Inside the life of iconic designer Patricia Urquiola through some of her most recognisable and timeless pieces

Type ‘Patricia Urquiola’ into Google, and it becomes immediately clear the omnipresence of this iconic designer. Almost every result relates to a different project she has undertaken. From boutique and showroom fit outs to furniture collaborations with some of the world’s most impressive brands to hotel interiors, Urquiola’s deft and unique design has touched almost every corner of our lives. She even released a fashion collection for Max Mara last year — such is the versatility of her creative genius. Any exploration of this particular designer must start with the question of how she has achieved such a prolific presence, and how her vision is able to cross so many boundaries to be applied to a breathtakingly broad body of work. Because while the canon of designers who are considered ‘iconic’ is indeed vast and varied, very few of Urquiola’s peers, or even forebears, can lay claim to such an impressive reach. Here, we delve into her life and career through some of her most recognisable work.

Last year, Patricia Urquiola said to Noor Brara for The New York Times, “Ultimately, the work of an artist comes down to… searching for your own idea of quality, a pursuit that requires freedom, for which you must advocate.” It is a sentiment that cuts to the heart of Urquiola’s vast and varied body of work. Because even if you are unfamiliar with Urquiola’s name, you’ll likely have encountered something she has designed, or experienced her unique vision.

Born in Spain and now based in Milan, Patricia Urquiola has established herself as one of the most sought-after names in contemporary design and interiors globally. She has worked with lauded brands all over the world (including Cassina, for whom she has been Creative Director since 2015), and undertakes a range of industrial design, architecture, art direction and consulting projects under the eponymous design studio she established with Alberto Zontone in 2001. Her approach is all about connection and ease, and she is known for pushing the boundaries of what is possible, harnessing research and exploring the limits of technology. And while her designs are often defined by a tendency for colour, clashing details and modern eclecticism, they are always comfortable, inviting and built to last.
In fact, part of what has made her so successful as a designer is the way she can balance creativity with comfort. Her ability to temper sculptural, eye-catching design with practical considerations is one of the main reasons why many of her designs continue to stand the test of time. Pieces from her Tufty-Time, Bend and Outdoor designs for B&B Italia, or her collections for Moroso still feel as relevant and impressive today as they did when they were first released (the true hallmark of a great).

Beyond this, it’s Urquiola’s refusal to limit herself to one medium or object or industry that takes her work to another level. Not only has this interdisciplinary designer created iconic furniture, but over the years she has been called upon to create hotel interiors (most recently for the Il Serano Hotel in Como, the spa of Milan’s Four Seasons and the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona) as well as showrooms, collections and installations for brands like Gianvito Rossi, Missoni, H&M, Max Mara, BMW and more. She is also often called on to speak at design weeks around the world and lecture at revered universities like Harvard. Pieces by Urquiola are on display in a number of art and design museums from MoMA in New York to Paris’ Decorative Arts Museum to the Victoria & Albert in London.

Essentially, Urquiola taps into design in its truest, most authentic essence, her work offering a holistic spectrum that covers objects, textiles, structures and spaces. And while her creative versatility makes it difficult to define her work, our understanding and experience of design is better for her contribution to it.

Here, we examine some of Urquiola’s most revered pieces in a bid to showcase only a snippet of what makes this designer such a timeless icon.

Tufty-Time sofa for B&B Italia (2005)

The iconic Tufty-Time collection reinterprets classic Chesterfield and Capitonné styles for modern living and is one of Patricia Urquiola’s most ubiquitous designs. The range’s hallmark modularity, comfort and removable covers allow for versatile and adaptable configurations, including linear and corner sofas, peninsula-shaped compositions and island elements. Large squares of fabric or leather joined by pleats form its signature upholstery, adding a textural depth that lends distinctive character. With its timeless appeal and effortless elegance, the Tufty-Time remains a sought-after icon of contemporary design, and for very good reason.

Tufty Time sofa for B&B Italia from Matisse.

Dudet chair for Cassina (2021)

A true masterpiece of retro-inspired design, the Dudet is a small, architectural chair, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina in 2021. With its strikingly fluid lines and plush, inviting silhouette, this armchair commands attention in any room. But don’t let its luxurious appearance fool you. Featuring a groundbreaking system that allows for easy separation of its core materials, including a steel frame and bio-based polyurethane foam padding, the Dudet chair is a model of circularity and sustainability. And with removable upholstery that makes maintaining its appearance easier than ever, the Dudet embodies Urquiola’s uniquely innovative and holistic approach.

