Countdown to the new decade: 15 quickfire predictions for 2020

A degree of reminiscing is expected on the last day of the year, but today also affords us an opportunity to think about the future and all of the exciting things 2020 has in store. What will we be wearing? Eating? Saying? Watching? Who will we become as we head into the new decade?

And while here at Denizen, we don’t purport to be able to tell the future, we have rounded up some quickfire predictions about things that we think could become big in 2020. From fashion to wellness to food, these are the trends we’re predicting for next year… what do you think?

1.The Colour: Sage green

2. The Fashion Trend: Seasonless dressing

3. The News Story: US Politics

4. The Beauty Look: No makeup

5. The Hairstyle: Extreme bob

6. The Label: Christopher John Rogers

7. The Winner: Tokyo Olympics

8. The Loser: Facebook

9. The Fitness Fad: HIIT Yoga

10. The Wellness Movement: Restorative biohacking

11. The Headline: Climate Change

12. The Streaming Service: Apple TV+

13. The Gig: Elton John

14. The Film: Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

15. The Food Trend: Eat Local


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