Left to right: Passionstar Martini from Soul Bar & Bistro, Cetriolo from Bivacco and White Peach from Anise

Here’s where to find the best non-alcoholic cocktails in Auckland this Dry July

With the sobercurious movement gaining significant ground, more and more people are (when it comes to drinks) opting for the teetotaller-friendly alternative — whether in the name of virtuous health or simply to drink a little less. So, if you too find yourself on this bandwagon, or somehow at the mercy of Dry July, and it’s a delicious, alcohol-free drink you’re seeking, we have rounded up the best non-alcoholic cocktails in Auckland. So good, in fact, that you’ll never miss the real thing.

Passionstar Martini from Soul Bar & Bistro

Passionstar Martini from Soul Bar & Bistro

Leave it to this grand old dame to concoct what might just be the drink of Dry July — a sober flip on this most loved cocktail. Soul’s Passionstar Martini marries London Dry, passionfruit and pineapple with whites and bubbles for a sweet and delicious sip that calls you back for another round.

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Lyre’s Enzoni from Hotel Ponsonby

While we’d much rather be living out our European Summer mood board, drinking one too many of these in the motherland, Hotel Ponsonby’s version is sans-alcohol, which feels surprisingly more uplifting than one would think. For those unfamiliar, the Enzoni is a distant cousin of the Negroni and the Gin Sour, with the vermouth component removed and replaced with fresh muddled grapes — delightfully summery, we think.

Advieh’s beautifully balanced, and not at all too sweet ‘Verdant Harvest’ cocktail

Verdant Harvest from Advieh

Beautifully balanced, and not at all too sweet, Advieh’s ‘Verdant Harvest’ offers a refreshing blend of Seedlip’s herbaceous Garden 108 complemented by tangy sorrel and lime syrup, and finished with a delightful fizz for a sparkling sensation.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Masu (featuring) – Virgin Yuzu & Passionfruit Margarita, Japamoni, Ko-Ume Berries, Raiko, Southern Beach Sling & Open sesami

Virgin Yuzu & Passionfruit Margarita from Masu 

When cutting back the alcohol, there are fewer things we find ourselves sad to part with than a classic margarita, and slightly less so their spiced counterpart. Refreshingly tart and vibrantly hued, the Virgin Yuzu & Passionfruit Margarita from Nic Watts’s Masu presents as a tantalising twist on a classic cocktail. Boasting a blend of Lyre’s Agave Reserva Spirit and Lyre’s Orange Sec, the mocktail is elevated with the addition of passionfruit, yuzu, chamomile and vanilla, resulting in a sip that’s both sophisticated and satisfying.

Aperol Spritz from Andiamo

Effervescent and effusive, the Aperol Spritz has become the quintessential sip of summer we still crave, even now. With its incomparable hue and distinctive blend of bitter orange, rhubarb and herbs, Andiamo‘s non-alcoholic take on this Italian aperitif is the perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing and sophisticated libation (or observant children hoping to imitate their parents).

the utterly refreshing ‘Cetriolo’ cocktail

Cetriolo from Bivacco

Sidle up to Bivacco’s lively bar and indulge in the utterly refreshing ‘Cetriolo’ cocktail — a heady mix of Seedlip 108 infused with crisp cucumber juice and elderflower, enhanced with a hint of zesty lemon, and finished with velvety egg white. With a smooth and vibrant taste, this is a libation perfect for sobercuriosos possessing a sophisticated palate.

Amaretto Sour from Depot

Al Brown’s Depot has made a virtuous take on this crowd favourite. Employing Lyre’s Amaretti, for a spirit that could almost be mistaken for its alcoholic counterpart, and the necessary lemon juice and sugar syrup, aquafaba (read: chickpea brine) is used here as a foamy egg white substitute, making it a mixture for all.

Amano’s Grapefruit & Seedlip Garden Cocktail

Grapefruit & Seedlip Garden from Amano

Sure, we go to Amano for the food but let it be known (if you didn’t already) that their bar always provides. Harnessing Seedlip’s frighteningly close range of non-alcoholic gins, the mocktail menu here is something to be revered. Our favourite draws on the bitter flavours of grapefruit and the tartness of lemon and finds a fun layer of foam from egg white (which can be omitted for any vegans in the room), topped off with fresh mint.

Peach Me from Sìso

While some non-alcoholic cocktails earn a reputation for being far too sweet, Sìso finds the perfect balance. Their hero, Peach Me, marries yellow peach and white peach for a naturally light and slightly summery drink, and the addition of soda keeps the finish fresh and crisp. A welcome addition to any long lunch.

the light and delicate ‘White Peach’ cocktail from Anise

White Peach from Anise

At Sid and Chand Sahrawat’s Anise, rich, vibrant flavours reign supreme, and this light, delicate cocktail is just the tonic to accompany the multifaceted dishes on offer. Reminiscent of a sun-kissed orchard in summer, the eatery’s ‘White Peach’ melds citrus-forward Seedlip Grove 42 with lychee and white peach — offering a delicate sweetness. This refreshing and aromatic cocktail is further enhanced by lemon’s bright acidity and a touch of green citrus oil.

NAmeretto Sour from Ahi

At Ahi, the tremendous talents behind the bar have answered a need with the addition of their delightful NA-maretto Sour. Employing Lyre’s American Malt, paired Lyre’s Amaretti, falernum, lemon and egg white, in a rendition strikingly close to the real deal.


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