Think you know how to cleanse properly? There’s one extra step you’ve been missing

After the Koreans gave us double cleansing, we were convinced that we had skincare nailed. It turns out that, actually, we were falling just one step short: it’s triple cleansing that we need to be subjecting our faces to. Touted as the best way to not only thoroughly remove makeup but offset the negative impacts of pollution on our skin too, (a discerning factor in our increasingly polluted environment), this is the one extra skincare step your face will forever thank you for.

The process is simple, really. While there are a few variations, the core of the practice is around using three, separate forms of cleansing. We suggest you begin by using micellar water, or by giving your face a rubdown with a cleansing wipe, to gently remove impurities on the surface of your skin. Sothys Micellar Cleansing Water is a firm favourite in our books, as it’s perfect for all skin types — especially sensitive. For the second step, massage an oil cleanser, like TATCHA’s nourishing One Step Camellia cleansing oil, onto the skin to remove oil-based impurities, before rinsing off. Finally, add a foaming cleanser to your damp face, to clear the last of those water-based impurities – we can’t get enough of the NUORI Vital Foaming Cleanser, thanks to its luxuriously creamy texture. Gently remove the final cleanser before patting the face dry.

While undeniably a more thorough, effective way to cleanse the skin, it’s important to remember that how frequently you opt for a triple cleanse should depend on your skin type. Triple cleansing is beneficial for those who regularly apply a lot of makeup, work in dusty environments or spend a lot of time outdoors, but we wouldn’t recommend subjecting your skin to it on a daily basis. (Plus, who really has the time?) To avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils, we instead suggest you treat yourself to a thorough triple cleanse once or twice a week, just like you would an indulgent face mask.


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Denizen playlists: The albums to listen to right now, according to Holiday Records

Music is a unifying force. And in light of recent events, what better time than now to be thinking about coming together to listen to records with friends and family. So we thought we’d consult some of the best in the biz’, Holiday Records, to get the lowdown on the albums and artists we should be adding to our ‘heavy rotation’. Focusing this particular list of recommendations on female musicians and bands, Ben and Joel walk us through five records we should be listening to right now.

The Coathangers –– The Devil You Know
This is an album we have been thrashing in store since its release in early March 2019. The all-woman punk trio delivers an energetic and powerful record highlighted by epic vocal interplay that emphasises their meaningful, truthful and confronting lyrics. The driving guitar in front of the thumping bass and some rock’n’roll drumming works perfectly.

Our Favorite Track: “Bimbo”

Sharon Van Etten (Left) Aldous Harding (Right)

Sharon Van Etten –– Remind Me Tomorrow
Sharon Van Etten, most likely known for her dark but strangely upbeat, melodic single ‘Every Time the Sun Comes Up’, has just released a new album Remind me Tomorrow. She again draws on her potent singer-songwriting skills, mixed with silky synthetic basslines and impressive instrumentals to deliver a critically acclaimed album that has been lauded as her most intoxicating and impressive record to date.

Our Favourite Track: “Seventeen”

Sharon Van Etten is playing at The Powerstation on June 5th.

Aldous Harding –– Designer
Although technically not released yet, we love the melodic first single, “The Barrel”, off Aldous Harding’s upcoming album Designer. Her hauntingly beautiful and unmistakable voice, over a simple piano chord progression and plucked guitar is worth a listen. The undeniably catchy tune from this award-winning Kiwi singer will have you listening to it on repeat. We can’t wait for the album which is set for release in late April 2019.

The music video is a perfect accompaniment to the beauty and unease of the single and is a must watch.

Tiny Ruins, Olympic Girls (Left) Fazerdaze, Morningside (Right)

Tiny Ruins –– Olympic Girls
This is another favourite New Zealand indie-folk ensemble, fronted by the mesmerising voice of singer-songwriter, Hollie Fullbrook. It’s a nice, easy-listening album full of glistening acoustic tracks and lyrics that slow down time, transport you elsewhere and just leave you feeling nice. The album was released February 2019.

Our Favourite Track: “School of Design”

Fazerdaze –– Morningside
Fazerdaze is a project by Kiwi Amelia Murray that was recorded entirely in her bedroom studio in Auckland. It has resulted in a dreamy pop record that has unsurprisingly been played almost daily in our store this year. Her amazing voice is guided by synthy keys and some fantastic drum rhythms that will have you listening to it from beginning to end in your own bedroom soon enough.

Our Favourite Track: “Lucky Girl”

Albums available from Holiday Records (with the exception of Sharon Van Etten –– Remind Me Tomorrow — which will arrive soon).


