Embrace nostalgia with Denizen’s sprawling summer issue — out now

Here to guide you through the long hot summer months ahead is the latest issue of Denizen, Golden Days, on sale today. Inspired by the phenomenon of summer nostalgia, in this issue you can expect to find a number of standout pieces that incite warm reflection on years gone by — from The New Classics, a visual essay of nostalgic gastronomical delights, to Those Were The Days, a sprawling thinkpiece that celebrates the decades of yore, and the fashion, cultural happenings and design elements of these decades that are just a prevalent today — if not more.

Weaved throughout the reflection pieces are Denizen’s usual suspects; inspirational trend pages in the Coveted section, compelling interviews in the Design section, first-hand travel pieces in the Navigator section — this time on Tel Aviv — and an amalgamation of ways to up your cultural intake via our Culture section — in which, you can thumb your way through every book, TV series, film, experience and event we think you should be gorging on this summer. So pick yourself up a copy of Denizen, a Goody Goody Gumdrops ice cream, and head to the nearest sun-drenched space — our golden summer tome makes for some exceptional beachside reading.

Pick a copy from a decent newsagent near you, or click here to subscribe. 


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