Sip your way into summer with some of the most refreshing cocktails in town

The weather has been mighty fine, and accordingly, so have our moods. And as we ease into another beautiful Friday, we’re starting to think about how we can make the most of the delightfully summery vibes that seem to have pulled Auckland out of its wet-weather slump. What better time, then, to round up some of the cocktails we’ll be sipping on straight after work. Cocktails as refreshing as they are delicious, and ones you’ll likely return to when the festive season really gets going.

A Fine Blendfrom Coley & Punch
Blending sweet maple and concentrated cold brew with the smooth and rich Chivas XV whisky, Coley & Punch has given the classic iced coffee a revamp. The dash of Broittet’s Crème de Banane liqueur and cream takes the caffeinated pick-me-up to a decadent glass of pure indulgent bliss.

Black Rose from Cassia
Using aroma-rich saffron gin as the base, the floral notes of this outstanding cocktail from Cassia are elevated by elderflower and charcoal for extra depth and finished with fresh, zesty lemon and frothy egg whites. 

Death of a Sailor from Parasol & Swing 
Everyone’s favourite spritz ingredient is given new meaning with Parasol & Swing’s Death of a Sailor cocktail. Aperol is infused with pineapple for a fruitier sweetness and is combined with guava, fresh orange juice, almond and lemon to become a tipple that’s out of this world.

The Pan Am Cocktail from Clipper
Made from a quintessential summer mix — Aperol, Bacardi, Crawley’s Orgeat syrup, Angostura Bitters, egg whites and fresh lemon juice — the Pan Am cocktail is the drink that gave Clipper’s bartender, Barney Toy, his legendary reputation.

Royal Garden from Soul Bar & Bistro
To match Soul’s floral ceilings, the mixologists have created a botanical concoction that sees a melange of herbaceous, rosemary-infused vodka, strawberry purée, sweet vanilla, lemon and crisp Deutz sparkling rosé.



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Rose Buds earrings, Ring of Roses necklace and Obey ring from Alice Herald's new Once Upon a Time collection

Alice Herald’s exquisite new collection is inspired by the classic fairy tales

Fascinated by the way jewellery accrues layers of meaning as it’s passed down through generations, Wanaka-based jeweller Alice Herald turned to a medium that worked in a similar way as the starting point for her new Once Upon A Time collection — fairytales. 

Exploring how classic folk stories had started, how small, subtle storylines would change depending on the moral priorities of different countries, and whittling down the core aesthetic motifs of each, Herald conceived three capsule collections called Obey, Grace and Virtue that evoked the essences of Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Beauty and The Beast

“I wanted to make a narrative collection to highlight design and storytelling because that is what I do,” Herald explains, “I story-tell for my clients, putting their personal narrations into a piece of jewellery.”

As such, most of the pieces are designed to be inspirational, with Herald explaining that clients can add their own personal touches if they would like. The designs also remain largely true to the jeweller’s underlying imperatives of versatility and wearability — even in the most intricate pieces.

The Drops of Happiness earrings, for example, fall under the Grace capsule, inspired by the moral message of Cinderella. The earrings evoke honeysuckle leaves (historically considered symbols of happiness) and can also be worn in cuff versions, or asymmetrically.

But beyond its overt messaging, what Alice Herald’s new collection is really reminding us to do, is to use our most precious jewellery as conduits through which we tell our own stories, and that the generations after us can use to tell theirs, too.


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Agnes Peel-McGregor

One To Watch: Meet Agnes Peel-McGregor, the filmmaker on the precipice of greatness

To say we’re expecting great things from filmmaker Agnes Peel-McGregor would be an understatement. In 2014, esteemed filmmaker David Lynch awarded Peel-McGregor’s short film Milkmaid first place in his scholarship competition, resulting in her studying at his prestigious film school in America. Under Lynch’s watchful eye she developed her next film, Last Tree Standing, a dystopian fantasy about a girl who befriends a half-man, half-tree magical creature. The film tackles themes of environmentalism in a profoundly unique way, and it became an instant hit amongst critics.