Swing chair for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades (2015)

Luxurious design and clever craftsmanship collide in Patricia Urquiola’s Swing chair for Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection, inspired by the brand’s famous fashion origins. Featuring two large leather-covered metallic handles that hold up a stunning woven mesh seat, the chair is available in two versions; either with a woven chocolate leather cord with black leather finishes and yellow leather accents, or with a beige polyurethane cord with natural leather rings and a darker back cushion. With gold-plated hooks and endcaps adding an extra touch of elegance, the Swing chair is a masterpiece.

From left: Dudet chair for Cassina from Matisse. Swing Chair from Louis Vuitton.

Redondo armchair for Moroso (2010)

Beloved for the way it exudes comfort and elegance, Moroso’s Redondo armchair by Patricia Urquiola offers a nod to the plush interiors of 50s and 60s American cars. Its distinctive, two-part shape features padded shells that embrace huge seat cushions, inviting moments of respite. The quilted decoration, created with delicate pencil-like lines, adds an exquisite three-dimensional quality to the fabric, making it as visually arresting to look at as it is comfortable to sit in. Injected polyurethane foam and polyester fibre over an internal frame of steel ensure durability, while removable covers offer practicality. It’s easy to see why the Redondo has been a favourite in living spaces around the world for more than a decade.

Almendra for Flos (2022)

Effortlessly blending form and function, the Almendra lighting system, unveiled last year by Patricia Urquiola for Flos, was inspired by the organic shape of an almond. Boasting a modular, suspended structure that allows for endless configurations, the Almendra is perfect for both private and commercial settings. LED technology (hidden in oval panels that splay out like the pages of an open book) ensures maximum efficiency, while a carefully-designed diffuser delivers a warm and welcoming glow, and the entire structure is fashioned from bioplastic (a byproduct of paper production). Ultimately, this system is a testament to Urquiola’s exceptional talent. Here, she has fused sleek modernism and cutting-edge technology with natural inspiration, to create something truly contemporary and captivating.

From left: Redondo armchair for Moroso from Matisse. Almendra pendant for Flos from ECC.

Shimmer for Glas Italia (2015)

Boasting iridescent, multi-coloured finishes that deliver a mesmerising quality to any space, the Shimmer tables by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia offer an infinite variety of nuances depending on where they are placed and how they are viewed. Seamlessly blending form and function, this collection is sure to leave a lasting impression, an example yet again of Urquiola turning her practiced hand to creating something practical, utterly magical and that stands the test of time.

Shimmer table for Glas Italia from ECC.

Getlucky for Moroso (2020)

There is something both contemporary and classic about Patricia Urquiola’s Getlucky sofa system for Moroso. Elegance meets versatility in this modular collection (that includes a range of pieces from a corner to a chaise-longue design) defined by harmonious refinement, where clean lines collide with soft, inviting curves. The result is a system to suit a range of interiors. Beyond the fact that its design allows for complete customisation and flexibility, its plush cushions and durable materials promise comfort and longevity in spades. The Getlucky is a masterclass in the Urquiola’s singular design language.

Sengu Bold sofa for Cassina (2022)

Offering a new interpretation of Patricia Urquiola’s lauded Sengu sofa system, the Sengu Bold was unveiled last year. The epitome of comfort, this exceptional sofa saw Urquiola hide the expected Sengu base and instead, bring the sofa’s ample curvature all the way down to the floor, creating a fuller and more conspicuous shape. The soft cushions on the backrest are padded with recycled PET fibre, adding to the luxurious feel, while the upholstery fabrics have also been designed with eye-catching texture, which enhances the sofa’s soft lines. It is modern, minimalist and a masterly example of Urquiola’s ability to refine and rewrite the rules. 

From left: Sengu Bold sofa for Cassina from Matisse. Getlucky armchair for Moroso from Matisse.