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We chat with the founder of Synergie Skin to learn more about her clean science skincare brand

Terri Vinson, cosmetic chemist and biological scientist, is making waves in the cosmeceuticals world with her cruelty-free, Australian-made range, Synergie Skin. Here, she talks to us about the brand’s beginnings and divulges some of her biggest beauty secrets.

How did you become a skin specialist? I began my career as a science teacher in my 20s before transitioning to an educator and formulator for an international cosmeceutical company. It wasn’t until my 40s that I gained my qualifications in cosmetic chemistry, before opening a skincare clinic
in Melbourne. 

Why the name ‘Synergie Skin’? The name Synergie is really important to me. It’s not just a buzzword, it’s the science behind how everything should work harmoniously. There must be synergy between skincare,
makeup and the skin itself, and this has a lot to do with the ingredients used in products.

What is Synergie Skin’s philosophy? As a mother, I have always felt that if I won’t put something on my face, or my children’s faces, then I won’t put it on my customers. What I leave out is just as important as what I include in my formulations, and the long-term health of skin is always my first priority. 

Terri Vinson, founder of Synergie Skin

You began Synergie Skin in 2005, how has it changed since then?
My business has completely evolved since the early days. In 2011, I made the move to take on a warehouse facility — basically a huge box, just four simple walls! Within that box I created offices, a training and education area, a production warehouse, and most importantly – my laboratory. It went from one warehouse to now having three warehouses.

What skin issues are we close to solving, and which are on the rise?
I think the industry has done a fantastic job of addressing ageing and pigmentation, especially in the last 10 years. An area that is on the rise at the moment is addressing skin sensitivity and the microbiome. I believe this is becoming more of an issue because the pollution levels in our environment are increasing.

What are your hero ingredients? I have too many! That’s like choosing a favourite child… but there isn’t a person who wouldn’t benefit from using Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin B (Niacinamide), Vitamin C (L-ascorbic Acid or Ethyl Ascorbic acid) and Zinc Oxide (physical sunscreen).

What is your biggest piece of beauty advice? Stay out of the sun! 90 percent of environmental ageing is the result of UV damage.

What beauty habits do you swear by? I love using a Foreo cleansing massager with my Synergie Skin UltraCleanse, and I also invest in monthly LED treatments. I think LED is one of the most powerful ways of rejuvenating your skin, alongside a great at home skincare routine!

Synergie Skin is available exclusively from Forme Spa.


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Breast cancer screening has fallen due to Covid-19 and needs urgent attention — here’s what you need to know

A step-by-step guide on how to refrain from Instagramming your dinner

Start by resisting the urge to search the location tag of the restaurant you’re planning on going to. Take a chance and go somewhere you’ve never eaten before. Somewhere that may not be as visually appealing as the usual Insta-bait eateries. Silently congratulate yourself for being spontaneous and original. Feel cool in front of your dinner companion who ‘had never heard of this place before.’

Read the menu without pulling out your phone to decipher dishes you don’t understand. Pretend that you do. Send subliminal messages to your friend to ask the waiter so you don’t have to. Nod along when the waiter explains that burrata is a type of cheese. Tell a story about how you tried it in Italy once. Make a mental note to visit Italy.

Turn to meaningful conversation. Ask your companion about their day, make eye contact and nod intently. Congratulate yourself silently for being such a good listener.

Resist the urge to check your phone when conversation slows. Think back to a list of icebreakers you read on HuffPost last week. Try one out. Make a mental note to never do that again. Pay your friend a compliment to distract from the awkwardness of it all. 

Start feeling smug that it’s been a few hours and you still haven’t looked at your phone. Make a comment about the importance of switching off from electronics at dinner as your companion picks up their smartphone. Generously tell them you don’t mind if they check their phone. Feel superior.

When the burrata arrives, comment on how delicious it looks, place the napkin across your knee and pick up your knife and fork. Tuck in.

Realise you don’t like burrata. Finish for the sake of your pride. 

Watch as your companion takes a photo of their seafood spaghetti. Be jealous that their food looks much better than yours. Be jealous that they’ll have a cool photo to show all of your friends. Feel bitter because you were the one who suggested this place, and where the hell is your credit? Remind yourself that Instagram is gauche. Feel smug again.

Pick up the cheque and leave feeling decidedly pious.

Go home and write a Yelp review, commenting on the importance of appreciating the ‘ambiance’ of the restaurant and lamenting that there were too many people on their phones.

Get into bed. Read the comments on your friend’s photo from dinner. Feel anxious that no one knows that you were there too. Try to fall into a peaceful sleep — fail. 

Pick up your laptop. Write a blog post about your experience, publish it, put the link in your Instagram bio and direct people to read it via a picture of burrata you found on Google.

