Countdown to the new decade: 15 quickfire predictions for 2020

A degree of reminiscing is expected on the last day of the year, but today also affords us an opportunity to think about the future and all of the exciting things 2020 has in store. What will we be wearing? Eating? Saying? Watching? Who will we become as we head into the new decade?

And while here at Denizen, we don’t purport to be able to tell the future, we have rounded up some quickfire predictions about things that we think could become big in 2020. From fashion to wellness to food, these are the trends we’re predicting for next year… what do you think?

1.The Colour: Sage green

2. The Fashion Trend: Seasonless dressing

3. The News Story: US Politics

4. The Beauty Look: No makeup

5. The Hairstyle: Extreme bob

6. The Label: Christopher John Rogers

7. The Winner: Tokyo Olympics

8. The Loser: Facebook

9. The Fitness Fad: HIIT Yoga

10. The Wellness Movement: Restorative biohacking

11. The Headline: Climate Change

12. The Streaming Service: Apple TV+

13. The Gig: Elton John

14. The Film: Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

15. The Food Trend: Eat Local


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New year, new you: The revolutionary beauty treatments to start in 2020

It might sound cliché, but the new year serves up a unique opportunity for self-improvement. Embrace the proverbial ‘clean slate’ by entering this next decade armed with the latest trends and treatments to keep your wellbeing firmly on track.

One wise woman once said that “if we don’t change, we don’t grow,” and while it’s unlikely that she was alluding to the latest trends in beauty and wellness, we think the notion is still applicable here. From electromagnetic machines to a fat-dissolving injectable, the innovations to be birthed by the beauty industry are promising an easy, and more subtle, aesthetic refresh.

Infrared Saunas
Infrared saunas are, quite literally, the hottest wellness trend of the moment. Like any beauty craze worth its salt, they first caused a stir in Los Angeles and, after being endorsed by a list of celebrities — wellness sovereign Gwyneth Paltrow is known to wax lyrical about them — the fever has spread worldwide. Dedicated devotees have even installed them in their homes, including the likes of Tony Robbins, who famously has one in each of his homes around the world. Quite different to traditional saunas, which use heat to warm the air, infrared saunas heat up the body from the inside out by penetrating the skin tissue with red and near-red infrared light. It’s because of this that they are able to operate at a lower temperature, meaning that the air inside each sunbed-esque pod is far cooler than that of the average sauna. For those who have utilised the likes of Omnilux light therapy, this is essentially the same concept, but for the entire body as opposed to just the face. The infrared light used in the saunas increases mitochondria function, which in turn stimulates the increase of cellular energy and, as such reduces stress and inflammation while stimulating the cells’ healing process.

Downtime: A single session usually takes around 20 minutes.

Pain factor: There’s zero pain involved.

Where: NovoTHOR Laser Spa in Auckland’s CBD.

Result: The process instantly relaxes muscles and helps to redevelop tissue, hence why infrared saunas are commonly used by athletes. The increase in cell production also makes it a fine anti-ageing and skin rejuvenating treatment.

Aftercare: The professionals recommend two 20 minute sessions per week.

Lymphatic Facial Massage
With high-tech elements like LED lights and laser taking over beauty trends of late, you’d be forgiven for assuming that the latest innovation in facial treatments would require some sort of complex, technological device. Instead, lymphatic massage treatments — sometimes referred to as the ‘Buccal facial’ or ‘Meghan Markle facial’, (after it was revealed earlier this year that the Duchess of Sussex is a firm devotee) is little more than a traditional facial tissue massage. The crux of the treatment is to essentially encourage the body’s lymphatic drainage system to do its job, which is to purge the body of unwanted toxins and waste, but it also contributes to muscle tension release, masseter muscle release (aiding pain brought on by Bruxism), muscle sculpture and increased blood flow. The treatment is pretty hands-on and often includes the practitioner massaging the inside of the mouth — hence why it’s often referred to as the Buccal facial — but don’t worry, they always wear gloves.  

Downtime: Treatments usually take around 60 minutes.

