Smashed wagyu burger from The Brit
The Brit
The Brit
The Brit

Say hello to Britomart’s newest pub and eatery

Taking up residence in the Northern Steamship building, The Brit Pub & Eatery is the newly launched social anchor of Britomart. The pub is situated in front of the water, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a long day at work or prepare for a big night ahead. Whether you’re after delicious food, creative cocktails, refreshing beers or even a decadent dessert, The Brit has got it all.

The Brit

Offering an elevated take on the local watering hole of old, the expansive space features a light modern interior rendered with timber accents and laid-back tones of green and blush – evoking a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Snags ‘n’ Yorkies from The Brit

The menu has been designed Nourish Group’s Executive Chef, Gareth Stewart. For those who are unaware of Stewart’s work, he is the man behind some of Auckland’s most iconic restaurants such as Euro Bar & Restaurant and Andiamo, to name a few. For The Brit’s menu, Stewart has exceeded expectations by providing a huge variety of dishes. These include the pub classics such as calamari with paprika mayonnaise, truffle fries and a delicious smashed Wagyu burger with bacon and American cheese. But it also showcases elevated versions of the pub grub, such as foot-long stone-baked pizzas topped with smoked beef brisket, pulled pork and smoked sausage, and our favourite — the buttermilk chicken schnitzel.

Foot long pizza from The Brit

Giving the classic pub a contemporary twist, The Brit is destined to be the ultimate place to congregate with mates, share some delicious fare and indulge in a drink or two.

Opening hours:
11am until late, 7 days

The Brit Pub & Eatery

122 Quay St,

(09) 374 3952



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Palau, most sustainable destination 2019

11 simple steps to becoming a more conscious, responsible traveller

Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, be more conservation-minded, or merely respect your destination more when you travel, these 11 tips will ensure that your next getaway will be a far more responsible, ethical and conscious one all round.

There’s no place like home
The most efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint is to travel less often, by making fewer, longer trips or finding new and intriguing things closer to home. Often we neglect what’s on our own doorstep, eschewing it in favour of something more exotic, but we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and sometimes there’s nothing better than playing tourist in your own country. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve rounded up NZ’s top hiking trails here or, alternatively, you can find some of the country’s finest glamping spots here.

Do your aircraft research
That being said, something a little further afield is often in need of, especially when winter begins to rear its ugly head. You can reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a fuel-efficient aircraft — the Boeing 787 and the Airbus 345 have been particularly noted for their fuel efficiency — or, as far as airlines are concerned, you can check which has the lowest emissions per passenger mile before booking. Last year, UK airline TUI Airways was titled the world’s most eco-friendly carrier by the Atmosfair Airline Index — with Air NZ coming in at an honourable 13th place — while Qantas, Austalia’s largest airline, has recently become the first-ever commercial flight to produce no landfill waste.

Choose destinations wisely
If you’re craving a holiday but not sure where to go, try to support places that are currently putting effort into going green. At the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards, Slovenia, Portugal, Guyana, Tanzania and Ecuador were just a few countries singled out for their efforts — with Palau ranking as the most sustainable destination. The archipelago not only banned sunscreen, but it also now boasts a law that requires travellers to take an oath to act responsibly before they enter the country.

Be product aware
Speaking of sunscreen, if you are jet-setting off to warmer climes be sure to pay close attention to your beauty products and sun protection. Chemicals in bathroom products and sunscreens can cause damage to local coral reefs, so try to opt for biodegradable soaps and reef-friendly sunscreens instead.

Eat locally
Whether it’s a food stall, a farmer’s market or a family-run cafe, avoid big chains and try to eat where the locals do wherever you can. Not only is it the best way to fully immerse yourself in another country’s culture, but it also provides support for local communities.

Watch out for greenwashing
Don’t fall for the buzzwords — just because a hotel claims to be ‘eco-friendly,’ ‘sustainable’ or ‘green’ on its website doesn’t necessarily mean that its values are truly in the right place. Greenwashing is becoming more common by the day and it’s important to do further research. Ask questions, peruse reviews and read the small print before selecting accommodation.

Get from A to B more consciously
It may seem easiest to hire a motor and explore your exciting new destination via four-wheels, but cars can both pollute the environment and help contribute to annoying congestion. Public transport is great, but cycling and walking are even better. Plus, there’s no better way to truly engage with your surrounds — better for you, better for the environment.