Crinoline for B&B Italia (2008)

Urquiola designed the Crinoline collection for B&B Italia based on a study of 3D textures, creating a sumptuous collection of seats, small armchairs and larger armchairs that were fashioned from unique weaves and that highlighted sinuous lines. The textures are incredible, evoking a sense of luxury and style that could be integrated into virtually any kind of space, no matter how traditional or modern. Dual-coloured polyethylene weaves in black and white, or black and bronze, complement natural fibre or bronze string, and produce a stunning contrast. And every piece is designed to provide maximum comfort, showcasing the perfect combination of useability and showstopping design.

Mesh daybed for Kettal (2016)

The pinnacle of modern outdoor luxury, the Mesh daybed designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal was inspired by architectural façades that filter the environment without blocking out the light or airflow. Combining industrial materials with natural elements and transparent volumes with solid structures, Urquiola harnessed the idea of contrast to make this daybed a statement piece. Its durable aluminium frame is covered in a stylish mesh fabric, creating a sophisticated yet comfortable seating area for lounging in the sun. Whether poolside or on a terrace, this daybed has long been an essential addition to any outdoor space.

From left: Mesh daybed for Kettal from Studio Italia. Crinoline chair for B&B Italia from Matisse.

Asterias for Molteni&C (2016)

Patricia Urquiola looked to the mountains of Mexico for the Asterias collection she designed for Molteni&C, eventually finding inspiration in the Asterias cactus. The result is a generously-sized round table that captures the essence of this unique plant in its central base. Composed of six curved, wedge-shaped wooden panels, the base sits atop a central plinth which has been 3D printed for an eye-catching finish. The tabletop, available in two sizes, boasts a rounded edge that is subdivided into four wedges, forming a striking geometric pattern. The Asterias also comes with a practical central Lazy Susan turntable, perfect for entertaining.

Asterias table for Molteni&C from Dawson & Co.

Vieques bath for Agape (2008)

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Agape, the Vieques bath is a strikingly contemporary take on traditional freestanding tubs. Constructed from steel, with a white interior finish and available with a white or dark grey exterior, the design is finished with a luxurious iroko backrest and shelf. The blend of classic and contemporary styles here is enhanced by the addition of the minimalistic, matt white Fez tap. And with a name inspired by the pristine island of Vieques in the Caribbean, it’s clear that this bath was carefully designed for winding down, relaxing and forgetting any and all worries. 

Vieques bath for Agape from Matisse.

Bend sofa for B&B Italia (2010)

A play on contrasts, technology meets craftsmanship and solidity meets flexibility in the Bend Sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia. The sofa’s irregular shape appears to be the result of an artist’s work, but is actually derived from a study of 3D models and digital research. These contrasts not only define the design, but also enhance its comfort and give meaning to its irregular silhouette. Made from corrugated modules, the Bend can facilitate an array of combinations, from compact options for limited spaces to complex and far-ranging layouts. There’s a very good reason why it is now widely considered an icon. 

Husk armchair for B&B Italia (2011)

Encapsulating the idea of comfort beautifully, the Husk armchair by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia is a study in how to merge various styles into one design. This iconic armchair showcases a unique combination of a stiff multilayer polymer body and soft cushions to offer relaxation on every level. The cushions are divided into portions that underscore the chair’s ergonomic profile. And with such a versatile design (that somehow manages to both blend in and stand out), it’s hardly surprising that the Husk armchair has lasted, for over a decade, as a truly timeless piece.

From left: Husk armchair for B&B Italia from Matisse. Bend sofa for B&B Italia from Matisse.

Re-Trouvé for Emu (2008)

Here, Urquiola paid tribute to the traditional forms of 50’s furniture, infusing her inspiration with modern innovation and more than a few playful twists. In her Re-Trouvé collection for Emu, the designer used numerical control technology to develop a complex diamond-shaped pattern that was repeated to generate unique pieces. Sophisticated, elegant and whimsical, the Re-Trouvé pieces are beloved for the way they effortlessly blend into any outdoor setting, and are testament to Urquiola’s exceptional ability to reimagine the luxurious potential of outdoor space.

Re-Trouvé chair for Emu from ECC.
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Meet Wheatz — Auckland’s new inner-city bakery that everyone is talking about

Auckland City is undeniably in its bakery era. Every week we find ourselves uncovering an influx of new openings, and bakeries, with no word of a doubt, are delivering in spades.

