New Sid at The French Cafe Menu
The Stars Align Matariki Dinner at SkyCity
Mandarin, black pepper hokey pokey, cultured cream and manuka honey at Sid at The French Cafe
Paella & Pincho at MoVida

From Matariki celebrations to new winter menus, here’s where to eat, drink and be merry this July

When looking at the month ahead, it seems our local hospitality industry knows no limits. As such, our July Dining Guide is stacked with enticing offerings, including a new wine bar, a special Matariki menu, and a seriously sweet degustation cake. Enjoy!

Roses Regular


This intimate little K’Road destination leans into its next culinary iteration this month with Roses Regular — a series hosted by beloved chef Katie Riley that will see the dining room open with a regular menu and burgeoning wine list in a more traditional wine bar format for the foreseeable future. With the owners away in Europe, Roses has been left in Riley’s very capable hands. Open Thursdays and Fridays (for now), get in soon, we say. A full menu and details can be found here.

The Stars Align Matariki Dinner at SkyCity

Nic Watt

To celebrate this celestial holiday, SkyCity’s most esteemed venues are hosting a collaborative kind of affair at both Masu by Nic Watt and Cassia. With bespoke menus featuring ingredients inspired by the Matariki stars, guests will indulge in a six-course meal with perfectly matched beverages included. And to add an exciting new element, Sid Sahrawat will welcome Al Brown from Depot into the Cassia kitchen while Nic Watt hosts special guest Michael Meredith from Mr Morris at the robata — it really is the best of the best at this one-night-only experience. Bookings are essential and can be made here.

New Sid at The French Cafe Menu

Left: Dark chocolate, pretzel and malted barley soft serve Right: Venison, romesco, black pudding, medjool date, smoked cashews

One of those truly special restaurants that never fails to impress, Sid At The French Cafe is releasing its new winter menu this month. Small snacks include Hot Smoked Aoraki Salmon Croustade with XO, rouille and sesame, and Parmesan Churro with whipped feta, smoked maple and puffed pork crackling, with the menu’s tour de force being a super-gamey Venison with romesco, black pudding, medjool date and smoked cashews. Alongside the new menu comes the announcement that the restaurant will now facilitate a more casual, drinks and snacks experience in the famous courtyard. Perfect for a last-minute dinner. More details can be found here.

A Seat at the Table with Chatham Island Food Co at Kingi

Gigi and Delwyn Tuanui from Chatham Island Food Co

To celebrate this shift into the Māori New Year, The Hotel Britomart’s Kingi is hosting one of the most discerning dining experiences that draws inspiration from Kai Māori, and the bounty of produce that our waters offer. Hosted with Chatham Island Food Co, the menu is filled with delicacies like crayfish, black foot paua, kina, blue cod and even wild boar from the furthermost limits of our country. Having worked closely with Delwyn and Gigi Tuanui since the early days of Kingi, the restaurant has invited the duo behind the kaimoana over to speak candidly about their life on the island. Reservations are essential for this set menu and can be made here.

The Food Show

Polly Markus (Miss Polly’s Kitchen)

One of the most impressive events on the annual culinary calendar, the Auckland Food Show, this month returns for a four-day extravaganza. Held at Auckland’s showgrounds, it hosts a weighty programme of masterclasses, live cooking shows and talks, alongside the famous Street Food Alley — the perfect spot to refuel. You can discover the full programme and buy tickets, here.

Paella & Pinchos

Paella & Pincho at MoVida

If you’re looking for a taste of Spain this weekend, paradise is found at MoVida. The Paella & Pincho Saturdays series officially kicked off last weekend, highlighting much of the culinary culture from which MoVida was born. From midday until 4pm, this stunning restaurant is the perfect place in which friends and family can gather to graze on pinchos and hearty paella. Spanish wine will be flowing as the perfect accompaniment to the deliciously flavoursome fare. Find out more about the menu and what’s on offer here.

The Gilded Chaos Gin at QT Hotels

Gilded Chaos Gin at QT Hotels

In a collaboration that began back in 2021, Four Pillars and QT Hotels and Resorts have once again come together to create a limited-edition gin that will entice you out of your house. The 2023 release is Gilded Chaos Gin, an innovative mix of flavours, including wild fennel, sage and vetiver. Now exclusively available at QT Hotels’ bars, this is an exquisite drop that any gin lover should try. If you’re looking to enhance your gin collection, a bottle of Gilded Chaos Gin can be yours for $110, but act fast as stocks are limited.

The Caker Degustation Cake

The Caker’s Degustation Cake

If you’re someone who finds it harder to make those bigger decisions in life, this is the cake for you. Comprising 10 slices of The Caker’s most delicious and emblematic flavours, the Degustation Cake returns this month for one day only. Orders for this delicious cake are essential, and pick up is Saturday the 8th of July only. More information on flavours and ordering is available here.

