Here’s how to embrace the bold colour trend in your kitchen without the lifetime commitment

Where design trends continue to captivate us is in the bold and tenacious use of colour throughout the home. Finally, there is an unspoken acceptance that the neutral, muted palette is behind us, and the home no longer needs to be void of personality to feel cool. Recently, we’ve encountered a number of bold colour trends, from hues of royal blue and dark forest greens to the undisputed tone of the moment, Barbie pink. And while all these colours are undeniably appealing, to use them in the home has typically required a degree of commitment by a homeowner unafraid to make bold, lasting choices— until now. LG’s latest appliance, the InstaView Fridge with MoodUP®, argues the case for an eye-catching colour palette that can be as flippant and fleeting as you desire, revolutionising our kitchens with colour.

As far as innovation and adaptability are concerned, the new LG MoodUP® fridge is a genuinely revolutionary appliance that endeavours to reimagine the kitchen space with the most attentive level of personalisation. Its signature, colour-changing doors are customisable, boasting tones that can be switched on a whim (to suit any mood or aesthetic desire). As such, this new fridge, with external LED panels installed on its doors, provides up to an astonishing 170,000 colour combinations to suit any mood, moment or interior trend. (All of which can be controlled through the LG ThinQ® app, which allows you to monitor your fridge from your device, and make the most of the fridge’s inbuilt Bluetooth speakers to ensure the vibes are always high, too.)

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Despite the kitchen being one of the spaces we spend most of our time at home, it’s also one of the rooms in which, design-wise, we play it safe. The palette has traditionally been concerned with whites, silvers, and the occasional indulgence of a matte black detail here or a brass tap there. MoodUP® acts as the antithesis to this approach, injecting personality and colour into this space to make it feel lively, convivial and connected to the home in which it stands. And the beauty is that colour here isn’t a lifetime commitment, thanks to the ability to customise colours on the panels at any time. As a further commitment to innovation, LG’s introduction of the InstaView® panel also allows the user an immediate preview of the fridge’s contents with a simple knock-twice feature — making it both convenient and cool.

With immediate flexibility in mind, the MoodUP® fridge asserts itself as an appliance that never goes out of style. Instead, it adapts to the seasons, and some would suggest, is even informing new trends in our most inhabited space in the home. Finally, we can embrace bold, beautiful colours to suit an occasion or mood, without worrying whether we’ll tire of their presence — and thank goodness for that.

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