But the thing is — most of these bakeries are genuinely very excellent, and such is the likes of Wheatz Bakery, the cute new CBD-based bakery specialising in cute little stuffed croissants, petite and perfect Swiss Rolls and a very glorious croissant-doughnut hybrid that looks like a stack of hot waffles. The tactic is to approach one of the oversized, open cabinets and grab all you can before they’re long gone (which we’re told happens very quickly).

Wheatz Bakery

Here, your pastries can (and should) be washed down with something from the expansive drinks menu — such as bubble tea, fresh fruit tea, drinkable yoghurt and sweet iced lattes, among all the usual caffeinated suspects.

Wheatz Bakery

If you’re planning a visit to Wheatz Bakery this weekend, we’d recommend taking wee ones in tow and helping yourselves to a tray of goods to share. The strawberry cream croissant is essential, as is the matcha black bean Swiss roll and the decadent chocolate crepe cake. Enjoy!

Wheatz Bakery

13 Lorne Street
Auckland CBD

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Grand Harbour. Photo: Luke Foley-Martin

Denizen’s definitive guide to the best yum cha in town

What better time than the weekend to gather the troops and head out for yum cha? It’s a brunch experience like no other, where numerous varieties of dumplings roll out of the kitchen on trollies and different cuts of meat such as roast pork, BBQ duck, tripe and tendons abound. The best and only way to do yum cha is to get a group together for a long session of conversing over some dim sum dishes and copious amounts of hot herbal tea (a classic tactic to help your digestion cope with the non-stop eating that is required).

Here we’ve rounded up the best yum cha restaurants in Auckland and the must-have dishes you absolutely cannot miss at each.


‘Ha kao’ fresh truffle prawn dumpling
Whether you spell it har gow or ha kao, the fact that these delicious dumplings are an absolute staple to any yum cha experience remains steadfast. On its lunch menu, Huami has given the classic dish a sophisticated spin by adding truffle to each morsel and packing the delicate skin with plump and juicy prawns. Huami’s evening menu also offers some of the most high-quality Chinese we have ever seen with its aromatic, fruit wood-roasted Peking duck one of the best this city has to offer.

Sun World Restaurant
Rice noodle rolls with XO sauce and sesame balls
Tucked away on the corner of Khyber Pass and York Street, this Newmarket gem is one of the best yum cha restaurants in town. Sun World has all the staples, from the steamed pork buns to the har gow (steamed shrimp) dumplings, but it’s the rice noodles with XO sauce that take centre stage at this restaurant. The dish consists of large noodle sheets that have been rolled and cut into smaller sections, then doused in a spicy seafood sauce, otherwise referred to as ‘XO.’ The sesame balls also cannot go amiss. These fried, chewy morsels are filled with steaming-hot, gooey sesame and sugar paste, and it’s almost impossible to stop at just one.

Grand Harbour

Grand Harbour Restaurant
Oysters with salted egg sauce and egg tarts
It would be a crime if we talked about yum cha and did not mention Grand Harbour Restaurant. One of the first yum cha restaurants to open in Auckland, this establishment is considered an undisputed OG. For almost 20 years, Grand Harbour has been drawing people to Viaduct Harbour, and it’s still going strong. Although every dish at Grand Harbour is divine, the oysters with salted egg sauce are a showstopper. The oyster remains snug in its shell and is doused in a creamy, rich sauce that works to balance its fresh ocean flavours. Another unmissable dish is the egg tarts — offering some of the flakiest, most buttery pastry in town.

Pearl Garden
Custard buns
With 45 years of experience up their sleeve, Newmarket stalwart Pearl Garden never fails to deliver the goods. While you can count on the prawn toast, prawn and chive dumplings and steamed pork buns to satisfy your savoury cravings, it’s the golden custard buns that have been crowned Pearl Garden’s must-try dish. Gooey yet not overly sweet, the custard filling is sure to have you coming back for more.

Pearl Garden

Asian Wok
Tempura prawn rice rolls
North Shore locals don’t always have to cross bridges to satisfy their yum cha cravings, with Asian Wok in Browns Bay offering a wide selection of modern and creative dishes. Our favourite is the tempura prawn rice rolls. This dish is similar to prawn chee cheong fun (mentioned below), but instead of steamed prawns, the rice rolls wrap around deep-fried prawns which have a golden crisp exterior to contrast the soft noodle sheet. Asian Wok also does a remarkable shu mai that is filled with juicy pork and more prawns than we’ve seen anywhere else.