Long story short, we’re fairly certain Agnes Peel-Mcgregor is on the brink of great things, and as such, we suggest you get yourself acquainted with the young filmmaker. Here, we sit down with her to discuss her background, her future projects, and what it’s really like to work alongside David Lynch.

Hello Agnes! Tell me about yourself, where are you from?
I was born in Poland and I moved to the Southern Hemisphere over a decade ago, after I met my husband and emerging Kiwi cinematographer — Zachary Peel-McGregor.

What’s your background?
I have a background in poetic performance art. As a child and a teenager, I often participated in poetry recitals and I was a laureate of numerous monodramas and spoken-word contests across Poland. The figurative language of poetry taught me to think in terms of visual metaphors, which translates beautifully to cinematic language and, having experienced the performance side of storytelling first hand, informs me as a director to this day when I work with actors.

How long have you been working in film?
My first contact with film happened on the Channel Islands back in 2007, where I was cast for the role of a pirate on a local film production — but it wasn’t the performance side that I was most drawn to, rather the creation. Soon after, I took up film studies and started gaining work experience in the industry. I continued to work and further my craft in between my screenwriting studies at UCLA and doing my Masters of Fine Art in Film at David’s course.

What’s been your favourite film to work on thus far?
Milkmaid. It came from a very vulnerable place and I had all the time, space and creative freedom I could have wished for. I think what makes it special in my eyes is the fact that there was no dialogue, so it was pure cinematic storytelling, which makes it very powerful and poetic. It’s been over five years since I made it and I still love it.


Your film Last Tree Standing is fantastical fiction, but it makes the viewer consider very real, very grave, current issues, like deforestation and the way we treat our planet. Why did you choose to tackle such an important issue via such a whimsical genre?
With this particular film, it was the process that actually informed the genre. It wasn’t an intellectual decision, it’s not that one day I decided I’m going to make an environmental fantasy film set in a dystopia. Instead, I first saw an image of a fantastical creature, who was a half-man, half-tree. The image was very evocative and it stayed with me, so I decided to meditate on it and somehow, little by little, a connection formed to my previous film Milkmaid, which also had an environmental theme.

What’s the biggest takeaway from this film?
The film is a tale of tolerance. The fantasy aspect of the main half-man, half-tree character touches on the problem of our attitude towards anyone and anything that’s different and towards those who have no voice. I guess, I wanted the audience to discover that being unique is a part of nature itself.

What was it like working with David Lynch during the development of the film?
There was a huge difference between learning from film school teachers and from an artist such as David. With him it was a very different school of thought, which was truly liberating. He allowed me to disregard all the fixed rules completely and instead taught me that the most important thing is to stay true to yourself as an artist.

Did he give you any advice?
David used to say that it’s better to fail and own your mistakes rather than allow others to decide for you and still fail. If you let others make creative decisions for you and the film flops, you will never forgive yourself for allowing it to happen.

The film has won numerous awards and, in June this year, it was given a week-long theatrical release in Hollywood. Did you ever expect it to be this well-received?
You make a film and you let it go and as soon as you let it go it’s ultimately out of your hands. You’re hoping for the best, but you never know how the audience is going to receive it. With Last Tree Standing, just when I thought the film had reached the end of its lifespan on the festival circuit, I found out it was selected from a few thousand films for a theatrical release in Hollywood, which simultaneously qualifies it for this year’s Oscars consideration. I definitely did not see that coming!

Last Tree Standing

What are you working on at the minute?
I am currently collaborating with an Australian writer on a mystery web series. She approached me to direct it and I liked her writing. We are both aligned creatively, so I very much look forward to seeing what this collaboration will bring. I have also recently completed the first draft of a script for my feature film.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I plan to go into development with my feature film, which is a bleak, female-driven satire. And as for more immediate projects, I want to exercise my directing muscle in the world of advertising. It is an avenue I’ve never tried before and one I would like to explore. In addition to this, I also have some ideas for video art, which I would like to materialise. I love the bizarre and dreamlike world of this medium, which allows your imagination to run wild, without asking for anyone’s permission, so if there is anyone out there willing to commission this kind of work, please get in touch!