Be respectful of the wildlife
If you’re hoping to experience wildlife, ensure that you are responsible when booking through conservation organisations. Some are obvious: avoid elephant sanctuaries that offer rides and don’t take photos with tigers in Thailand, but some places require a little more research (websites like PETA have in-depth checklists that you can consult). If you’re lucky enough to be in a place where you can encounter animals in the wild, enjoy them from a distance — don’t feed them and definitely don’t taunt them.

Respect the rules
Uncontrolled and disrespectful tourism has led to serious damage in some parts of the world. In Croatia’s Plitvice National Park, hordes of tourists wandering off the wooden walkways are causing destruction to the natural phenomena that reside there. In Lisbon, Portugal, a tourist accidentally knocked over an exhibit in the National Museum of Ancient Art while taking a selfie, destroying a $200,000 artefact. Moral of the story: be respectful of both the rules and your surrounds whenever possible. Stick to the trails when you can, and if there’s a sign telling you not to step into a certain area, touch a certain object or go beyond a red rope, chances are, it’s probably there for good reason.

Leave no trace
When you leave your destination you really should be leaving behind little to no evidence that you have been there. Which, put simply, means that everything you take there you should bring home. If you’re partial to treating yourself to a new purchase or two before a holiday, be sure to do any unboxing prior to the trip so that the packaging for your new sunglasses/ swan pool inflatable can remain at home. Wherever possible try to carry your own straws, utensils and reusable bags, and if your destination offers minimal recycling facilities, pack your plastic and bring it home with you.

Counteract your impact
If you’re really feeling guilty about the footprint you’re contributing to, you can always calculate your carbon contribution — websites like Enviro-Mark offer emissions calculators specifically for travellers — and then donate the monetary value to certain organisations, like Carbonfund or TerraPass.


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Say hello to the unique new interior trend taking our tapware up a notch

First, there was chrome. Then, matte black came to the fore. Now, it seems that striking white is the burgeoning trend, as seen in Zucchetti.Kos’ new Pan tapware.

With its smooth, rounded shapes and elegant lines, the Pan range is sleek and sophisticated. But despite being available in finishes like classic chrome, brushed nickel, black metal, matte black and brushed gold, it’s the matte white that has caught our attention — adding something entirely unique to a space that is usually quite uniform.

Suggesting we adopt a lighter approach by offering the matte white finish on a number of its designs, Zucchetti.Kos’ white tapware is set to lift the tone of any bathroom in which it sits. An undeniably modern accent, it seems this is the finish of the future and Zucchetti.Kos is taking the lead.

Zucchetti.Kos is available locally from Robertson Bathware.


Here’s why this wall light is on everyone’s wishlist

We’ve got our eyes on these pieces by Thomas Bina — a pioneer of sustainable design

Keep any space luminous with these chic portable table lamps

This easy wardrobe upgrade will have you seeing spring in a whole new light

The power of a good pair of sunglasses is often underestimated. But when the easiest way to give the wardrobe a refresh for spring is to make small accessory swaps, sunglasses should be one of the first and most important considerations. Especially for men, who often approach fashion with practicality as the central imperative.

Updating your sunglasses is the simplest way to add something new to a look without having to commit to jazzy colours or feeling like you have to buy into weird street style trends that, realistically, not many can pull off.

From simple, classic styles to bold, sculptural pieces, Parker & Co. is our infallible go-to when it comes to picking a new pair of sunnies for spring — and here’s why it should be yours too.

For a classic look…
…you can’t go past a pair of Moscots. If a simple aesthetic usually informs your day-to-day, having a few pairs of these on hand will make all the difference — giving any outfit an effortlessly cool edge.

Moscot Billik sunglasses from Parker & Co.

For outdoor pursuits…
…Dita Lancier’s new collection is the pick. These sunglasses have been specially designed with outdoorsmen in mind and will mitigate environmental factors (like glare and distortion) that could impair vision. And they do all of this without sacrificing style… win-win.

Dita Lancier LSA-102 sunglasses from Parker & Co.

For a bold approach…
…embrace the structural nature of Yohji Yamamoto frames. This style is perfect for the man who uses his accessories to add a bit of pizzaz to his sartorial repertoire. Wear them with a unique, fashion-forward outfit to enhance the effect or pair with a simple look to add some intrigue.