Grand Park Restaurant
Shark fin dumplings (minus the shark)
Located in the heart of Epsom, the sister restaurant of Grand Harbour — Grand Park may have entered the Auckland yum cha scene four years after its iconic sibling, but that’s not to say it’s any less spectacular. Grand Park provides a huge variety of dishes, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Named after their curvy shapes (and NOT their contents), the shark fin dumplings are a firm favourite among Grand Park regulars. These iterations contain no shark meat, instead filled with thin noodles along with shrimp, crab and an assortment of mushrooms.

Lucky Fortune Restaurant
Prawn chee cheong fun and durian balls
When it comes to yum cha, service is not usually the priority. The restaurants are manic, filled with hungry customers and the trolley service can get quite frantic and overwhelming, making service feel somewhat rushed. That said, good service is what Lucky Fortune Restaurant in Three Kings is renowned for. That, and its prawn chee cheong fun of course. The steamed rice paper roll is filled with plump prawns and the entire dish is drenched in a sweet soy sauce for a flavoursome kick. Another highlight here is the durian balls offering the perfect way to end the yum cha feast. Renowned for its unique aroma and flavour, durian is a fruit with pungent notes. Here, its strong flavour has been encapsulated in a chewy, mochi ball and balanced by a generous helping of whipped cream.

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Recipe: Kick start your weekend with Ottolenghi’s sweet potato shakshuka

A shake-up from your standard shakshuka, Ottolenghi’s addition of sweet potatoes provides just the right amount of moisture and heft to serve as a base for these eggs. Finished off with a delicious sriracha butter, this recipe is a sure way to elevate your weekend brunch.

Serves 4

1kg sweet potatoes, skin on and scrubbed clean
1 small red onion, thinly sliced into rounds (100g)
2 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsp olive oil
150g mature cheddar, roughly grated
3 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tsp cumin seeds, roughly crushed with a pestle and mortar
8 medium eggs
25g unsalted butter
¾ tbsp sriracha
2 tbsp picked fresh coriander leaves, with some stem attached
Salt and black pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 200°C fan. Poke the sweet potatoes all over with a fork (about 8–10 times) and place them on a medium, parchment-lined baking tray. Bake for 45–50 minutes, or until cooked through and softened. Set aside to cool and turn the oven temperature down to 180°C fan.

2. Meanwhile, in a small bowl mix together the onion, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of salt and set aside to pickle.

3. Remove the cooked potato skins and tear them into roughly 4cm pieces. Transfer the potato flesh to a large bowl and set aside. Place the skins back on the baking tray and toss with 1 tablespoon of oil, ¼ teaspoon of salt and a good grind of pepper. Bake for 8 minutes, or until nicely coloured and starting to crisp up. Set aside to cool and crisp up further.

4. Use a fork to mash the potato flesh until smooth, then add the cheddar, garlic, cumin, another tablespoon of oil, the remaining tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of salt and a generous grind of pepper, and mix to combine.

5. Put the remaining tablespoon of oil into a large frying pan, for which you have a lid, and swirl around to coat the bottom. Spoon the mashed potato mixture into the pan, using your spoon to distribute it evenly. Place on a medium-high heat and leave to cook for about 7 minutes, for the bottom to start to colour. Turn the heat down to medium and use a spoon to make eight wells in the potato mixture, breaking an egg into each. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper, cover with the lid and cook for 4–5 minutes, rotating the pan, or until the whites are set and the yolks are still runny.

6. While the eggs are cooking, put the butter and sriracha into a small saucepan on a medium heat and cook until the butter has melted, whisking constantly to emulsify. Remove the mixture from the heat before it starts to bubble — you don’t want it to split.

7. When ready, spoon the sriracha butter all over the eggs, then top with a good handful of the crispy potato skins, half the pickled onion and all the picked coriander leaves. Serve right away, with the rest of the potato skins and pickled onion to eat alongside.

Ottolenghi’s Tips

—  Save time by cooking the sweet taters in the microwave instead.
—  Use any kind of oozy melty cheese and any spice you like for the base.
—  Experiment with other hot sauces, such as Tabasco or harissa.