Celebrating Matariki with Peter Gordon

Chef Peter Gordon

Unpacking the essence of Matariki is acclaimed chef Peter Gordon, with one of his famously brilliant Homeland cooking classes. Intended to celebrate our nation’s rich culinary heritage (which spans 800 years), the class guides guests through the creation of a lunch dish that beautifully represents the evolution of our cuisine — a one-pot creation featuring green-shell mussels, hāngi pork, kūmara, kārengo seaweed, Pacific coconut cream, and a touch of Sauvignon Blanc. Of course, mastering the art of fry bread (a true local delicacy) is also a given, so we’d suggest booking your space with haste (all the details are here).


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Artist (and daughter of Jane Birkin) Lou Doillon is the face of Cartier’s new Mini Baignoire campaign

In the realm of luxury timepieces, Cartier has always been synonymous with timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship. With a rich history dating back to the early 20th Century, this brand has continuously pushed the boundaries of watchmaking, creating iconic pieces that have stood the test of time, time and time again. Among these legendary creations, the Baignoire watch holds a special place, and now, not only has its silhouette undergone a refined reimagining, but it has found its perfect ambassador in the captivating and versatile French artist, Lou Doillon.

Doillon, with her multifaceted talent and effortless grace, has long been privy to the exclusive community of Parisian women who embody elegance while cherishing freedom and encouraging a spirit of individuality. She is, after all, the daughter of Jane Birkin (the doyenne of timeless, Parisian style). Being intimately connected with Cartier since her childhood, Doillon shares a deep appreciation for the brand’s artistry and heritage. She fondly recalls receiving a Baignoire watch as a gift from her mother on her eighteenth birthday, an exquisite timepiece that encapsulated Cartier’s elegance then, and still does to this day.

With Doillon at the forefront of its new imagery, the Baignoire watch is elevated to new heights of allure and sophistication. The campaign highlights Cartier’s subtle reinvention of this iconic piece, where the brand has embraced a new ratio of proportions that brings a unique and distinctly modern balance to the design. It has been miniaturised yet amplified and its recognisable design that effortlessly blends jewellery and horology has been refined with a smaller case, so as to feel more delicate (but no less impactful).

The Baignoire watch now unveils two new breathtaking versions, each a testament to Cartier’s unwavering commitment to craft. The first iteration speaks to understated elegance with its minimalist approach, juxtaposing the brilliance of yellow gold against a sleek, patent leather strap. The second transforms the watch into a dazzling bangle, a circle of solar gold that gracefully adorns the wrist. Crafted in rose, yellow, or white gold, these bangles, whether paved or not, exude sensuality with their curved cases, cleverly designed to nestle intimately against the skin.

The union of Doillon’s enigmatic allure and Cartier’s legendary craftsmanship is truly a match made in heaven. As an icon of style, Doillon effortlessly embodies the spirit of the Baignoire watch, infusing it with her distinctive charm and individuality. Her partnership with Cartier speaks volumes about the brand’s ongoing dedication to creating exceptional timepieces that transcend trends and capture the essence of timelessness in every way.

It feels like the dawning of a new era for the Baignoire, where its captivating design and signature details continue to captivate discerning connoisseurs who consider this Cartier creation a future heirloom. And this partnership only cements the fact — a celebration of two extraordinary worlds colliding — the extraordinary heritage of Cartier and the extraordinary talent of Doillon. Together, they represent the pinnacle of sophistication, reminding us that true luxury lies in the harmonious fusion of art, craftsmanship, and personal expression.

Cartier is available locally at Partridge Jewellers.


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Three simple ways that Ecostore is making our teeth healthier than ever

As Ecostore cements its status as one of the world’s leading, sustainable wellbeing companies, marking its impressive 30-year milestone this year, we rely on the guidance of its experts when seeking a natural approach to both our personal and home hygiene. But the recent release of the brand’s much-anticipated Whitening Toothpaste Tablets is shining a particular light on Ecostore’s prowess in the realm of oral care, and the ways in which its simple, sustainable products are changing our habits. From its toothbrushes to its toothpaste and mouthwashes, everything Ecostore creates has an environmentally-conscious, carbon-reducing, plant-based edge, harnessing powerful, natural ingredients to prove that you don’t need toxic chemicals to get good results. Here, we round up three reasons why Ecostore is our go-to for keeping our teeth clean and healthy (and why it’s about more than a sparkling smile).

1. Oral Care On the Go
Ecostore’s much-anticipated Whitening Toothpaste Tablets have just landed and are set to revolutionise our oral care habits. Plastic-free, formulated using only natural ingredients and designed to be used in conjunction with your Ecostore toothbrush, these handy little tablets minimise water waste and are perfect for keeping teeth clean and healthy while travelling or just going about your day.

