofa as you watch Netflix and actually chill on a Sunday.

Cashmere sweatpants are also perfect for travelling, looking so much better than the pyjamas provided at the pointy end of the plane. If you do spill some of your turmeric latte while relaxing remember that cashmere, like most of us, responds best to gentle hand-washing.


Look on the bright side this winter with our edit of the most covetable sunglasses to shop now
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Everything you need to know about the upcoming Mulan reboot

The latest in a string of live-action Disney remakes is the return of Mulan. Like the OG animation, the film follows the Chinese heroine as she disguises herself as a man in order to fight in the Imperial Army. While originally penned for release on March 26, the premiere has since been pushed back to an unconfirmed date in light of recent events — be sure to check back here for any updates.

What makes this remake particularly enticing is the plethora of homegrown talent that resides at its big-budget core. There is plenty of Kiwi ingenuity to be proud of spanning the directing, the acting and even the movie’s locations.

From casting choices to controversy, here is everything you need to know about the new Mulan.

The New Zealand Connection
The cast features two Kiwi names, with Auckland-based Actress Xana Tang playing the new role of Mulan’s sister Hua Xiu, and Yoson An lending his talents as the lead character and love interest, Chen Honghui. Director Niki Caro, who floored us back in 2002 with her breakthrough Whale Rider, adds more New Zealand flavour to the film.

The New Zealand Connection pt.2
Our captivating landscapes truly shine in this Disney remake, with much of the filming having taken place in the postcard-worthy Waitaki district. Shot over our winter, the Otago area — the Ahuriri Valley and Omarama’s Clay Cliffs both feature — provided some astounding, snow-capped scenes. The rest of the filming took place in China.

The Powerful Cast
Yoson An and Xana Tang are joined by one of China’s most famous actresses Yifei Liu, who plays Mulan, and Donnie Yeng, who has taken up the new role of Mulan’s mentor, Commander Tung. Bow down to action hero Jet Li as the Emperor and Gong Li will play another entirely new character, the film’s villain, a powerful witch.

The Controversy
New characters aren’t the only diversions from the original Disney storyline, to the dismay of many fans. The live-action remake has done away with beloved characters Mushu, Mulan’s riotous pocket-sized sidekick, and Li Shang, her original love interest. It will not be a musical either, so don’t expect to be singing along to ‘I’ll Make A Man Out Of You’ and ‘A Girl Worth Fighting For’ with gusto at the cinema anytime soon.

There will, however, be nods to the animated iteration — like the return of Christina Aguilera’s voice, via new ballad ‘Loyal Brave True’.

So, What Do People Think?
In short, the movie is already a roaring success. On Tuesday night it premiered to a vast audience in Los Angeles and was applauded by critics (like Angie J.Han and Kevin Polowy), industry heavyweights and celebrities for its feminism values, epic action scenes, and — despite the original controversy — its ability to pay ode to a classic while still remaining new, exciting and exceptionally modern. Hats off to you, Caro.

The Trailer


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The sleek collection that instantly updates any bathroom

Quality tapware is the first step when it comes to creating bathrooms that impress and instantly elevate an environment. This explains why Phoenix is a mainstay in the homes of design aficionados. Axia, the latest collection from the Australian luxury tapware brand, features design-driven products that are functionality-focussed, confirming Phoenix’s status as a style leader.

The Axia taps are a perfect example of the collection’s refined aesthetic, with a 6.5mm super-lean outlet thinner than the average tapware offering. The Axia collection comprises fixtures running the gamut from wall basins This elegantly svelte silhouette gives their feature tap a sleek, uber-modern aesthetic, found throughout the range.

When creating the Wall Basin and Bath Mixer Set, Phoenix diverged from the traditional, horizontal design, taking a more intriguing, route.

The ultimate destination is a bathroom refreshed and revitalised by each piece from the Axia collection.

Selected Phoenix products on display at Mico stores throughout New Zealand


Add a touch of tactility to your home with our edit of the velvet furniture pieces to shop now
Seeking interior inspiration? We take you inside a joy-filled Amsterdam townhouse by Sally Knibbs
We delve into the life and work of iconic designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec  

Indulge in Bluff oysters at home with these kitchen essentials

Bluff season is in full swing. The ocean-fresh oysters can be found at Auckland’s top restaurants, however, indulging in the delicacies at home is an equally exquisite experience. Self-catered ‘Bluffie’ parties are a sure-fire way to impress friends and family — if you have the right oyster paraphernalia. Before you start shucking here are some pearls picked from The Studio of Tableware.