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Here’s why you should be transforming your interior with European Ceramics’ tactile materials

For 30 years European Ceramics (EC) has honed its reputation as an expert in all things flooring and surfacing — decorating clients’ homes in innovative porcelain and natural stone materials that offer a foundation of elegant luxury. It is a company renowned amongst aesthetes in the know, for its conglomeration of fine, Italian brands are some of the most coveted in the business.

From the UK to the Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand, European Ceramics has been at the epicentre of some particularly notable projects, spanning residential projects, luxury hotels, shopping malls and more. On home soil, it has elevated significant establishments like the Sofitel waterfront, where the creative spaces are blanketed in refined dark basalt, the Auckland Fish Market, where graphite tiles in varying hues of grey create a sophisticated ambience, and the ANZ Building, which harnesses luxe ivory-white stone and elegant polished flooring.

Not merely adept at elevating the entire interior of commercial spaces, European Ceramics is also the reason why so many abodes boast such a chic and luxurious aesthetic too. In the living quarters of the home showcased above (left), for example, matt floor tiles from the Matières de Rex collection and walls in stone from the Les Bijoux de Rex collection create a space that is both bold and inviting.

Able to work their magic on a vast and varied selection of spaces, and proficient at graduating interiors from simple to polished and alluring, it’s clearly with good reason that every discerning design buff in Auckland is utilising the talents of those at European Ceramics.

European Ceramics

8 George Street


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Young & Co.'s Passion Crush

With their bold presence and intriguing flavours, Young & Co.’s new wines are set to hit the spot this summer

With thought-provoking labels and flavours that read more like lip-glosses than elevated wine varietals, Young & Co. is the cutting-edge brand putting a sassy spin on the sophisticated world of viticulture. Breaking the mould of classically high-brow wine (in all but the wines themselves), this New Zealand brand is carving its own distinct path, by not taking itself too seriously and creating bottles that practically leap off the shelves.

Wrapped in labels that hero bold, voluptuous lips and catchy names — including ‘Berry Riot,’ for a French Grenache and ‘The Jam,’ for a McLaren Vale Shiraz — Young & Co.’s wines are certainly not your typical drop. And while its red wines have laid the foundation for Young & Co.’s following, it’s the refreshing line-up of white and rose varietals that are stealing the spotlight this season. 

Young & Co. Wines

In a salute to the summer staples, Young & Co.’s ‘Passion Crush,’ a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, ‘Butterscotch Bliss,’ a Californian Chardonnay and ‘Strawberry Hustle,’ a Hawke’s Bay Rosé are the bright new range for the brand, landing just in time for the long lunches and languid afternoons that summer inevitably brings.

Each boasting their own tantalising, lively flavours — from invigorating berry to hints of vanilla bean and honeysuckle — this new series of conversation-starting wines will offer timely respite from the season’s heat and are set to be the perfect drops to enjoy with friends.



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Photo Credit: Ruby Rowe

The Kiwi illustrator behind that Time Magazine cover tells us about her new book

You may not know her name, but you will recognise her illustrations. Ruby Jones is the brains (and heart) behind: “This is your home, and you should have been safe here.” The artists’ response to the Christchurch attacks, which depicted two women embracing, was promptly shared across the world upon her posting on Instagram. The single image received international attention on such a large scale that Jones was consequently singled out by Time magazine to design a cover for its April issue.

Now, the young illustrator has released her first book, All Of This Is For You: A Little Book of Kindness, a heartwarming publication filled with pages of enlightening, soul-stirring illustrations and hand-drawn messages. It is beautifully simple and oozes Jones’ applauded compassion, but no one can describe the book better than Jones herself. And so, here, we sit down with the artist to learn more about her touching debut.