Whitening Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride from ecostore
Whitening Toothpaste Tablets Fluoride-Free from ecostore

 2. Making Sustainability Simple
The hero of any oral care routine, the humble toothbrush often finds itself at the centre of the debate around which is better, electric or manual. Whichever side of the argument you fall on, know this: Manual toothbrushes are just as effective as their electric counterparts if used correctly. And nowhere have we found a better brush than Ecostore. Here, the toothbrushes feature ergonomically-designed handles made from 100 percent recycled plastic, with bristles perfect for reaching every nook and cranny, made from plant-based, carbon-reducing plastic. So not only are you keeping your routine simple, but you are ensuring that it is entirely sustainable too, and that you’re not brushing your teeth with any nasty or toxic materials.

Soft Toothbrush from ecostore
Medium Toothbrush from ecostore

3. Going Beyond the Brush
Not only clean teeth make for a more dazzling smile, but good oral health, in general, has been known to lower the risk of developing certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This means that alongside regularly brushing your teeth with non-toxic toothpastes like Ecostore’s Complete Care or Whitening iterations (each boasting mineral-based formulations with anti-bacterial, natural ingredients), you should think about using a natural mouthwash, too. Ecostore’s Complete Care Mouthwash offers protection against germs via an entirely natural, alcohol-free formula. It will rid you of bad breath and ensure that your oral environment is contributing to your overall health (and not detracting from it).

Complete Care Toothpaste from ecostore
Complete Care Mouthwash from ecostore


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Soul Punch is back and it’s bringing an epic, Barbie-themed party to Viaduct Harbour

From the proliferation of hot pink to the highly-anticipated blockbuster movie that is set to hit cinemas at the end of July, Barbie is having a serious moment, and it seems like everyone is getting into the spirit. In fact, the latest Barbie-related news to land on our desks has come in the form of a party, and not just any party mind you, SOUL PUNCH — the popular Sunday session that turns Soul Bar & Bistro into a convivial, colourful affair.

After a brief hiatus in which it was sorely missed, this upcoming SOUL PUNCH is promising a party to remember, which will see the Viaduct Harbour stalwart transformed into a bright, bold Barbie World, asking attendees to come dressed to the theme too.

Soul Punch Barbie World

Taking place on Sunday the 30th of July from 12pm until 6pm, SOUL PUNCH’s Barbie World will certainly be a party to remember. Tickets are $120 per person and will include a flute of Mumm Cordon Rosé on arrival, a delicious three-course set menu, tantalising tasters and rousing entertainment provided by a line-up of exceptional DJs including Tancredi, Katya, Not Lauren, Pascal and some other special guests who will cultivate the perfect sundowner vibe.

It’s time to brush away those winter blues and prepare to be tickled pink by the return of the ultimate Sunday session. Tickets can be booked here and given the fact that they have been known to sell out in hours for past events, we suggest securing yours now if you want to be part of the day. SOUL PUNCH is back, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate.


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From sleek ski suits to cosy après coats, hit the slopes in style with our shoppable edit of essential skiwear

If you are one of the many preparing to descend on Queenstown for the upcoming winter season (and school holidays), ensure you are prepared for any kind of alpine adventure. Whether it’s a stylish ski suit, perfect for making an unmistakable mark on first tracks, or a chic knitwear set in which to cosy up when a day on the mountain is done, we have rounded up everything you need to pack for a successful winter getaway.

Allos Ski Suit from Perfect Moment
Helmet from Prada
LV Cosy Headband from Louis Vuitton
Relaxed hoodie from Elle & Riley
Bottle Bag with Bottle from Perfect Moment
Grenoble Guyane Short Down Jacket from Moncler
GG Jacquard Leggings from Gucci
Gucci Après-Ski Collection

Soft Goat Oversized Cable Sweater from Muse
Slalom Ski Boot from Louis Vuitton
Loewe Wave mask sunglasses from Parker & Co.
Moncler Grenoble Collection
Mohair, Wool & Alpaca Cape from Moncler
CELINE Studded ski goggles from Net-a-Porter
Erin Snow Ski Pants from Ssense
Curly shearling vest from Dadelszen
Prada Linea Rossa Collection
Grenoble Turtleneck Sweater from Moncler
Dove Chapka from Louis Vuitton
Nuke Suit from Aztech Mountain
Extreme-Tex ski pants from Prada
Ski mask from Gucci
Reflective fabric ski jacket from Prada
Skis from Louis Vuitton
GG Fabric Ankle Boots from Gucci
Moncler Children
Fleece Zip-Up Sweatshirt from Moncler
MOLO Mitzy ski mittens from Mytheresa
Rainbow Isola Racing Pant from Perfect Moment
Stella McCartney Star Print Snowboots from Childrensalon


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Soho Basin

Heading South this season? Make the most of the Queenstown region with these must-do activities

With unparalleled tourist offerings, from private heli-skiing to scenic fairways to mountainside lunches, Queenstown is a region designed to entertain and is waiting to be indulged in by its countryfolk.