The Fork
How embarrassing would it be if you were to slurp your precious mollusc only to find it’s attached to the shell? This is the reason why the oyster fork was born. All boast three prongs and a smaller-than-average size but not all oyster forks are created equal. Keep things simple and follow tradition with these classic Living Oyster forks in sterling silver.

Top row: Versace Square Bowls, Bamboo teaspoon, Studio Grey Dipping Bowl
Bottom row: Salt Oyster dish, Graffiti tray, Living Oyster forks

The Dishes
You can serve your oysters alongside whatever garnish you see fit: lemon juice, mignonette, wasabi, horseradish, cocktail sauce, or, hell, even a spot of hot sauce. The same free reign extends to the dish it is served on. Here’s your chance to inject a dose of personality into your set-up so select something that really leaves a lasting impression, like these extravagant Versace Square Bowls or, if you’re really hoping to remain understated and minimalistic, these sleek, Studio Grey Dipping Bowls. It may seem like a minor detail, but matching the spoon aesthetic to that of the forks is more important than you would expect — be sure to keep it classic and sterling silver, like this Bamboo teaspoon.

The Salt Cellar
Place those bog-standard shakers to the back of the cupboard because your salt needs prime real estate if you’re inviting guests over for oysters, especially of the Bluff variety. Show off your creativity with this Salt Oyster dish crafted from Rosenthal porcelain and on-point iridescent mother-of-pearl glaze.

The Tray
Oysters of such stature deserve to be presented on a glistening tray that incites a similar level of “oohs” and “aahs” from guests. As each Bluff beauty is removed, a street-art inspired design will be revealed on this silver-plated Graffiti Tray

Studio of Tableware

5 Harold Street
Mount Eden


Add a touch of tactility to your home with our edit of the velvet furniture pieces to shop now
Seeking interior inspiration? We take you inside a joy-filled Amsterdam townhouse by Sally Knibbs
We delve into the life and work of iconic designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec  

License to thrill: The Working Style way to dressing like James Bond

Just because Daniel Craig’s latest outing as James Bond in No Time To Die has been postponed until November there’s no excuse for putting off a super-spy wardrobe upgrade.

In Casino Royale and Skyfall the athletic Craig has redefined dapper dressing by tapping into the key ingredients for a modern man’s wardrobe. It’s these essential pieces, elevated by an understanding of feel-me fabrics, that enduring New Zealand label Working Style delivers with the precision of a trained assassin.

Here are four ways to impress M or any letter of the alphabet this season.

The Aviator

It’s only fair that Bond would favour a jacket worn by RAF pilots during the Battle of Britain. If Bond’s word is not enough, the classic shearling jacket has found its way into the wardrobes of Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen and David Beckham. Team it with chinos or jeans for a casual look during the day or shake things up, martini-style, at night by giving your dinner jacket and wearing it with tailored trousers and a turtleneck.

The Tuxedo

Touted as the uniform of 007, the tuxedo is the signature look that Bond is renowned for. Equally prioritising functionality and fashion, Working Style’s Charcoal embodies the prestigious qualities of a classic tux. Boasting an overall formal silhouette, the fine details such as subtle flares that slightly accentuate the waist, allowing more dimension and character to the aesthetic and pairs with a white button-up and black bowtie. 

The Polo Shirt

Long Sleeve Knitted Polo

The iconic Riviera Polo Shirt was originally designed in the 50s for the heat of the French Riviera due to its unique and breathable fabric structure. Re-tailored in 2006 for Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, it is now a modern classic and Working Style 2020 AW features a Long Sleeve Knitted Polo that’s minimalistic and compatible to any outfit and occasion.

The Corduroy Suit

Following the release of the trailer to No Time to Die, viewers couldn’t help but notice Bond’s new approach to fashion. Instead of his usual sleek singular toned suits, he was seen wearing the velvety and soft corduroy. Some could translate this as feminine, whereas Bond’s suit designer Massimo Alba calls it the look of the man of today. Working Style AW20’s Cord suit captures the delicate qualities of the fabric and contrasts the softness with a stronger silhouette of powerful shoulders, bringing a touch of edge to any outfit.


Look on the bright side this winter with our edit of the most covetable sunglasses to shop now
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The sought-after mineral makeup brand finally available in New Zealand

There has already been an overload of ‘green’ makeup brands launched in 2020, leaving some beauty connoisseurs so exhausted that they return to old favourites. Well here’s the best of both worlds: a novel makeup brand, fresh to New Zealand, that has long been sought-after on the other side of the world.