Yohji Yamamoto round frame sunglasses from Parker & Co.

For a touch of colour…
…opt for something from Garret Leight’s distinct collections. Combining timeless, elegant shapes with fun tones and cool frames, this Los Angeles-based label evokes the laid back nature of its home city, and will give the wearer the same kind of chilled out vibe.

Garrett Leight Pier sunglasses from Parker & Co.


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Meet the Italian design brand paving the way for more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living

An all-too-frequent theme when decorating a home is to focus on the more commonly used, interior rooms, a process which leaves little attention for the secondary spaces. Reminding us that this is a notion we would do well to avoid, is design luminary Exteta.

Handcrafted in Italy, and available locally from Designers Collection, each piece from the brand’s outstanding selection of al fresco furnishings is a prime example of when aesthetics and functionality collide. Whether a sprawling chaise longue or a cushioned armchair, a pouffe or a table, Exteta harnesses the focus usually given to the indoors and brings it outside, turning gardens, decks, and balconies into spaces that are as welcoming as they are comfortable.

In what can only be described as a testament to Exteta’s inherent allure, the brand collaborates with some of the most prominent names in the design sphere, creating pieces that are a fusion of artwork and home accoutrement. The collections produced with the adept architectural mind of Massimo Castagna at their helm, for example, have delivered some of the brand’s most instantly recognisable and well-received pieces to date. Each is a one-of-a-kind creation that celebrates comfort and design, from the luxuriously oversized sofas — boasting tiered cushions in cheerful pops of colour — to the outdoor tables, each a refined piece reminiscent of the sleek, fashion-forward coffee counterparts usually found in the living quarters. 

L-R: Levante Sofa by Massimo Castagna, Michelangelo Table by Massimo Castagna, Levante T Pouf, Levante Dining Chair by Massimo Castagna, 10th Caprera Armchair by Massimo Castagna

Gone are the days of rickety garden tables and ill-favoured sun loungers. Thanks to the fine craftsmanship and exquisite eye for detail that lies at the heart of every Exteta piece, the luxurious act of relaxing outdoors is one that we can now enjoy in style. 


Here’s why this wall light is on everyone’s wishlist

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Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar has a brand new home in Orakei Bay Village

Ever since Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar opened its doors near Queen St, six years ago, it was clear that Auckland had been blessed with something special. Milk and cookies is a universal combination that is objectively one of the most perfect pairings to ever grace this Earth and anyone who can’t see that must have some deep-rooted issues.

But since its launch, Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar has gone through a number of ups and downs, including being unable to meet the sky-rocketing rent of their CBD store which forced the business to temporarily shut down. Owner and Founder, Deanna Yang decided to move on and bought a truck before she was finally able to relocate to a permanent spot at the University of Auckland (UoA), where Moustache soon became a significant part of campus culture — and the ultimate way to stave off stress come exam time. At the same time, a Moustache outpost was opened on K’Road, which would house the operation’s main kitchen. Now, due to the upcoming construction at the University, Moustache has had to move its campus operation to Orakei Bay Village — and we think this one will stick.

Taking over what used to be The Botanist, Moustache has decked out the space in pretty pastels that exude a sense of child-like nostalgia, perfectly matching the sweet treats and delicious beverages being offered. The cookies by Moustache are easily the best you’ll find in this town. Using only premium ingredients and no preservatives, these cookies are like the kind you’d make at home — simple but tasty and always served warm. Moustache seems to have the ability to make its cookies at such a rate that they’re almost always fresh out of the oven when you order, giving them that melted, ooey, gooey texture that has made them such a universal hit.

The original chocolate chunk is a crowd favourite, of course. Impossible to fault, the buttery cookie is speckled with chunks of Whittaker’s chocolate. But our Digital Editor, Clara, loved the Black Forest, while I cannot rave enough about the Cinnamon Donut. The Oreo and Marshmallow is another must-try as the dark, rich cookie is made even gooier and stickier from its marshmallows. When you visit, make sure you try Moustache’s special cookie pies — extra-thick cookies that are filled with either Nutella, caramel or Snickers — and their selection of milkshakes as they are unbelievably decadent and delicious. We went for the vegan peanut butter version and couldn’t even tell that there was no dairy — it was pure magic.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday — 9am until 5pm
Saturday and Sunday — 10am until 5pm

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

Orakei Bay Village
228 Orakei Rd



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Why Seascape is set to be the ultimate home away from home

Despite the obvious advantages of living outside the city — the peace and quiet, the sprawling landscapes, the refreshing stillness — occasions will always arise when stepping into the fray, as it were, is necessary. Whether it’s business, pleasure or friends and family that bring you into Auckland’s urban environment, no matter how many times well-meaning acquaintances offer up their guest rooms for you to stay in, sometimes you just need a place of your own, a city pad that allows you to come and go as you see fit.