Hello Ruby! Congratulations on the new book, it’s wonderful. Can you tell me a little bit about All Of This Is For You: A Little Book of Kindness?
Thank you! It’s a small book exploring the ways in which we can be kinder to ourselves, each other and the world we live in. It aims to shine a light on some tender moments we often shy away from and might only think to ourselves at 3am when we can’t sleep. It’s not a guide to anything, instead, I want it to be a set of reminders of things we already know but might sometimes forget.

Is there an overarching theme?
Its focus is really just about what it means to be a human in the world today; what that involves, feels and looks like. Within that, it covers themes such as body image, mental health, relationships and social media.

How would you describe it in three words?
Small, tender and honest.

There are so many illustrations in the book, do you have any favourites?
I do have a couple! One of them is ‘look after yourself the way you’d look after your 5-year-old self’ which is something my mum told me as a teenager and I’ve tried to live by ever since. Another one is ‘your family is whoever you love’ with a group of friends sitting around together. I think that’s an important reminder for everyone, especially for people who don’t always feel accepted or valued by their biological family.

Is there anything that you hope people will learn from the book?
That no one on this earth is worth more than anyone else. Social status, ethnicity, sexuality, culture, religion, bank balance etc., none of it matters. We are all just silly tiny humans going through this weird, confusing thing called life and we need to remember to help each other through it rather than turn away from each other. I think the two main things I hope it will do is make people feel less alone and spark important conversations between people.

We’ve read that some of the proceeds go to a good cause, can you tell us a little bit more about that?
Some of the proceeds from each sale of the book are going towards I Am Hope’s Spare Change Fund which provides free counselling for 20-25-year-olds. I felt strongly from day one about giving proceeds to a cause around mental health. I think mental health is an enormous area that we’re really struggling to tackle in New Zealand, particularly when it comes to young people, so I’m really pleased we can help out, even in a small way.

You illustrated Time Magazine’s incredible cover in April, how did it feel to be tasked with such a huge job for such a weighty publication?
I tried to not overthink the publication it was for and just focus on the story it needed to tell. I knew it was big and exciting, but it wasn’t what was important to me at the time — suddenly an enormous magazine cover seemed like nothing compared to what our country was actually going through; real loss, real pain. And I think Time knew that in choosing a local, unknown illustrator to do the cover, they simply wanted an image that captured the feeling of our country in the aftermath.

What kind of reaction did you receive?
A really overwhelming response from people all over the world. I think it meant a lot to New Zealand, especially our Muslim community, to have our story shared.

Was it a tough decision, landing on one particular image?
Weirdly no, as I said I knew I couldn’t overthink it. It was the first image that came to mind and I knew it felt right. I wanted it to show how quiet it felt here in the following days, but also how much the attacks had brought us together.

Were there any other contenders?
No. I was totally prepared to do a few but they liked the first one. There was just one change made and then it went to print.

Your works are instantly recognisable: soft and cartoonish and colourful. Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process?
It’s all about the idea for me. If I ever sit down and try to draw without anything in my head it’s a disaster. So I’ll usually be inspired naturally by something — an event, a song, a little moment in time — often that’s when I’m out somewhere so I’ll scribble a note down or write it in my phone to myself. Then when I am ready I’ll start sketching it out on my iPad, then do a final version and add colour/text etc.

Is there anything you are working on at the moment?
I’m doing a few commission jobs and working on building up my online store. There are a few bigger projects on the cards but I don’t think I can discuss those just yet!

What can we expect from you in the future?
I’ll always continue to put my drawings out there for the world – hopefully both in digital and print, maybe even another book someday. I’d also love to get into some hands-on work around mental health at some stage.

Kindness in all its forms resides at the core of everything you create. What does kindness mean to you?
Kindness to me is giving your time and your heart, even for just a moment.

Ruby Jones’ All Of This Is For You: A Little Book of Kindness is out now, available here.


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Three of the best at-home bars you need ahead of silly season

The end of the year brings with it a time of great revelry. It’s a time for catching up with old friends, reconnecting with family and generally indulging in good food and drinks that celebrate the year that’s been.