Talk incessantly about how you really don’t care about social media. Threaten to delete your accounts at least once a day for a few months. Never do it.


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Asahi’s theatrical, Japanese fine-dining experience is returning to Auckland with Akai Doa 2.0

Last year, Akai Doa’s takeover of the legendary Las Vegas Strip Club on K’Road completely changed the pop-up restaurant game. This year, Asahi and the Executive Chef of the renowned Azabu in Ponsonby, Chef Yukio, have joined forces once again, raising the bar for Akai Doa 2.0 which is set to open its doors in April. The collaborative event will feature a brand new six-course menu, designed to push gastronomic boundaries, various guest chefs and a Tokyo-inspired light show, created by the man responsible for illuminating Viaduct Harbour, Auckland City Limits and Splore — Angus Muir.

Akai Doa 2.0 will go above and beyond the regular dining rigmarole to become an all-encompassing experience that pulls inspiration from a number of different cultural mediums. From partnering with acclaimed New Zealand fashion label, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club, to ensuring a collective of DJs are on hand to underscore the experience and drive the ambience, a Friday or Saturday evening at Akai Doa will see attendees entertained well into the wee hours.

Begin your journey into the world of Akai Doa by tracking down the #ENTERASAHI portals, located on posters that are scattered around the streets of Auckland. Inspired by the traditional Japanese ‘lucky bag’ custom, these portals will contain Fukubukuro bags which are filled with surprise gifts. Take a look at what’s inside and your luck could bring you tickets to the Akai Doa 2.0 experience.

For more information on what lies behind the red doors, click here.


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How PANTONE’s colour of the year will add a lively touch to your interiors

Every year, PANTONE announces a colour to preside over the spectrum — one tone to rule them all if you will. It’s a colour that subsequently influences product development and trends in major industries including fashion, interiors, design and tech and its impact ripples across the zeitgeist (think about the resulting ‘neon green’ trend in fashion after a similar colour was named the tone of 2017).

This year, ‘Living Coral’ takes the crown, and in the words of PANTONE, this colour is an “animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens,” symbolising “our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits [and] embodying our desire for playful expression.” In the name of “playful expression” then, we think it altogether appropriate that a touch of Living Coral is introduced in our homes, if for no other reason than to enliven our interiors ahead of winter’s reign.

Luckily, the varied line-up at Sarsfield Brooke demonstrates how some of our favourite interior brands are making a case for embracing PANTONE’s ‘Living Coral’, encouraging us to boldly adorn our homes with the tone of the moment.

Opera Contemporary Cosmo sofa from Sarsfield Brooke
Angelo Cappellini Capitonnè armchair from Sarsfield Brooke
Midj of Italy Dalia chair from Sarsfield Brooke

155-165 The Strand,

09 377 1502


Treat yourself to a Powersurge online shop, and receive a generous restaurant voucher for paying it forward

This transparent furniture trend is a stylish exercise in creative contradiction

Melding modern lines with a romantic garden outlook, this home is the epitome of quietly confident luxury

The Row has taken up residence alongside some of our favourite labels at Scotties Boutique

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen transcended their starlet status of the 90s and early 00s to become serious figures in fashion with their label, The Row. Widely-acclaimed and recognised for its exquisite fabrics, meticulous tailoring and uncompromising elegance, the brand was named in reverence of London’s Savile Row, and as such, embodies the same kind of consistent luxury as its British inspiration.

Ever present on all of our wish lists, rarely does a label tap so perfectly into what women want from their everyday wardrobes than this, which is why, when we heard that The Row would be available in Auckland, we took note. Scotties Boutique has acquired a refined selection of the brand’s womenswear, including knotted bags, silky camisoles and versatile slip-ons, as it adds this coveted label to its already outstanding line-up.

Christian Wijnants Summer ’19

Alongside The Row sit a number of beautiful new pieces from Japanese label, Sacai, as well as a selection from Christian Wijnants — the eponymous label of the designer from Antwerp who has gained worldwide acclaim for his elegant knitwear (he was the winner of the esteemed Woolmark Prize in 2013), layered prints and intriguing colours.

Sacai Resort ’19

With new season requirements on our minds and an unassailable love for these brands in our hearts, it’s fair to say you’ll find us combing carefully through Scotties’ recent arrivals in the hope of capturing some of their sartorial magic for ourselves.


