Ukiyo Dining Chairs by Monica Armani for Tribu

Meet the new outdoor collection we’re coveting for the summer season ahead

In the ever-evolving world of outdoor design, one pioneering brand has been working to redefine the concept of al fresco living since the 90s, creating collections that position our outdoor spaces as extensions of indoor luxury. Belgian brand Tribù was founded as a family business and has grown over nearly three decades to become an internationally-acclaimed powerhouse, with a commitment to timeless elegance, impeccable style and enduring quality that has ensured its collections stand the test of time.

Now, the brand has unveiled its new Ukiyo Collection, a testament to Tribù’s unwavering dedication to innovation. Teaming up with visionary designer Monica Armani, this enchanting collection was inspired by her enthralling journey through Japan, during which time Armani was captivated by the intricate signs and shapes of classical Japanese architecture, along with the artistry that permeates everyday objects. As such, Ukiyo marries Japanese finesse with Tribù’s inimitable luxury, fast becoming the collection we are coveting for the long, languid afternoons of the warm season ahead.

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Incorporating the essence of Japanese culture, Ukiyo draws inspiration from Japanese writing, each piece imbued with a delicate balance of curved lines and linear edges. Armani’s artistry shines as she masterfully weaves tradition into a contemporary tapestry, creating a collection that speaks to current trends without feeling dictated by them. A collection made to last for years to come.

Take the Ukiyo lounge chair and armchair for instance, both pieces that play with subtle curvature and rigid lines to present as pieces of sophisticated but utterly seamless design. And while the former invites relaxed lounging and the latter is a more upright affair perfect for around any outdoor dining table, both exemplify the striking potential of a more understated, considered approach. Similarly, Tribù’s Ukiyo coffee table is a bastion of elegance, where brushstroke-like curves collide with a taut, linear silhouette and a tabletop in either ceramic or teak.

Beyond its awe-inspiring beauty, Ukiyo embodies Tribù’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. The collection showcases the brand’s passion for using solid materials that can withstand any weather condition, promising versatility and durability as much as beauty and sleek style.

The Ukiyo Collection not only pays homage to the Japanese aesthetic but also encapsulates the brand’s core values. Tribù’s respect for the environment and dedication to social responsibility is mirrored in every meticulously-crafted element, where the charm of ancient Japan harmoniously converges with Tribù’s signature style. Luckily for us, these pieces are available locally from Dawson & Co. and with summertime around the corner, now is the best time to get your al fresco space in order and ensure you secure the pieces you need for outdoor lounging.


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