So it makes sense, then, that you’d want somewhere that was central, but that still allowed you to feel like you were escaping the hustle and bustle. Somewhere that offered the same kinds of sweeping views you were used to. And somewhere that was designed in such a way that you didn’t have to worry about daily conveniences like gym memberships or where on earth to go for dinner. 

Seascape, the new residential development rising up in downtown Auckland ticks all of these boxes and more. With appealing amenities that include retail, restaurants, a podium terrace, bar, a pool and fitness centre and private parking, as well as a number of different apartment configurations available including studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedroom duplexes, three-bedrooms and penthouses, most of which feature large, wrap-around enclosable balconies or breathtaking outdoor atriums, Seascape has made a point of creating environments that are as functional and comfortable as they are design-focused. 

Appointed with seamlessly integrated appliances and finished in materials like timber and stone, Seascape’s luxury apartments are heralding a new breed — one that offers residents a warm, inviting space to come home to, entirely removed from the busyness of the city landscape below. 

It’s this idea that inspired the team at Peddle Thorp Architects to focus on how they could make the most of the incredible views the development would be afforded thanks to its height (when completed, it will stand at 187 metres, the tallest residential tower in Auckland). As such, every single Seascape apartment will be north-facing, which will offer each resident an arresting tableau of the sparkling Waitematā Harbour right in their own private living rooms.  

So if it’s a central pad that you’re after, one that you can leave and come back to without ever having to worry about security or convenience, Seascape is a place where you’ll feel entirely at home, in the heart of the city. 

Seascape Display Suite

81 Customs Street East
Auckland CBD

0800 81 83 85


Here’s why this wall light is on everyone’s wishlist

We’ve got our eyes on these pieces by Thomas Bina — a pioneer of sustainable design

Keep any space luminous with these chic portable table lamps

Our Spring Issue is here — and it’s encouraging us to embrace change beyond just the seasons

An issue designed to encourage and ignite change, it’s in our freshly released spring magazine that you can expect to find some seriously inspirational content.

In our gastronomy section, we cut through the greenwashing and look at the most sustainable dishes being served in Auckland, alongside deep dive into the ways some of our hospitality entities, including SKYCITY and Viaduct Harbour are embracing the idea of sustainability in a very real, very tangible way.

Compelling profiles on some seriously game-changing New Zealander’s are featured to serve as an example of how to break the mould, including pieces on Lee Gibson, a Lead Footwear Designer at Nike, Dane Mitchell, whose work, Post Hoc, is currently showing at the Venice Biennale and Tom Gould, a talented photographer and filmmaker on the rise — alongside a raft of other people striving to effect change in their own ways, in their own industries.

Delve into our thought-provoking piece on Climate Change — which delivers a side of the argument that is rarely addressed — or our seven-page exploration of the landscape of philanthropy in New Zealand. This issue also highlights on conscious, ethical fashion and features an intriguing feature by Sophie Gilmour of Delicious Business, who speaks to the key things hospitality owner/operators should be considering when it comes to making their businesses successful.

And between the sleek photoshoot by Steven Chee and Jess Pecoraro, the new season trend pages in our fashion section and a deep dive into whether we’re paying too high a personal price for technological advancement, you can guarantee there is much to ruminate on.

So whether you’re looking to make some lifestyle changes in the lead up to summer, or are simply seeking a change of perspective, Denizen’s shiny new Spring Issue is what you should be reading right now.

Denizen is available at all good newsagents and selected supermarkets. To ensure you never miss an issue, subscribe here.


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Dadelszen welcomes a beautiful new Perrier-Jouët bar to its Parnell showroom

Earlier this year, following their annual buying trip to Paris, Eddie and Constance von Dadelszen jumped on a train to Epernay where they were exclusively invited to stay at the private and iconic Maison Belle Époque, the home of Perrier-Jouët Champagne. It was a journey to the source of a brand that, for Dadelszen, had long played a role in marking life’s most significant milestones. 