That said, it pays to make sure you are adequately prepared for the good times ahead, which includes catering to house guests (even if unplanned, people will inevitably end up at your house at some point or other). A fully-stocked at-home bar will be your saviour when situations like this arise, and will undoubtedly result in you being crowned the MVP of party season.

Luckily, Delux Interiors has a line-up of bar cabinets to suit any taste or situation, and we’ve rounded up three of the best. These will make at-home hosting — impromptu or not — a total breeze and are designed to be filled with your favourite spirits and glassware so that when guests arrive, everything you need is right there, ready to go.

For the minimalist
The Piet Bar is smaller than most, but that’s not to say it doesn’t make an impact. Perched on long, elegant legs and with plenty of space to stock the essentials, this simple, sleek cabinet will sit quietly in the corner until it’s needed — at which point, it will spring to life.

For the traditionalist
Delux Interior’s Piano Bar is the kind you might expect to find in a room festooned in leather and mahogany. With a stoic, impressive presence and ample space for all the essentials and more, this is the perfect place to store your favourite glassware and special-occasion spirits and is sure to make a bold impression on anyone who enters the room.

For the modernist
With its dark, patterned-wood facade and simple shape, the Viento Bar draws on Art Deco motifs to offer something a little different. Big but not imposing and subtle but not unnoticeable, this bar cabinet has a suave presence that will transport you to a more glamorous time and will imbue any celebration with a similarly sophisticated vibe.

Delux Interiors

15-31 Wellesley street

0800 994 930


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We clear up the collagen powder confusion with Two Islands founder Julia Matthews

Ingestible beauty is hardly a new concept — powders, supplements and gummies have been around for quite some time now, with many coming and going as fast as they burst onto the scene. However, there’s one supplement, in particular, that seems to be delivering on its claims — collagen. But probably, like us, you’re a little confused about how it actually works, if it does work, who can take it and how to take it. Clinically proven to deliver results — think stronger nails, rejuvenated hair and plump skin (increased dermal thickness by 83 percent and skin hydration by up to 91 percent) —  it’s also a common misconception that all collagens are created equal. To clear up the confusion, we speak with Julia Matthews, founder of Two Islands — a New Zealand company that produces a very popular range of Protein Powders and Collagen Beauty Powders.

Julia Matthews, founder of Two Islands

What exactly is collagen?
It’s the most abundant protein found in the human body. Think of it as a type of ‘glue’ that holds our skin, hair, nails, ligaments, cartilage and tendons together, providing it with the support, strength and flexibility that it needs. As we age, our bodies have less ability to produce collagen – with production dropping by 1% each year — and a total 30-50% total loss in women post-menopause. Additional factors such as smoking, stress, sun exposure and poor diet can also contribute to a loss of collagen and essentially speed up the appearance of ageing. Two Islands collagen is sustainably sourced French marine collagen that is a by-product of the fishing industry and would otherwise go to waste.

How does it work?
Hydrolysed collagen, also known as collagen peptides (what Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder is made from) is bioavailable and simply absorbed into the bloodstream upon digestion. Hydrolyzed means that the amino acid chains have been broken down into smaller units, a process that allows the powder to dissolve in both hot and cold liquids.

What benefits can we expect to see when taking Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder?
Many clinical studies have shown that supplementing with collagen can significantly improve the appearance of skin by improving hydration, elasticity, density and decreasing fine lines and wrinkle formation. Regular users of Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder have commented on their stronger nails, improved hair growth (especially postpartum) and improved skin appearances such as smoothed fine lines — some even noting a vast improvement in skin issues such as eczema or acne. Other benefits are less joint pain and improved gut health.

Who benefits the most from taking collagen?
Males and females from early 20s onwards — especially those who suffer from dry skin, increase in fine lines, eczema, breakouts, brittle nails and thinning hair. There are no harmful ingredients in the collagen –— so it’s safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding women, and is particularly good for those experiencing postpartum hair loss. We do recommend checking with your GP first though, just to be safe.

How quickly can we expect to start seeing results?
Some see results in as little as one week, while others may take up to one to two months. It really depends on your age, your lifestyle, and also the type of results you’re looking for — nails and skin tend to see results faster than hair.