Recipe extracted from Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Shelf Love by Noor Murad and Yotam Ottolenghi.

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Update your playlists with the new albums and addictive podcasts to listen to now

With the weekend ahead of us, there’s no better time than now to update your favourite playlists with some recently-released tunes, from the evocative musical stylings of Arlo Parks to a new album from Yusuf/Cat Stevens and Everything But The Girl’s comeback for good measure. And if long walks or road trips are on the agenda this weekend, we have also lined up a selection of addictive podcasts to subscribe to for some entertaining and informative listening.

New Albums    |    New Podcasts

New Albums

Arlo Parks
My Soft Machine

A deeply personal exploration of the singer’s experiences navigating life in her 20s, Arlo Parks’ new album was recorded between London and Los Angeles and features collaborations with producers such as Paul Epworth, Ariel Rechtshaid, Romil Hemnani, Buddy Ross and Carter Lang. It follows the success of Parks’ award-winning debut album, Collapsed in Sunbeams, and is a reflection of life through Parks’ lens, delving into themes of anxiety, substance abuse, love, grief, self-sabotage and joy.

Song to start with:
Pegasus feat. Phoebe Bridgers

Everything But The Girl 

Renowned for being bona fide 80s and 90s icons, Everything But The Girl (EBTG) hasn’t released an album since 1999. Now, the duo behind it, Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt have released their first studio album in over two decades, titled Fuse. And it’s a doozy.

Song to start with:
Run a Red Light

Yusuf/Cat Stevens
King of a Land

One of the most iconic singer songwriters of the 70s returns as Yusuf/Cat Stevens releases his 17th studio album, King of a Land. Produced by the legendary Paul Samwell-Smith, the album features 12 tracks, including the lead single ‘Take the World Apart.’ With contributions from renowned musicians like bassist Bruce Lynch and drummer Russ Kunkel, King of a Land promises to be an unforgettable musical journey that showcases Yusuf’s unique talent and spirit.

Song to start with:
Take the World Apart

Ed Sheeran

Having recently released his sixth studio album, ‘-,’ Ed Sheeran is closing the chapter of albums titled with mathematical symbols. The new release features 14 tracks written with Aaron Dessner of The National, and marks a return to Sheeran’s traditional singer-songwriter style. Sheeran actually scrapped 10 years of work on the album after a series of personal events in 2022, restarting to create what most consider one of his most honest and heartfelt outings yet.

Song to start with:

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Council Skies

The legendary Noel Gallagher returns with his fourth solo album, Council Skies, a varied and accomplished record that pays homage to the musician’s Mancunian roots. From the psychedelia-inspired single ‘Easy Now’ to the album’s orchestral sound, Gallagher continues to elevate and transform music in his unique way, making this a must-listen for any fan of the iconic songwriter.

Song to start with:
Pretty Boy

New Podcasts

High Brow

Hosted by Mina Le, this podcast is a weekly destination for fashionable and intellectual young women. Tune in to gain insight into the latest cultural and fashion trends, as Le offers a unique perspective from someone who balances online savvy with real-life experience.

Tom Sainsbury’s Small Town Scandal

In this thrilling six-part murder mystery series, voiced entirely by New Zealand’s leading comedic satirist Tom Sainsbury, listeners are transported to the farming community of Te Hoiho in the Wairarapa. The story follows Mitch Buchanan’s mysterious death and his nephew’s search for the truth.

This Little Light

This podcast delves into the inspiring journeys of renowned musicians. Hosted by Flea (of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers), it explores the pivotal role of music education and mentorship in shaping the creative paths of artists, while supporting a worthy cause through the Silverlake Conservatory of Music.

Succession Podcast

Step into the world of Waystar RoyCo with this riveting podcast. Expertly hosted by Kara Swisher, this weekly show offers a behind-the-scenes look at the final season of Succession, as well as insights from real-life insiders on the power dynamics, political machinations, and cut-throat strategies that drive the world’s elite.


Combining the expertise of two of the world’s top leadership coaches — Frances Frei and Anne Morriss (who also happen to be married) this helpful podcast delivers insightful and actionable advice to listeners and guests alike, helping them to solve workplace challenges and achieve their full potential with speed and efficiency.