Following on from our definitive guide on where to eat, we present a collection of activities, explorations and indulgences to add to your list in Queenstown, Arrowtown and its surrounding areas.

Hit The Slopes…

Soho Basin

Soho Basin
A remote, invitation-only haven for snow sports and cat skiing, Soho Basin offers pristine, backcountry powder and clean, clear runs. To make a day at Soho really special, you can call on the kitchen at Amisfield, whose chefs will ascend to the exclusive ski field to whip up a multi-course lunch over an open fire, and serve it at the picturesque, European-style chalet right on the mountain.

Southern Lakes Heliski
Offering a range of daily and private charter heliski experiences, Southern Lakes Heliski offers access to over 800 runs across 17 different mountain ranges. It offers more terrain and more vertical than any other operator in the area and can cater to skiers from intermediate to expert level. Ensuring a day spent with them is planned down to the last detail, Southern Lakes Heliski will pick its guests up, organise them into groups based on skill level, and send each off with its own experienced guide, to enjoy some of the most pristine runs they will have likely ever experienced. Lunch will be served surrounded by the arresting alpine scenery before a few afternoon runs finish the day off.

Play A Few Rounds At…

The Hills

Jack’s Point
A major project that is seeing a new suburb materialise on the periphery of Queenstown, Jack’s Point is 10 minutes from the airport and 25 minutes from Arrowtown. It boasts nature trails, a central hub and its own 18-hole, par 72 golf course — set against the jaw-dropping backdrop of the Remarkables and recognised as one of the most spectacular in the world. Visitors don’t have to be members to book in for a few rounds, and it promises to delight avid golfers and amateurs alike.

The Hills
Harking back to the golf club days of old, where gates were locked and invitations limited, The Hills offers a small number of non-member tee times each month, open to those willing to put forward the lofty green fee. From its wild backdrop to the way its course is home to an exquisite scattering of contemporary sculptures, The Hills is worth visiting for the Andrew Patterson-designed clubhouse alone. 

Millbrook Resort
Millbrook’s award-winning, 27-hole golf course has seen it universally touted as one of the most impressive in New Zealand. Set against a dramatic backdrop, the course already offers an unforgettable experience. But it’s about to get a whole lot better. Having purchased 67 hectares of land adjacent to the existing resort, Millbrook has been adding another nine holes to its offering, which will give the resort two, fully-operational 18-hole courses that can be played simultaneously. The extension is set to be grown-in and playable by the end of 2021. 

Take The Family To…

Husky Sledding

Dorothy Browns
This delightful boutique cinema and licensed bar is the ideal place to take the kids after a long day of activities. Fitted with rows of comfortable armchairs (offering plenty of room for lounging) and presenting a roster of acclaimed contemporary and arthouse films, the cinema is even available to be booked out privately — a great option for families or friends looking for something a little different to do. 

Husky Sledding
Immerse yourself in winter wilderness with Underdog’s husky sledding at Snow Farm, where you can traverse cross-country trails, pulled by a team of trained husky dogs. Suitable for children as young as 18 months, this is the perfect activity for the whole family. 

Guaranteed to be thrilling for the whole family, iFly offers an indoor, simulated skydiving experience. After being given a suit and a helmet, you’ll be directed into a wind tunnel where you’ll be suspended in mid-air, mimicking the feeling of the real thing. Open to children as young
as five.

Remarkables Sweet Shop
An icon of Arrowtown, the Remarkables Sweet Shop is a veritable heaven for kids and adults alike. And while its colourful shelves are packed with all sorts of treats, the line-up of the shop’s signature fudge in its front cabinet is the reason we keep returning again and again (and again).

Explore The Area With…

Alpine Helicopters

Alpine Helicopters
Offering a raft of intrepid day-trips including heliskiing and guided hikes, as well as scenic flights over some of Central Otago’s most exquisite landscapes — including the Milford Sound, Fiordland, Dusky Sound and the Mt. Aspiring glaciers — Alpine Helicopters are the experts to turn to if you want to get out of Queenstown and immerse yourself in the surrounding areas.  

Dart River Wilderness Jet
Embark on a half-day adventure through Mt. Aspiring National Park with the Wilderness Jet. An exhilarating ride that will see you take in breathtaking scenery along glacial rivers, you’ll also learn about the Māori legends attached to the landscape, and be given the opportunity, when the boat moors up, to explore the ancient beech tree forests on foot. 

Skyline Gondola

Skyline Gondola
Appreciate Queenstown’s sweeping scenery from the 450-metre-high vantage point of the Skyline Gondola — the steepest cable car in the Southern Hemisphere. Once you reach the top, enjoy a drink while taking in the spectacular, panoramic views. 

