INCA Rapido Menu

In need of a quick bite? Inca’s delicious new Rapido menu is just the answer

No matter how busy life gets, there should be no excuse to skip a meal or sacrifice flavour to a schedule. After all, food is the fuel that keeps going through all the crazy demands of the working week. Recognising this, and offering a solution that is both simple, manageable and utterly delicious is Inca, where a new Rapido menu has just launched at both the Ponsonby and Newmarket restaurants, offering quick, flavoursome bites with a more elevated twist.

Here, from Monday to Sunday, until 6:30pm, hungry diners who want something that satisfies their cravings without taking up too much of their time, can pop into either of the Inca locations and for $55 per person, choose from dishes like guacamole and spicy tuna tostada to start, followed by mouthwatering jumbo tempura prawns or rio ceviche (served with Big Glory Bay salmon, fermented chilli and passionfruit), before moving onto dishes like wood-fired baby back pork ribs with honey ginger glaze, and ancho chilli soy glazed chicken thighs with pickled red onion and aji verde.

Designed to offer a happy median between a long, indulgent lunch or dinner out and a takeaway on-the-go, Inca’s Rapido menu offers an excuse to pause and enjoy our food without demanding too much of our time to do it. With vegetarian substitutions readily available and the option to add Veuve Clicquot Champagne to your meal for $20, this really is the perfect way to break up the busy work day.

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