Pain factor: It isn’t painful but can occasionally feel intense — especially when someone else’s hands are inside your mouth.   

Where: Skinography in Ponsonby is the only place in New Zealand to offer the Buccal Massage. 

Result: An immediate intense release of facial tension alongside a sculpted, stimulated, hydrated appearance.

Aftercare: To truly reap the benefits, specialists recommend scheduling in a facial around once a month.

A non-invasive, much-lauded method for bidding adieu to double-chins, it’s no surprise that the arrival of Belkyra to New Zealand has been met with rampant frenzy. Belkyra put simply, is a fat-dissolving injectable. The FDA-approved formula is created by the same company that makes Botox and contains a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, the body’s natural fat-metabolising agent. It’s a treatment that can be implemented virtually anywhere on the body, but it’s specifically suited as a revolutionary double-chin treatment.

The procedure is straightforward enough. A nurse draws the intended injection points onto the skin of the neck, applies ice to the area and then administers the product via 20-40 small injections. The amount of Belkyra and number of treatments required is dependant on the patient. For some two treatments are sufficient while others may need four to six, but once the full course has come to an end, patients can expect to see visible results once the swelling has disappeared. 

Downtime: Belkyra is simple and quick, with all procedures taking less than an hour. It comes with no restrictions (eating and drinking are fine) but given that you will be swollen following the treatment, it might pay to take a few days off work if you’re hoping to keep it on the down-low.

Pain factor: As with all injections, there will be some level of discomfort, but nothing that can’t be treated with ice and over-the-counter pain medication. 

Where: Clinic 42 in Epsom.

Result: A surprising reduction in chin size, which creates a noticeable knock-on effect of thinner neck and far more defined jawline. 

Aftercare: Specialists recommend a maintenance injection every four to five years for those who think they need it — but it isn’t always necessary.

EMS Training
EMS training is a new, exciting route to obtaining a more sculpted physique, that doesn’t involve the use of traditional gym weights. It does, however, involve being hooked up to an electromagnetic machine, that uses magnetic muscle induction to force the body’s muscles to contract.

The process sees the attachment of numerous small electrodes to the patient, via specific exercise attire (often specially wired EMS suits). Once attached, the person wearing the electrodes carries out a series of slow-moving exercises such as a plank, squats, deep lunges or biceps curls. The machine stimulates the muscles for a period of four to six seconds, with a four-second break in between each stimulation. The workout has proven appealing for those short on time (a session lasts only 20 minutes) and looking for major impact. Results in improved muscle tone are visible after five sessions.

Downtime: Sessions last for 20 minutes. It’s recommended to undertake between one and two sessions per week with a minimum 48-hour break between workouts.

Pain factor: It’s a strange sensation, but it wouldn’t be described as painful. The post-workout muscle pain, however, has been enough to put people off doing more sessions. But as with all muscle-building exercise, the more frequently you do it, the quicker and more easily the body recovers.

Where: Mobile brand Peech Fitness brings the machine to your home and offers multiple treatment packages catered to solo or group sessions.

Result: Astoundingly immediate. Often, abs are more defined and butts are more pert immediately after a workout is completed. 

Aftercare: A course of sessions, recommended twice a week, is best for long-lasting results.


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3 Ted Talks for a more productive 2020

Hoping to actually stick to your New Year’s resolutions? Find inspiration in these three, must-watch TED talks on productivity.

How To Get Your Brain To Focus 
Described by TED as “the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet” there’s really no safer hands to put you in than those of ‘productivity and performance’ expert Chris Bailey. Unsurprisingly, the biggest takeaway from his latest talk is that technology and overstimulation have the biggest negative impact on our attention span and ability to focus.

A Powerful Way To Unleash Your Natural Creativity
When it comes to productivity, it seems the biggest thing we can learn from history’s most celebrated creatives is the art of the ‘slow-motion multitask’. Author Tim Harford explains how the world’s most talented innovators, such as Darwin and Einstein, juggled multiple projects in order to achieve their goals.

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It’s something that brings discomfort to most, but asking for help is a necessary evil when it comes to getting things done. In this talk, psychologist Heidi Grant shares simple advice that not only makes the asking process easier, but ensures that whoever is being asked for help is given a satisfying and rewarding result, too. 