Book A Trip To…

Dusky Sound

Minaret Station
Set on a 50,000-acre high-country farm and only accessible by helicopter, Minaret Station is the secluded site of the Alpine Lodge from The Alpine Group, a place where guests are treated to off-the-grid luxury within the accommodation’s four, two-person chalets. 

Dusky Sound
Operated through Minaret Station, the Dusky Sound experience will start with a helicopter pick up from Queenstown or Wanaka. Guided by an experienced professional, guests will embark on a scenic flight to the astounding Dusky Sound (in the Milford Sound), landing on The Alpine Group’s purpose-built, floating helipad and transferring to their boat for a day of fishing, wildlife and exploring the beauty of the World Heritage Area. Because of limited accessibility, very few people visit Dusky Sound each year, making it a particularly pristine part of the region. Guests will enjoy a gourmet lunch on the boat before being flown home.    

Mt Isthmus

The Lindis or Mt Isthmus
The Lindis Group is redefining luxury accommodation in New Zealand. From its exceptional service to its world-class properties, which include The Lindis in South Canterbury’s Ahuriri Valley and Mt Isthmus in Lake Hāwea, The Lindis Group has made a swift and considerable impact in New Zealand’s tourism space, much of which can be attributed to its South Island presence. Operating from a place of honouring the land, capitalising on natural wonders and keeping its footprint to a minimum, the group’s properties are designed to blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Similarly, its hospitality promises to connect guests to the sense of calm quietude that can be garnered from a return to nature — think locally-sourced, seasonal food and wines, breathtaking alfresco activities like hikes, fishing and horseback riding and rooms that open out onto impossibly beautiful landscapes. This extends to the highly-personalised service offered to every guest, which prides itself on curated experiences that can be tailored to suit individual needs. While The Lindis is a luxurious, boutique accommodation at which guests can book rooms and enjoy a raft of amenities and exceptional dining, Mt. Isthmus is a sole-use villa nestled on a narrow strip of land between Lake Wanaka and Lake Hāwea, offering a more exclusive and personalised experience. Ultimately, the idea of luxury remains at the heart of everything The Lindis Group does, which has seen it become hugely popular with local and international tourists alike and well worth a few days out of Queenstown.

Relax At…

Onsen Hot Pools

The Spa at Millbrook Resort
Take some time for yourself at Millbrook Resort’s indulgent spa. Awarded five years running as New Zealand’s Top Spa Resort by the World Travel Awards, Millbrook’s serene, replenishing space is the ultimate place to relax after a day on the slopes or looking after the family. There is also a complimentary shuttle service from Central Queenstown or Arrowtown. 

Onsen Hot Pools
While you’ve likely seen a raft of social media photos of people, framed by astonishing vistas, soaking in these pools, it’s not until you’ve experienced them for yourself that you’ll understand why they’ve become so popular. An hour’s soak in one of the purpose-made, mineral baths will deliver a raft of health benefits and the ultimate, blissful relaxation. 

Retail Therapy…

Elle & Riley

While you’re in the area, why not peruse one of Queenstown region’s destination boutiques?

For an achingly-cool edit of European labels like Iro, Ganni and Anine Bing, visit Seletti Concept Store in Arrowtown and Queenstown.

Next level luxury-lovers would do well to ensure Louis Vuitton‘s Queenstown boutique is on the itinerary, as well as Partridge Jewellers for a sparkling souvenir — go on, you deserve it.

You’re going to wish you had more room in your suitcase for the breathtaking functional art and design pieces on display at Bonham Art + Design gallery space in Arrowtown — offering a selection of fine and functional art from celebrated practitioners as well as a curated line-up of collectable furniture which is destined as future heirlooms. Elsewhere, Elle & Riley‘s covetable cashmere will draw you into the brand’s beautiful Queenstown store, and see you not leave until you have a whole new series of cashmere to grace your winter wardrobe.


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In her own words, Artist Fiona Pardington on the ritual of her process, her withering work ethic and how she defines happiness

One of New Zealand’s most notable artists, Fiona Pardington, (of Māori — Ngāi Tahu, Kāti Māmoe and Ngāti Kahungunu — and Scottish — Clan Cameron of Erracht — descent), has built a name globally for her photographic work that uses inventive formats and unpredictable techniques to explore a vast and varied array of themes, often swivelling around a preoccupation with emotion and affect.

Not only does Pardington have a Doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Auckland, but she has been made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, and was the first New Zealand artist to receive the Chevalier de l’Ordre Française des Arts et des Lettres (the Knight of the French Order of Arts and Letters by the people of France).

Demand for Pardington’s work has continued to grow exponentially over the last few years, with recent pieces sold to discerning collectors who recognise the pull of her oeuvre. In fact, one of Pardington’s pieces will be on display next week in Webbs’ highly-anticipated auction, Twenty — designed to shine a light on 20 artists (and 20 pieces) whose investment value continues to rise. Pardington’s entry is ‘Te Huia Kai-Manawa’ (silver gelatin print, 2008), a seminal work that speaks to the artist’s signature practice beautifully. With its value estimated in the realm of $20,000 to $30,000, this piece is Pardington at her most powerful, and is a precious opportunity for art enthusiasts to add something special to their collection.