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Hosting a mid-winter dinner party? We’ve found the perfect centrepiece

There is an art to hosting a dinner party. From offering a thoughtful beverage selection to presenting a series of delicate nibbles designed to whet your guests’ appetites, the etiquette around entertaining requires that any host has all the right accoutrements to ensure success. And we’ve discovered the perfect, multi-purpose centrepiece from Christofle to do just that.

Christofle’s Mood Party tray — is an extension of the brand’s iconic Mood collection, and is a piece that fits perfectly with the requirements of the modern dinner party. Anchored by the classic luxury of Christofle, this polished steel tray boasts six compartments of varying sizes made from Limoges porcelain and both a central, circular compartment and presentation board made from walnut.

For longstanding fans of Christofle, the beauty of this tray is that the middle has been designed to snuggly fit the Mood Party set, a 24-piece silver-plated cutlery set in the shape of a sleek, oval egg that includes silver-plated butter knives, small spoons, cocktail picks and two-tine forks. This ensures that whatever you choose to fill your party tray’s compartments with, everything can be elegantly accessed by guests without the need for fingers.

Taking this idea one step further, Christofle has recently added another design to its Mood collection, in the form of the Mood Asia tray. Here, the brand has created a centrepiece specifically for enjoying a variety of Asian cuisine, including sushi, maki, tempura, dim sum and more. With increased compartments to offer wider variety, this particular iteration of the Mood party tray is only complete with Christofle’s Mood Asia cutlery set placed in the centre, which includes silver-plated chopsticks, chopstick rests, broth spoons and dessert forks. 

So, whether you’re hosting a full-scale dinner party or a more casual, cocktail-and-nibbles affair, Christofle’s Mood party trays are clever, sophisticated centrepieces. From their practical design to their luxurious finish to the way in which one can incorporate their favourite Christofle cutlery set in the middle, this unique piece is essential for any and all at-home entertaining.

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Here’s how to embrace the bold colour trend in your kitchen without the lifetime commitment

Where design trends continue to captivate us is in the bold and tenacious use of colour throughout the home. Finally, there is an unspoken acceptance that the neutral, muted palette is behind us, and the home no longer needs to be void of personality to feel cool. Recently, we’ve encountered a number of bold colour trends, from hues of royal blue and dark forest greens to the undisputed tone of the moment, Barbie pink. And while all these colours are undeniably appealing, to use them in the home has typically required a degree of commitment by a homeowner unafraid to make bold, lasting choices— until now. LG’s latest appliance, the InstaView Fridge with MoodUP®, argues the case for an eye-catching colour palette that can be as flippant and fleeting as you desire, revolutionising our kitchens with colour.

As far as innovation and adaptability are concerned, the new LG MoodUP® fridge is a genuinely revolutionary appliance that endeavours to reimagine the kitchen space with the most attentive level of personalisation. Its signature, colour-changing doors are customisable, boasting tones that can be switched on a whim (to suit any mood or aesthetic desire). As such, this new fridge, with external LED panels installed on its doors, provides up to an astonishing 170,000 colour combinations to suit any mood, moment or interior trend. (All of which can be controlled through the LG ThinQ® app, which allows you to monitor your fridge from your device, and make the most of the fridge’s inbuilt Bluetooth speakers to ensure the vibes are always high, too.)

Despite the kitchen being one of the spaces we spend most of our time at home, it’s also one of the rooms in which, design-wise, we play it safe. The palette has traditionally been concerned with whites, silvers, and the occasional indulgence of a matte black detail here or a brass tap there. MoodUP® acts as the antithesis to this approach, injecting personality and colour into this space to make it feel lively, convivial and connected to the home in which it stands. And the beauty is that colour here isn’t a lifetime commitment, thanks to the ability to customise colours on the panels at any time. As a further commitment to innovation, LG’s introduction of the InstaView® panel also allows the user an immediate preview of the fridge’s contents with a simple knock-twice feature — making it both convenient and cool.

With immediate flexibility in mind, the MoodUP® fridge asserts itself as an appliance that never goes out of style. Instead, it adapts to the seasons, and some would suggest, is even informing new trends in our most inhabited space in the home. Finally, we can embrace bold, beautiful colours to suit an occasion or mood, without worrying whether we’ll tire of their presence — and thank goodness for that.

