Hosting a mid-winter dinner party? We’ve found the perfect centrepiece

There is an art to hosting a dinner party. From offering a thoughtful beverage selection to presenting a series of delicate nibbles designed to whet your guests’ appetites, the etiquette around entertaining requires that any host has all the right accoutrements to ensure success. And we’ve discovered the perfect, multi-purpose centrepiece from Christofle to do just that.

Christofle’s Mood Party tray — is an extension of the brand’s iconic Mood collection, and is a piece that fits perfectly with the requirements of the modern dinner party. Anchored by the classic luxury of Christofle, this polished steel tray boasts six compartments of varying sizes made from Limoges porcelain and both a central, circular compartment and presentation board made from walnut.

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For longstanding fans of Christofle, the beauty of this tray is that the middle has been designed to snuggly fit the Mood Party set, a 24-piece silver-plated cutlery set in the shape of a sleek, oval egg that includes silver-plated butter knives, small spoons, cocktail picks and two-tine forks. This ensures that whatever you choose to fill your party tray’s compartments with, everything can be elegantly accessed by guests without the need for fingers.

Taking this idea one step further, Christofle has recently added another design to its Mood collection, in the form of the Mood Asia tray. Here, the brand has created a centrepiece specifically for enjoying a variety of Asian cuisine, including sushi, maki, tempura, dim sum and more. With increased compartments to offer wider variety, this particular iteration of the Mood party tray is only complete with Christofle’s Mood Asia cutlery set placed in the centre, which includes silver-plated chopsticks, chopstick rests, broth spoons and dessert forks. 

So, whether you’re hosting a full-scale dinner party or a more casual, cocktail-and-nibbles affair, Christofle’s Mood party trays are clever, sophisticated centrepieces. From their practical design to their luxurious finish to the way in which one can incorporate their favourite Christofle cutlery set in the middle, this unique piece is essential for any and all at-home entertaining.


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