Te Huia Kai-Manawa c2008, Silver Gelatin Print, 555 x 425mm

Her career is decorated with fellowships, residencies, awards and grants, and her pieces have appeared in a number of important exhibitions and biennials both here and around the world. But Pardington herself, who lives in Piha, finds happiness in the nuances of her daily life — unexpectedly humble for an artist whose body of work carries such renown.

Here, she delivers some pearls of wisdom from her experience, and gives insight into her notoriously private world. 

Hermes Mercury, Cannelles and Parsonage Road, 2023, Inkjet print on Hahnemühle paper, framed in hand lacquered black Goldie moulding with AR70 non-reflective museum glass, Mural size 176 x 140 cm, Mid size 140 x 112 cm, Starkwhite

I inherited a withering work ethic from my mother. I’m stubborn. It’s very hard for me to break away from a task until its conceptual resolution is in gear and moving forward towards its physical completion. I also set a high standard for myself, which could, if you ask someone close to me, be seen as punishing and unnecessary — I don’t agree, of course.

There is no substitute for being rigorous and well researched. I can’t sleep at night otherwise. I have to do things my way. It’s tried and true.

I want to achieve my best, but I prefer not to spend time congratulating myself. I have an engulfing superstitious aversion to that. I just get on with it. I certainly don’t believe in resting on one’s laurels. The only person I’m in competition with is myself. 

I realised I was able to be an artist after drawing swans with my mother at the kitchen table as a very small child. Bathing in her enthusiastic praise of my hard-won ‘mastery’ of swans over the next week or so, I experienced a certain Joycean claritas and chose this vocation for myself right then and there.

Magpie Tail (below), Hunter, 2022, Inkjet print on Hahnemühle paper, framed in hand lacquered black Goldie moulding with AR70 non-reflective museum glass, Starkwhite

An accurate explanation of my process would take hours to write and to read. Projects take anywhere from one-to-five years beginning to end. Some are in a holding pattern for decades. All I can say is that everything from conceiving to setting up a photograph to executing it to either hand printing or preparing and printing digitally, is a ritual.

A heightening of the senses, an immersion in them, is what I want people to derive from my work. And pleasure. A delight in the constellated effect and procession of concentrated perception. Also, a stronger feeling of their own being, engaged in what it is to experience art for and in themselves.

My accountant would describe me as crap at numbers but generous to a fault. My friends, as a stubborn, extremely private and passionate woman with an insatiable fascination for how humans think and function and for reflecting people back at themselves in a positive light. 

When money is shared, there must be goodwill and good character involved. So there are a number of interlocking traits that I value in a business partner. Blunt honesty. A complimentary skillset — finding this is like panning for a diamond — considering the nuanced being each artist is. A person able to hold and maintain mutual respect. Kindness. Always wanting good for each other and each other’s families. Outrageously funny. 

Left: Judgement, 2021. Right: The Sun, 2021. Both: Inkjet print on Hahnemühle paper, framed in hand lacquered black Goldie moulding with AR70 non-reflective museum glass, Mural size 176 x 140 cm, Mid size 140 x 112 cm, Starkwhite

Happiness is standing on my balcony at my home in Piha, where I can watch the sun drop below the horizon across the ocean. I can’t see the car parks that were sadly dug hard against the sand dunes a long time ago, only the sea and sky. There are throngs of piwakawaka and tui. I have a number of ancient pohutukawa on my land. I work from home, and I rise and sleep when I want. I have my health, I have my sight, my whānau and whanauka, I have a few life-long good friends and they are deep and abiding friendships. My memories of those who have passed that I love, ground my being. I know there are people who love my work and I thank them for that. I have a devoted lover, a sweet little dog and a great partnership with my gallery, Starkwhite. My house isn’t haunted. That’s quite enough.

There will be plenty of time to lack motivation when I take a dirt nap. Motivation is like a light within me that doesn’t wane, so it’s never been a source of concern. I can’t imagine what it is, to not want to make art. I’ll make art until I fall off my perch.

Portrait of Kimiakau Kiwi, 2023, Inkjet print on Hahnemühle paper, framed in hand lacquered black Goldie moulding with AR70 non-reflective museum glass, 140 x 176 cm, Ocula

I am like a dog with a bone when it comes to a visual conundrum. I have patience enough to develop a number of concepts over a number of years and know when the time is right (irons in the fire) to spring into action. I’ve learned to become comfortable with the concept that my unconscious mind uses the slingshot of desire to propel my creative notions into the real world. I enjoy feeling the pressure of it mounting, and the relief when it surfaces. It’s like remembering parts of a forgotten dream. 