Perrier-Jouët was served when Dadelszen launched almost three years ago. And at Eddie and Constance’s recent nuptials, Perrier-Jouët was the drink of choice. It’s a partnership that highlights the ideas of luxury, meticulous craftsmanship and unique savoir-faire that sit at the heart of both parties, and with Dadelszen’s latest in-store addition, is being taken to the next level. 

A captivating bar setup, designed by Cheshire Architects, has been installed in Dadelszen’s beautiful Parnell showroom. Dedicated to Perrier-Jouët, the bar itself is concealed behind double doors that, once open, are tucked tidily into the structure itself. Soft LED lighting bathes the aged brass surfaces of the bar in a gentle light, emphasising the Belle Époque detailing engraved across the back. While behind its honed, Nordic Grey marble panels, sits dark, oil-stained oak shelving designed so that Champagne flutes are on-hand at all times. 

Subtle and sophisticated, Dadelszen’s Perrier-Jouët bar is an apt reflection of the clothing by which it sits. Ensuring a bottle of the best is only a few strides away, Dadelszen has built on its penchant for luxury in a uniquely refined way and for us, that’s reason enough to raise a flute. 


1 Kenwyn St

(09) 216 8760


We round up the most noteworthy moments from the Cannes red carpet

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Win a personal shopping experience & $1500 voucher with Commercial Bay’s new exclusive space
D LY P Top Knot Mini Patent bag in Emerald
Left: D LY P Pleated Bender Midi Croc bag in Midnight | Right: D LY P Pleated Bender Midi Python bag in Golden Chocolate
D LY P Tops Off Mini bag in Periwinkle

Meet D LY P — the bold new handbag collection seeking to elevate the game

There comes a time in almost every brand’s existence, when it must sit back and take stock. For Deadly Ponies, that time came last year when Liam Bowden and Steve Boyd, looking at the success their brand had garnered since its inception in 2005 — flagship stores in Auckland and Wellington, a number of international stockists and a growing reputation overseas — decided to shake things up. 

Over the last few years, Deadly Ponies has secured its position as an industry leader and wooed the antipodean markets with its bags made in line with an ethos of sustainable production and elegant design. And if we were to speak to a Deadly Ponies signature, it would be around the quality of timelessness that lies at the heart of every collection. 

That said, it was in a spirit of taking the lessons they had learned from their Deadly Ponies journey and expanding on the stellar brand they had already built, that Bowden and Boyd decided to launch something entirely new. Something that would exist alongside Deadly Ponies while remaining completely separate from it. Something that would carry a clearer message to an international audience, a message of bold, unapologetic design that, for Bowden and Boyd, exemplified what consumers were increasingly searching for. 

And so, D LY P was born. A brand with the same DNA as Deadly Ponies coursing through its metaphorical veins — conceived by the same founders and made by the same team of experts — but a brand that interprets that genetic material in a completely different way,
D LY P is a new expression of Deadly Ponies’ central tenets. 

Playing more confidently with creative experimentation, its first collection has offered up some particularly distinctive shapes and finishes that have set a fearless tone from the outset. Pleated leather, multi-coloured python and tones like bright yellow, periwinkle blue and emerald green materialise on bags that range from mini to massive. Naturally soft leathers are married with solid, sculptural construction to see the pieces become attention-grabbing without being overt, and sophisticated without feeling untouchable. 

It seems the D LY P customer is someone with an appreciation for craft, unafraid to be a little daring, and someone who, like the bags themselves, embodies a kind of effortless, ‘cool.’ The brand has already been picked up by major overseas retailers including Shopbop, Bergdorf Goodman, Beams Tokyo and Selfridges London and will also be stocked in Deadly Ponies stores.

D LY P marks a promising new chapter in the Deadly Ponies story and feels an appropriate step forward for a brand we have known and loved for a very long time.

Browse the full D LY P collection online now, and selected styles will be available in Deadly Ponies’ Ponsonby, Britomart and Wellington stores from this Thursday, 29th August.


We round up the most noteworthy moments from the Cannes red carpet

See the most desirable new releases from this year’s Watches & Wonders

Win a personal shopping experience & $1500 voucher with Commercial Bay’s new exclusive space