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This glorious, limited-edition whisky is what your bar trolley is calling out for

When winding down after a long day, it’s a small glass filled with smooth whisky that forever reigns as the felicitous libation of choice. Indeed, choosing which spirit to sip is never a tough call, but for some, choosing the type of whisky itself is what remains mystifying: single malt or blended? Bourbon or rye? Peaty with a smoky kick or fruity with a hint of spice? Luckily, those who are baffled by the beverage need look no further, because Denizen — and its sophisticated palate — is here to give you a hand. The whisky you should be adding to your bar trolley right now is Cardrona Distillery’s, limited edition, ‘Just Hatched’ tipple. Why? Because it’s a smooth libation in a league of its own and it’s so limited that technically, it isn’t even finished yet.

A celebratory swill, the distillery’s limited edition ‘Just Hatched’ single malt marks the momentous occasion of the batch turning three years old — the amount of time it takes to officially be classified as a ‘whisky’. Each and every drop is the perfect marriage of the distillery’s ex-bourbon & ex-sherry casks. The result is a sublime flavour profile of honey, vanilla and spice, giving us a delicious insight of what’s to come when the expertly-crafted spirit matures into a signature ten-year old. With a taste that’s as smooth as a Michael Bublé track and a window of opportunity that’s more fleeting by the second, (once these bottles are gone, they’re gone) we suggest you get your mitts onto one asap — trust us, this is one whisky experience you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Cardrona Distillery

2125 Cardrona Valley Road

(03) 443 1393


From perfect pasta to mouthwatering mezze, these are the best comfort food takeaways to order right now

This new Miann opening is bringing the sweet life to Ponsonby Central

Treat yourself to a Powersurge online shop, and receive a generous restaurant voucher for paying it forward

Our editor-in-chief spends a weekend with the Cullinan — Rolls-Royce’s sleek new SUV

Ten years ago, when I was just embarking on entrepreneurism in the world of publishing, I distinctly recall a moment that influenced me greatly. While perched at a curbside table at Ponsonby Road Bistro (possibly called Magnum then) I noted with much delight, a shiny, silver Rolls-Royce Phantom which had pulled up outside. The car was helmed by a driver, and from the back seat emerged the publisher of a very successful independent newspaper.

It’s moments like these that make you realise how life affords luxuries to those who work hard. And for some people, the ultimate luxury is an expertly handcrafted motor vehicle to drive, or better still, to be driven in.

Named after the world’s largest, gem-quality rough diamond (a whooping 3106 carats), the Rolls-Royce Cullinan certainly lives up to its moniker in terms of both size and head turning impressiveness. The Cullinan is Rolls-Royce’s long awaited foray into the increasingly popular SUV category, and you’ve got to wonder why they waited so long. Seeing the car in the flesh, it’s easy to see how the Rolls-Royce marque is so well suited to SUV proportions with its upright, boxy dimensions and generous size, it really feels like a natural evolution — a growing up of sorts.

And producing a car that will allow the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals to drive in unimaginable opulence, over any mountain that should stand in their way, seems to be working for the marque. At the time of writing, there’s an almost year-long waitlist to take delivery of your own customised Cullinan. And what’s most surprising is that the new model has seen a new subcategory of buyer emerge, one that’s younger and female. Luckily, I happen to fall into these two categories (just), making me the perfect candidate to review its redeeming qualities.

There’s no denying the eye catching beauty of the Rolls-Royce brand, and the Cullinan certainly holds its own when it comes to attracting attention. The Spirit of Ecstasy, which is discreetly tucked into the hood when the car is parked, glides to attention atop the formidable Parthenon-shaped grille when the car is unlocked. The breadth of the infamous ‘carriage doors’ is so expansive when open that to close them requires a special button. Because really, one should not have to lean out of the car to fetch the door.

The car’s interior is a study in pure indulgence. The leather is so soft and supple, that one might assume Rolls-Royce to also be farming their own herd of Wagyu cattle, raised with daily massages and soothed by classical music. Book-matched wood veneer, bright chrome embellishments for switches and ventilation contrast with elegant, matte aluminium trims, making for an interior finish that is pure luxury. 

My children, as it turns out, were the winners of this weekend lottery. Being confined to the much maligned backseat was for once, considered a bonus thanks to the excess on offer. For starters the two individual seats have what Rolls-Royce calls pavilion seating, which positions the rear seats higher than those in front, affording my delighted passengers an enhanced viewpoint through the enormous side windows. And when the glaring crowds got too much — and people did stare — my children deployed the curtains, with bold exclamations of “I need privacy!” At which point the tray tables were lowered and the televisions activated, because there’s nothing like a little screen time to escape the public glare.

Adding to the lavishness of the rear seating is a fixed centre console, otherwise described by my children, as ‘Mummy’s bar’. Here, if one so feels the need, one can store a favoured single malt within the fine, cut crystal decanter. And for those times that call for celebration (which I’m sure would be quite regularly when one lives a life this large), there’s a handy little refrigerator perfectly fitting for a bottle of Dom Perignon, along with a duet of fine crystal flutes.