How do you recommend we take Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder?
Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder dissolves easily, and so it can be mixed into a variety of liquids: your morning coffee or herbal tea (it’s heat-stable), smoothie or juice. It can be added to oats and even into baking. The Pineapple & Coconut flavour is a delicious way to spice up your morning water, and, lately, we’ve been making iced coffees and adding a scoop of either Vanilla or Unflavoured collagen powder to the mix. It’s incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Collagen is an internal moisturiser so is as important — if not more — than slapping on your facial moisturiser.

How much Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder should we be taking?
We recommend taking one 10g serving every day – consistency is key in order to see results.

What makes Two Islands different from other collagen brands?
We are high dose — each 10g serve contains over 9g of high-quality marine collagen — so you don’t have to use as much of it or wait as long to see desired results, as you would with other collagen brands. We have no unnecessary fillers — for example, the ingredients in our unflavoured Collagen Beauty Powder are simply collagen peptides and Vitamin C (to help with absorption).

We’re giving away a three-month subscription of Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder, so that you can witness the magic yourself. For more information and entry, click here.

*This competition has now closed. Congratulations Jade Hurst*


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Find a gift for that special someone with Hartfield’s helpful guide

Carrying lauded brands like Chaumet and Pasquale Bruni, Hartfield Jewellers has long been a go-to when it comes to finding a meaningful gift for that special someone. And while getting there is a good first step, when it comes to actually choosing a piece, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

Lucky then, that Hartfield has put together a guide of its own, to help its customers navigate the various styles on offer and really get that all-important Christmas gift right. From delicate earrings to stackable rings and beautiful necklaces, the line-up is all-encompassing and will prove helpful for anyone feeling a bit lost.

These are some of our picks.

Clockwise from top left: Pasquale Bruni Petite Garden earrings, Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton white quartz ring, Chaumet Liens Seduction necklace, Pasquale Bruni Figlia Dei Fiori pink chalcedony earrings, Pasquale Bruni Fioremi earrings, Pasquale Bruni Petite Garden diamond ring, Chaumet Bee My Love earrings, Chaumet Liens Seduction earrings, Chaumet Jeux de Liens pink gold diamond bracelet, all included in Hartfield Jewellers’ Gift Guide.

Hartfield Jewellers

327 Parnell Road

(09) 373 2472


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The Cab

Apartment complex The CAB is set to revolutionise inner-city living

Auckland is on the up and up, fast becoming a city whose presence belies its size and now, the city which was once synonymous with family abodes on sprawling plots of land has come of age with modern luxury apartment living now available in the inner city. The CAB is a preeminent example of this new trend and is well under construction, with completion scheduled for 2021. It is changing the face of Auckland living and redefining the inner city experience. The anticipation for its opening is palpable, and it’s hardly surprising, given the calibre of the residences that are housed within.

Each are anchored by spacious bedrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow light to flood in and those inside to enjoy the stellar views — either uninterrupted panoramas of the historic Town Hall and beyond or, from the western side, the Sky Tower and the iconic Harbour Bridge. Much of the residential development’s allure lies with its location. Situated adjacent to Auckland’s bustling Aotea Square and a moments walk from Federal Street, The CAB will give residents direct access to an unprecedented urban lifestyle.

Not only has the major refurbishment of the Aotea Centre seen the space transform into a world-class events centre, but there’s also a plethora of enticing restaurants, cafes and bars within mere walking distance. What’s more, Auckland’s new City Rail Link will boast a dedicated Aotea Station, giving The CAB’s residents easy access to state-of-the-art public transport. With over 50 percent of the apartments already sold, those who are hoping to secure an iconic freehold residence will need to move quickly. The CAB will be one of Auckland’s most sought after addresses, and by virtue of its location will always be uniquely desirable. 

1 Greys Avenue
Auckland CBD


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We’ve got our eyes on these pieces by Thomas Bina — a pioneer of sustainable design

Keep any space luminous with these chic portable table lamps