It’s important to have a sharp and creative accountant who will look out for you and your practice. That’s something I wish I had known from the beginning. And find an art dealer you can trust, who cares about your needs as much as he or she does their own.

Creating a signature perfume is something I want to do. I know exactly the historic material I will draw upon for conceptual inspiration and the raw materials from which I will make the fragrance. But I can’t quite ‘see’ the bottle yet… I’m close.

Fiona Pardington, TIKI: Orphans of Māoriland, 2019, Installation view, Starkwhite

As Samuel Beckett said in The Unnameable: .“You must go on. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”  As an artist you must be bloody-minded. Art is a vocation not aesthetic titillation or extended ego-stroking. A life-long commitment can become a profoundly eudaemonic discipline. The most constant and possibly the most intimate of companions, your practice will accompany you to your grave. You can’t take a lot else with you.

I wish I’d met Austin Osman Spare. An artist said by some to have anticipated Surrealism. He was remarkably talented in drawing and painting. He developed a practice of painting as a trance medium and pioneered the use of sentient sigils, emphasising the unconscious mind as being the font of all creative inspiration. I visited his grave at St. Mary’s Church in Ilford, in the deep winter, it drizzled miserably all day. The trains were down and the taxi out of London cost an arm and a leg.

I would like to be remembered for being kind, or at least making an honest attempt to be so. And for being an artist who did well for herself and did well by others, although you can’t please everybody. Living memories of someone die with the minds that cradle them within a couple of generations so I’ll leave the photographs to hold what remains of me. Everything passes. Dust to dust, etc. History is fiction.


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Our picks from the new season Loewe that has just landed at Faradays

Across international fashion, there has been one name whispered by those in the know as the designer to watch and covet: Jonathan Anderson. Since taking the reins at Loewe, this young visionary has turned this brand into one of the most sought-after and groundbreaking in the luxury fashion landscape, with his unique melding of surrealist, tromp-l’oeil detailing with robust structure and timeless silhouettes making each of his collections the most talked about on the fashion calendar. Lucky for us then, that Loewe’s incredible, Jonathan Anderson-designed pieces are available locally (and exclusively) at Faradays in Parnell, with the new SS23 pieces having just landed in store.

In buying this latest collection, Faradays’ Co-Founder and Creative Director Constance von Dadelszen was able to travel to Paris to experience the runway first hand. “Viewing and buying this new collection from Loewe was a pivotal moment,” says Constance. “There is something exceptionally special about having been able to see pieces on the runway and then up close in the Loewe showroom in Paris, and now today, seeing our selects hanging so beautiful at Faradays for those in New Zealand to enjoy.”

From ready-to-wear, comprising a series of sculptural and pixelated pieces, pannier dresses, exceptional denim, shirting and more, to Loewe’s signature handbags (including the new Bracelet Bag), shoes (including the new Toy Heel and Petal Sandal) and small leather goods, and of course the brand’s sought-after fragrances and candles, Faradays carries a vast, varied and carefully curated cross-section of Loewe, all of which is ready to be perused in-store. Shop our picks from Faradays’ Loewe line-up below.

LOEWE Open Back Tailored Jacket from Faradays
LOEWE Toy Pumps from Faradays
LOEWE Small Tote Bag from Faradays
LOEWE Pleated Trousers from Faradays
LOEWE Pixelated Denim Jacket from Faradays
LOEWE Paula’s Dive in Mask from Faradays
LOEWE Petal Sandals from Faradays
LOEWE Stripe Mini Dress from Faradays


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INCA Rapido Menu

In need of a quick bite? Inca’s delicious new Rapido menu is just the answer

No matter how busy life gets, there should be no excuse to skip a meal or sacrifice flavour to a schedule. After all, food is the fuel that keeps going through all the crazy demands of the working week. Recognising this, and offering a solution that is both simple, manageable and utterly delicious is Inca, where a new Rapido menu has just launched at both the Ponsonby and Newmarket restaurants, offering quick, flavoursome bites with a more elevated twist.

Here, from Monday to Sunday, until 6:30pm, hungry diners who want something that satisfies their cravings without taking up too much of their time, can pop into either of the Inca locations and for $55 per person, choose from dishes like guacamole and spicy tuna tostada to start, followed by mouthwatering jumbo tempura prawns or rio ceviche (served with Big Glory Bay salmon, fermented chilli and passionfruit), before moving onto dishes like wood-fired baby back pork ribs with honey ginger glaze, and ancho chilli soy glazed chicken thighs with pickled red onion and aji verde.

Designed to offer a happy median between a long, indulgent lunch or dinner out and a takeaway on-the-go, Inca’s Rapido menu offers an excuse to pause and enjoy our food without demanding too much of our time to do it. With vegetarian substitutions readily available and the option to add Veuve Clicquot Champagne to your meal for $20, this really is the perfect way to break up the busy work day.