While there is no denying that the Cullinan is largely designed around the passenger experience, because most Rolls owners opt to sit and be pampered in the back, here in New Zealand we prefer to take the
driver’s seat. So how did the Cullinan stack up for this lady driver?

The only way I can accurately articulate the experience behind the wheel is to say, perhaps rather uncouthly, that it’s like driving a marshmallow. Its lithe handling and effortless steering are remarkable. I can honestly say that I have never driven a car quite so intoxicatingly smooth. And while I didn’t put her through her off-road paces, I can assure you I gave it a bit of a nudge through chicanes, over speed humps, along gravel roads, and on bumpy beach reserves, and through it all, over every surface, at varying speeds, the Cullinan glides, delivering what Rolls-Royce calls it’s “magic carpet ride”. Totally unaffected by exterior noise or vibration, it literally seems to float in an otherworldly fashion, above the fray.

The whole experience spoke to the sort of life that I would love to lead, floating above the noise and bumps, safely ensconced in a world of opulence. But as I suggested to my children — who were adamant that the car was ours to keep — much like my successful publisher friend, Mr Colman, you get what you work for, not what you’re given. So back to work I go.


Step into spring with these stylish, easy-to-wear slides

The world’s most desirable luxury activewear brand, Moncler opens its Auckland boutique

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We guarantee you’ve never tried anything like these 3 unique dishes from Han’s new menu

Renowned for its creative menu which features an array of one-of-a-kind dishes that are unlike anything else in Auckland, Han is continuously pushing the boundaries to showcase Korean flavours in delightfully unexpected ways. Raising the bar once again, Owner and Executive Chef, Min and Sous Chef, Kevin Lee have recently added a number of delicious new creations to their menu, the likes of which we guarantee you have never tried before.

You might not know this, but Italian cuisine has been a hugely popular delicacy in South Korea for a long time. Over the years, traditional Italian flavours have been re-shaped and moulded to appeal more to Korean palates, leading to the creation of a kind of hybrid Italian-Korean cuisine — very different from the pasta you would find in Rome. Chef Min and Chef Lee have adopted Korea’s approach to Italian food and introduced their version of Carbonara to the new lunch and dinner menus. Employing a simple cream and cheese reduction, the dish is served on a bed of thick sauce, eschewing the traditional Italian method of dousing the pasta in an egg-based mixture. Kumara noodles replace the usual spaghetti, which lends the dish more bounce while a sprinkling of quinoa and taro stems add extra depth and texture. Instead of pancetta, Min and Lee have opted for big, juicy slices of smoked pork belly and crispy fried chicken, topping everything off with chopped Hawkes Bay walnuts to give the dish a nutty aroma while elevating the richness.

Soften Grains and Brie Free Range Chicken Roulade
Roulades are a staple in European cuisine and actually boast quite a few similarities to the traditional Korean dish, stuffed chicken soup, otherwise known as samgyetang. Min and Lee have married the two cuisines to create a special chicken roulade for their dinner menu, and it’s a dish not to be missed. The chicken layer is thick while remaining succulent and juicy. The filling consists of elements which reflect both European and Korean takes on the roulade by utilising a hearty and mix of grains, kimchi and indulgent brie cheese. It’s served with smoked eggplant purée to enhance the charred flavours of the chicken while a gochujang sauce elevates the spice of the kimchi in the stuffing. The side of roasted and glazed kumara along with the finishing touches of salty, crispy kale creates a medley of sweet and savoury, giving the roulade a perfectly balanced profile.

When you think about Korean cuisine, it’s likely that the bibimbap will be the first of a few dishes that come to mind. The bowl of rice with mixed vegetables, minced meat and gochujang sauce is no stranger to the dining scene in Auckland which led to Min and Lee deciding to get extra creative and innovative with their take on the dish. Han’s K-Bowl (featured on its lunch menu) consists of a mix of four different grains — quinoa, brown rice, black rice and buckwheat to create a melange of flavours and textures. Topped with a twice-cooked, slow poached egg, the yolk is vibrant and runny, acting as a sauce that mixes through the grains for a creamier texture. Tender slices of gravlax salmon which have been infused with kimchi are gently placed on top, adding a touch of freshness, while a dollop of avocado purée enhances the creaminess of the egg yolk.

Han Restaurant

Unit G04a,
100 Parnell Road (inside 'The Rise'),

09 377 0977


From perfect pasta to mouthwatering mezze, these are the best comfort food takeaways to order right now

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