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Parasol & Swing

Soak up the last rays of the day at these sensational sundowner spots

Dr Rudi’s
Offering an incredible view across the waters of Viaduct Harbour, this rooftop bar (and bowling alley) has been a summertime favourite since it opened. Pick a scenic spot on the deck and enjoy the sunset with a crisp Dr Rudi’s brew in hand. 

Parasol & Swing
Another Viaduct Harbour spot that promises to have you soaking up every minute of the golden hour. Indulge in one of Parasol & Swing’s signature cocktails, like the Tiki-Birds of Paradise, and you’ll be setting yourself up for a perfect evening. 

Sunset can be enjoyed from places other than just a rooftop. Herne Bay’s favourite restaurant, Andiamo is perfectly positioned to soak up the last few moments of sun as it kisses the horizon, bathing its outdoor tables in a warm pink and golden glow. 

Soul Bar & Bistro
If looking out onto the sun-speckled water isn’t blissful enough, Soul Bar & Bistro elevates the fantasy further with its (now iconic) ceiling of beautiful blooming florals. This waterfront institution is sublime and makes for an idyllic date-night spot.

The Churchill
As the highest rooftop bar in Auckland, The Churchill offers unparalleled views across the Auckland City skyline and is a luxurious place to park up for a sunset tipple. With its vast selection of Champagne and gin, this is an elevated experience in more ways than one.


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This new Miann opening is bringing the sweet life to Ponsonby Central

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Tamsin Johnson Interior

8 creatives to start following for some serious design inspiration

Garner an insight into the world’s most inspiring design by following these Instagram accounts that are abundant with fresh ideas. 

A goldmine for those with a penchant for muted palettes, lavish outdoor areas and purist architecture, @studiolowsheen — aka architectural designer Brent Lee — boasts inspiration in spades.

New York City-based Cara Woodhouse Interiors has an impressive repertoire of projects, each of which showcases alluring furniture in Woodhouse’s distinctive, modernistic style.

Checking off decor, furnishings and even minor home accoutrements, Ashley Stark, influencer and Creative Director of Stark Carpets, delivers finished projects that serve as full room inspiration. 

Interior architecture student Marlene Zeiner Borthen posts a revolving door of projects bursting with refined home decor, each of which makes a bold case for simple minimalism.

Whether it’s showcasing a slick blue lacquered kitchen, unexpected use of marble or simply a standout lighting fixture, interior designer Nina Takesh is reminding us that the devil is in the details. 

London-based Rose Uniacke offers her followers an arsenal of simple but luxurious interiors, utilising her roles as designer and antiques dealer to bring a glorious blend of antiques and new pieces to the fore.

As one of the most sought-after visionaries, it comes as no surprise that hotelier, real estate developer and Co-Founder of Studio 54, Ian Schrager, has an Instagram worthy of poring over. 

View this post on Instagram

#IanSchrager #IanSchragerLikes

A post shared by Ian Schrager (@ianschrager) on

Sydney-residing Tamsin Johnson is responsible for a number of fine interiors, all of which display her distinctive effortless and elegant style. Her impeccable taste makes for an incredibly inspirational ‘gram.


Treat yourself to a Powersurge online shop, and receive a generous restaurant voucher for paying it forward

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Aosta, Arrowtown

Heading out of Auckland? Stop in at one of these tasty out-of-town openings

The Bearded Weasel, Hamilton 
Fried chicken and beer is a classic combination that is being heroed at Hamilton’s newest spot, The Bearded Weasel. Its no frills menu features fried chicken, chicken sandos, fries, beer and cocktails-in-a-can, and although it may have only been open a few months, it’s already building a reputation for serving the crispiest birds and tastiest fries in town. 

The Bearded Weasel

Aosta, Arrowtown
With a menu inspired by the intricate cooking techniques of Northern Italy and showcasing premium, Central Otago produce, Aosta is the new South Island venture from renowned chef Ben Bayly. Putting a Kiwi spin on fine Italian food, this incredible restaurant has become a fast favourite among locals and visitors alike. 