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Northbrook Residents’ Lounge
Northbrook Residents’ Pool
Northbrook Residents’ Outdoor Terrace

From its waterfront locale to its on-site restaurants and luxury amenities, Northbrook is setting a new standard in later living

The perception that hangs around the ‘aged-care’ trope is in dire need of re-examination. It is an outdated idea that those facilities dedicated to later living are tired or depressing, and is something that the clever minds at Winton — New Zealand’s largest publicly-listed development company — are challenging with their groundbreaking new project. Northbrook is a premium lifestyle development that provides sleek, sophisticated residences to those who appreciate good design and want to enjoy the best years of their lives in the lap of luxury, where every whim is catered to, and at the sort of level one might expect from a five-star hotel. And it’s changing our outlook on later living for good. 

Northbrook Residents’ Harbour Views

Located in the heart of the bustling Wynyard Quarter precinct (which affords its residents both waterfront living and a private marina) as well as breathtaking views of Auckland’s sparkling Waitematā Harbour, Northbrook has been meticulously designed for comfort, convenience and ease of living, offering an unprecedented level of luxury. Here, Winton (backed by years of design expertise) has collaborated with internationally-renowned design studio Woods Bagot to bring to life a building of unparalleled architectural presence, alongside interiors that are as sumptuous as they are practical. Going beyond the principles of ‘universal design,’ Winton called on its collaborators to create spaces that would balance luxury with the specific, practical needs of its Northbrook demographic and in doing so, are promising the kind of lifestyle that can really only be described as living in a high-end hotel — so considered and convenient are all of the amenities.

Northbrook’s show apartment — now open and available for viewing

Inside, Northbrook will offer 154 exquisite, private dwellings with no stone left unturned in terms of high-quality finishes and beautiful interior detailing. Each residence will feel curated and contemporary, with material palettes built around timber flooring and joinery, undulating marble and natural-stone surfaces, a neutral colour palette, luminous brass fixtures and furniture that offers enveloping comfort while cultivating a distinctly cool vibe. Built on the idea that good design never ages, the overarching aesthetic at Northbrook marries classical style with a contemporary edge, resulting in an incredible later living concept, the like of which we have truly never seen before. 

Northbrook’s show apartment — now open and available for viewing

The development will also offer its own hospitality precinct with exceptional, purpose-made, premium dining options. Here, residents will have access to a cafe pouring expertly-brewed coffee daily, a restaurant serving the best, locally-sourced seasonal fare, a bar, a private dining room and even a dedicated wine and whisky library, all able to be enjoyed alongside the raft of restaurants and bars on offer throughout the Wynyard Quarter precinct — situated within walking distance of Northbrook. That said, if going out isn’t on the agenda, Northbrook residents will also be able to access world-class meals from any of the development’s dining venues, via room service delivered directly to their doors. 

Northbrook’s show apartment — now open and available for viewing

Also on site will be a fully-equipped wellness facility, which will include a yoga studio and gym, massage and physiotherapy services, a heated pool, a salon, a spa with a variety of treatments available and an infrared sauna. Catering to anyone seeking to put their health and wellbeing first, this offering simply adds to the holistic way in which Winton has considered every aspect of its luxury, later living lifestyle. Elsewhere, there will also be an art studio and gallery as well as a media room. Because while the residences are beautiful and the building unique, what Winton recognises is the need to support its Northbrook residents in every aspect of their post-retirement lives. 

Of course, those drawn to the lifestyle at Northbrook will benefit hugely from the waterfront location, where residents have access to a private marina. Alongside the aforementioned bar-and-restaurant scene, Northbrook’s Wynyard Quarter affords its residents’ plenty of entertainment options at the likes of ASB Waterfront Theatre, as well as close proximity to the bustling Ponsonby, Britomart and CBD precincts, and the access to unique hospitality and retail this affords.  

Northbrook’s show apartment — now open and available for viewing

Ultimately, Northbrook is set to be a haven for discerning individuals looking to continue to build on the lives they love. It is setting a new benchmark for later living and aged care that is grounded in exceptional, practical yet luxurious contemporary design, and offers the kind of waterfront lifestyle that honours the wonderfully rich, successful and fascinating lives of its residents. 

With Northbrook Wynyard Quarter well underway, the team at Winton have further facilities in development for Hobsonville’s Launch Bay, Christchurch’s Avon Loop, Arrowtown and Wanaka, extending the reach nationwide for those seeking an exciting new chapter for their post-retirement lives. If you or someone you know is interested in understanding the groundbreaking standard of luxury later living offered at Northbrook, you can enquire here, or undertake a virtual tour below. Or even better, you can experience Northbrook’s exceptional offering in real life at its new show apartment — now open and available for viewings. Get in touch by emailing here, to book your walk-through now.

Take a virtual walk-through

Image credit: Jono Parker (showroom images)


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