Need to Know: The Future of Beauty

With our collective obsession with the health of our skin showing no signs of abating, the beauty industry has further amplified its research and differentiated its value proposition. While you may have just mastered the triple-step cleanse routine, you are probably quite a few more steps behind that internationally lauded beauty influencer who has moved onto a new daily regime, delivering some awe-inspiring results. Upskill your knowledge with our guide to what to look out for in your quest for the fountain of eternal youth.


Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a naturally occurring molecule in our cells that is responsible for DNA repair and cellular nutrition. As we age, there is a gradual decline in our body’s cellular NAD⁺ levels. This decline in NAD⁺ is linked to numerous age-associated diseases, including cognitive decline, cancer, metabolic disease, sarcopenia (age-related loss of muscle mass and strength), and frailty. Many diseases can be slowed down or even reversed by restoring NAD⁺ levels. NAD⁺ is also highly regarded for its unparalleled anti-ageing properties; it has become a powerful tool in beauty, used as both a topical ingredient and a supplement, either as a daily pill or intravenously infused (IV), with impressive results. NAD⁺ is also widely touted as a miracle ingredient that is believed to reverse age-induced deterioration of the skin.

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Psychodermatology & Neurocosmetics

These terms address the interaction between the mind and the skin and refer to the ways in which some skin conditions and issues can be addressed by looking internally first. They are about how our state of mind can affect us physically and how some solutions require a more than skin-deep approach.

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Epigenetic Skincare

Epigenetics is the study of our genes, and microRNAs are a class of molecules that influence how our cells develop and die and how our skin ages via epigenetic signals. For beauty companies, this particular area of epigenetics has fascinating potential in repairing older skin cells, with significant beauty brands already studying how the science can be harnessed effectively. 

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AI Skincare

AI has already been changing skincare, but it’s set to continue in a big way. The new platform, Renude, is a great example. This AI-powered tool, trained to think like hundreds of experts, can accurately identify skin concerns to create a personalised routine focused on ingredients with multi-brand product recommendations. 


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