Child Sister, Christchurch
New on Christchurch’s culinary scene, Child Sister is serving classic cafe fare with a contemporary twist. Tying in inspiration from cuisines around the world, including Middle Eastern, Mexican and Korean, this delicious eatery is a welcome addition.

Child Sister & Rogue Burger

Chiwahwah Mexican Bar, Christchurch
An exciting newcomer to the Garden City, Chiwahwah Mexican Bar has found quick popularity among Christchurch locals for its tasty Mexican menu — think tacos in crispy nori shells and fresh zesty ceviché — creative cocktails and lively atmosphere.

Rogue Burger, Wellington
Just when you thought you’d found the ‘best burger’, a new one inevitably bursts onto the scene to prove otherwise. Especially in Wellington’s ever-changing dining scene. Right now we have our eyes on Rogue Burger, the new spot serving a decadent double cheeseburger that’s ahead of the rest.

The Puffin, Wellington
With a luxurious, laid back ambience, The Puffin is the new Wellington wine bar focusing on organic and minimum intervention wines and small share plates and platters. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate catch up or an after-dinner drink.


From perfect pasta to mouthwatering mezze, these are the best comfort food takeaways to order right now

This new Miann opening is bringing the sweet life to Ponsonby Central

Treat yourself to a Powersurge online shop, and receive a generous restaurant voucher for paying it forward

These accessories are giving the classic summer look a sophisticated twist

Beachside basics are fine, but it’s time to elevate your summer accessories with a more elegant palette. These pieces will take the every day up a notch.

Left to right: Ecru Dior Global boots from Dior, Hat from Gucci, Pomellato Iconica bracelet from Orsini, Zippy wallet shades from Louis Vuitton, See by Chloé Helena sandals from Scarpa
Left to right: Loewe Puzzle shoulder bag from Net-A-Porter, By Far Tanya Snake sandals, coming soon to Workshop, earrings from Gucci, Sophie Buhai Pearl Orb earrings from Simon James, Nappa leather bucket bag from Miu Miu


Step into spring with these stylish, easy-to-wear slides

The world’s most desirable luxury activewear brand, Moncler opens its Auckland boutique

The new sleepwear collaboration between Papinelle and Karen Walker is in bloom
Beetroot with crème fraîche and chevril
Kahawai crudo with New Zealand spinach soy butter
Dan Gillett (left) & Brendan Manning (right)

Say hello to the new natural wine bar shaping up to become a K’Rd favourite

Dan Gillett and Brendan Manning first met at a wine bar in London, where they bonded over a shared belief that Auckland’s dining scene was in need of something similar. Fast-forward to this year, and Gillett and Manning have finally turned those musings into reality with Clay — a sleek, new wine bar on K’Rd.

From its food to its fit-out, Clay is simple but sophisticated. Inside, a long, 32-seater wooden table (built by Gillett) takes up the entirety of the intimate space. And while there are a few tables out back, mostly, punters are encouraged to sit community-style around the wine bar’s impressive centrepiece. The flooring is also a highlight. Made by Manning who conceived it by assembling an assortment of broken seconds from Middle Earth Tiles, Clay’s floors are a unique mosaic that lends the otherwise pared-back bar a quirky, fun edge.

Devilled eggs (on the left) and Campari soda (on the right)

Around the periphery of the space sits a number of wine fridges, holding over 200 bottles of natural wine — their prices ranging from $50 to $500. Clay is as much a bar as it is a retailer, inviting customers to purchase bottles to-go until 10pm. While for those dining in, Clay’s elaborate wine list offers a vast and varied selection of wine-by-the-glass — from light and fresh to rich and weighty — alongside wine on tap, too.

In the kitchen, chefs Ralph Jenner and Ray O’Connor have created a number of tasty dishes that are apparently subject to change nightly. Having previously worked for renowned London establishments, Esters and Padella, the duo are showcasing their culinary skills through the unique flavours of the plates and pizzetas they have created to accompany Clay’s delicious beverages. Expect dishes like beetroot with crème fraîche and chevril, choy sum with sweet tahini, devilled eggs with asparagus, capers and tarragon and our favourite — kahawai crudo with New Zealand spinach and deliciously rich soy butter.