Since 2005 British brand Lily Lolo has gained a loyal following with its commitment to keeping all products free from harsh chemicals, dyes, fillers, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. At its core lies a concept of green beauty, its impressive collection — which covers everything from mascara to lip-liner — uses only naturally-derived, mineral-based ingredients.

Then there’s Lily Lolo’s admirable determination to remain suitable for every kind of woman — regardless of personal style, age or skin colour. Available in 20 different shades, it’s no wonder that the mineral foundation is consistently labelled the brand’s hero product.

An exciting brand that will actually deliver on its lofty promise, suffice to say we’re welcoming the arrival of the impressive Lily Lolo collection of makeup — which is now available locally thanks to Sothys — with open arms and beauty bags.


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Raise a glass to Maison Perrier-Jouët’s new elegant identity and design

Maison Perrier-Jouët’s classic, non-vintage collection — Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs, Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut and Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé— have long been seen as the flagbearers of the legacy of this iconic French brand, whose respected lineage began over 200 years ago. The distinctive bottles have become synonymous with the quality of the product that sparkles out of them. Now it has been revealed that their timeless trifecta has undergone some equally sparkling identity updates. 

Tapping into the world’s growing appreciation for the importance and utter beauty of Nature, the floral Anemone motif created by Art Nouveau master, Emile Gallé is naturally present on the new bottle and has been redesigned in a more generous and modern form to reflect the House’s vibrant, extravagant interpretation of nature. Each of the three classics boast a differing, carefully-curated colour palette, offering a more lavish and resplendent look, to capture the vibrant sense of the Maison’s connection with Art Nouveau.

Further, through a redesign of the bottle shape which is in the same vein as its inaugural 1955 Blason de France prestige cuvée—a bottle which ignored the trends of the day to find its own unique style— the House’s independent spirit is again on show. This latest innovation offers an echo of the traditional form, prior to the introduction of the modern silhouette in the mid-19th Century. With the elegance of its slender outline, no band to spoil the smooth flow of the neck, and a curvature which is redolent of softy-rounded shoulders, the new Perrier-Jouëtt bottles evoke a 1930’s type of grace and smooth fluidity. The whole redesign echoes the Maison’s unassailable heritage of femininity and extravagance.

To celebrate the aesthetic pleasure of this design update, we’ll be raising a glass of the effervescent drop at the Urban Polo this coming Saturday.  For a chance for one lucky Denizen to win a double Polo pass and, naturally, to join us on the VIP Champagne Lawn, click here to enter.

*This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Ella Darby*


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The planet-friendly water bottles you should be using for your next fun run

Last Sunday saw 34,380 people take part in the annual Round the Bays event, and an incredible amount of money raised for numerous charities because of it. The triumphs, however, have since been overshadowed by the ensuing furore caused by the mountains of plastic waste left behind, with most rubbish bins left overflowing with Pump-branded plastic bottles.

The plastic water bottle has become one of the most visual symbols of our throwaway culture. Often found scattered on beaches or crushed underfoot at events, the single-use water bottle is normally made from petrochemical-based plastics and as such, is almost impossible to dispose of naturally.

Looking to make the plastic water bottle a thing of the past, Jayden Klinac established For The Better Good, a company with an ethos of regeneration and an objective to operate in harmony with nature. The premise is relatively simple: to create a water bottle that is not only safe to reuse an infinite number of times but is also made from something that can break down without harming the environment. The ‘Better Bottle,’ Klinac’s plant-based alternative boasts a 78 per cent smaller carbon footprint than its regular counterpart, is made entirely from naturally-occurring starch (making it certified compostable), and is filled with pure, New Zealand spring water.

Furthermore, Klinac has, in order to encourage people to embrace a circular system, set up a number of refill stations around the country (over 200 now), as well as initiating specific collection schemes for bottles that are no longer wanted. More recently, Klinac tells us, the company has set up three of its own composting sites in Queenstown, Wellington and Auckland alongside contracting another private site in Christchurch, each with its own “environmental experiment” attached to it. The Wellington site, for example, will compost tonnes of food waste as well as For The Better Good’s bottles.

Klinac also explains how the site’s surplus land is being set up for organic gardening where the compost will be used to regenerate the soil and grow food that will be donated to a charity called WELLfed. For The Better Good has even launched a programme whereby for every box of water bought, a tree will be planted in a bid to keep business growth in line with that of the environment.

The young eco-entrepreneur has created a business for the modern era. One that recognises how environmentalism is no longer a niche pursuit and how it must be inducted into the mainstream if we are to safeguard our environment for the future.


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