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French Door Fridge with MoodUP® Door Panels
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Your first look at the new Forest — Plabita Florence’s intriguing, plant-based restaurant is back and better than ever

It was back in 2018 that Plabita Florence first burst onto Auckland’s dining scene with a pop-up series that she called Forest. Serving an array of groundbreaking, plant-based cuisine that used unexpected flavours and unique ingredients to harness the potential of vegetarian food in a way that no one had done before, Florence quickly grew Forest from pop-up to permanent space, taking up residence on Symonds Street in 2020. The restaurant was cosy and inviting, with seating for up to 17 patrons only and a three-course set menu that changed every week, designed to showcase the freshest seasonal produce with a particular focus on highlighting the untapped potential of some of the lesser-used vegetables.

But earlier this year, Florence closed her Symonds Street address to expand the Forest concept yet again and now, she has finally opened the doors to the newest iteration of her renowned restaurant, with a charming space on Dominion Road.

“At Symonds Street, we used to change the menu every single week and often heard people complain that they’d missed a dish they wanted to try,” Florence tells me. “I put in a hell of a lot of culinary research through that weekly practice of changing the menu though, and now I feel like it’s time to turn the learnings from that into more of a classic menu.”

At the new Forest, diners will find a more traditionally structured, a la carte menu that marries mainstay dishes with seasonal specials and still plays into Florence’s experimental, exciting and exceptional culinary approach. From entree-sized snacks like ‘Upside-down Broccoli’, which sees the vegetable lightly-battered, fried and served head down in a pool of green-olive mayo, to larger mains that are designed to share and a number of mouthwatering sides and add-ons like Florets Bakery sourdough served warm with ‘old wine butter’, which Florence explains as “wine dregs reduced to a tasty syrup and whipped through with warm, salty butter,” the food offering at Forest is, as expected, a gastronomic journey.

“I try to make things delicious first, and play with them after that,” Florence tells me, explaining how her approach to food had changed since those early, experimental pop-up days. “No one cares how clever you are as a chef if it doesn’t taste good first,” she continues, “I think that’s a lesson we all have to learn at some point.”

Despite the slight format change to Forest’s menu, Florence is still keeping seasonality close. By harnessing what is in season, Florence hopes that her diners might garner a deeper understanding of how to cook and eat in line with it, and by extension, how to adopt a more sustainable, waste-conscious approach to dining.

But beyond all that, she wants people to have fun, to feel welcome and to expand their palettes. In fact, the whole underlying idea of the new Forest space has been to capture a kind of child-like whimsy, where the interiors (complete with crayon-decorated walls, interior foliage and beautifully rich tones) make for a playful, unpretentious vibe. Bringing them to life was, it seems, a family-friends affair, with Florence crediting her brother for helping with the build, her grandmother for coming out of retirement to create the striking stained-glass window above the front door, her friends Hannah Broatch and Mason Rattray of Hatch Workshop for their design contributions (including hand building the cork table tops) and Emile Drescher for his exceptional woodwork.

Florence hopes that her dishes will be able to tap into that wonderful intrigue of childhood too and ignite the imaginations of her diners, emphasising to me that there’s no need for dining out to feel stuffy. “I think it should be special,” she articulates, “but it can also be funny, silly or a bit surprising… I like to do something different.”

Now, the result of Florence’s vision is finally being realised, with the doors to Forest having officially opened from this morning. Given that originally, this day was supposed to be back in January, this is a big moment for the restaurateur. “Being able to open our doors feels huge,” Florence says, lamenting the significant and frustrating construction delays she came up against in her journey to get to this point. “I’m excited to get back to cooking for people and doing something I’m good at!” Along with being open for dinners, Forest will also, for the first time, be open during the day too. From 7am, the team will be serving Kokako coffee and satiating bites (including a particularly delicious-looking olive oil cake with rhubarb, runny custard and a dusting of apple skin sherbet).

So whether you’ve long followed Florence and her exciting offerings at Forest over the years, or are just discovering her unique culinary approach now, she is a chef to know and her restaurant a spot to keep firmly on your radar.

Opening hours:
Tuesday — Saturday, 7am until 2pm
Wednesday — Saturday, 6pm until 10pm


243 Dominion Road

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