Choy sum with sweet tahini

Even the pizzetas deviate from the usual. Each boasts a sourdough base that, while thicker and chewier than the normal pizza base, is still airy and fluffy — the perfect foundation for its tasty toppings that will change according to what is seasonally available. Despite the fact that the toppings will likely be different with every visit, Clay is promising to always have a meaty option and a vegan one on the menu, to ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Potato with fonduta and rosemary pizzeta

Although technically, Clay is a new opening, having Gillett as a co-owner has allowed it to quickly cultivate a reputation as one-to-watch. Being the man behind Wellington’s Everyday Wine, Malborough’s Scotch Wine Bar and Wine Shop and the natural wine distribution company, Wine Diamonds, Gillett’s knowledge of wine is extensive and respected. And while this is Manning’s first official foray into hospitality ownership, his passion for gastronomy meets Gillet’s experience in what seems to be a harmonious meeting of minds.

With its warm, welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, Clay is removing the typically snobby stigma that often surrounds high-brow wine bars, instead, inviting customers to simply pop in for a casual bite and a seriously good drop. It might be new, but we’re predicting it will become a new K’Rd favourite in no time.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 4pm until late
Sunday & Monday: Closed


366 Karangahape Road,

Image credit: Clara-Jane Follas


From perfect pasta to mouthwatering mezze, these are the best comfort food takeaways to order right now

This new Miann opening is bringing the sweet life to Ponsonby Central

Treat yourself to a Powersurge online shop, and receive a generous restaurant voucher for paying it forward

Ice cream season: Where to get the best scoops in town

An ice cream a day might be our summer mantra, but this frequency can make it necessary to branch out from the typical flavours.

Mix things up with Duck Island’s boysenberry cheesecake ice cream, where the combination of fruity sweetness and tart decadence makes for an icy delight.

While Miann’s Pistachio, Honey & Baklava ice cream sees candied pistachio praline and smashed baklava rippled through a pistachio-based gelato.

Little Lato takes nuttiness to a whole new level with its indulgent (and award-winning) peanut butter and chocolate cookie ice cream. 

If you’re seeking a classic scoop, the fresh mint with chunky shards of bittersweet dark chocolate from Island Gelato is unbeatable.

Chocolate ice cream lovers, head to Giapo as there’s no other place that does this classic better. Pro-tip — ask for it to be served with hot chips for the ultimate sweet and savoury combination.

Although it can be quite intense, The Tonight Dough from Ben & Jerry’s is a sugary dream come true, comprising PB cookie dough, regular cookie dough and a crunchy cookie swirl.

Take a trip down the lane of nostalgia at Browns Bay’s iconic ice cream parlour, Penguino — renowned for its cotton candy flavour.

You don’t need to journey out to strawberry farms to get your real-fruit ice cream fix, thanks to Whau Cafe on Mt. Eden.

Summer wouldn’t be the same without a walk along Mission Bay, finished off with a scoop from Movenpick. Our favourite would have to be the tiramisu in its renowned waffle cones.

Not just your regular soft-serve, Aqua-S on Queen St laces its smooth and decadent swirls with sea salt to enhance the flavours, which are set to change every fortnight.

Mad for matcha? Tsujiri on Lorne St and Newmarket undoubtedly serves the best matcha soft-serve ice creams in town.

You can’t go wrong with a trip to the North Shore, especially when it includes a stroll along Takapuna Beach with a scoop of honeycomb gelato from Takapuna Beach Cafe in hand.

Being one of the rare remaining parlours that still offers Goody Gum Drops, Ollies Burgers & Ice Cream is a firm favourite.


From perfect pasta to mouthwatering mezze, these are the best comfort food takeaways to order right now

This new Miann opening is bringing the sweet life to Ponsonby Central

Treat yourself to a Powersurge online shop, and receive a generous restaurant voucher for paying it forward