This glorious, limited-edition whisky is what your bar trolley is calling out for

When winding down after a long day, it’s a small glass filled with smooth whisky that forever reigns as the felicitous libation of choice. Indeed, choosing which spirit to sip is never a tough call, but for some, choosing the type of whisky itself is what remains mystifying: single malt or blended? Bourbon or rye? Peaty with a smoky kick or fruity with a hint of spice? Luckily, those who are baffled by the beverage need look no further, because Denizen — and its sophisticated palate — is here to give you a hand. The whisky you should be adding to your bar trolley right now is Cardrona Distillery’s, limited edition, ‘Just Hatched’ tipple. Why? Because it’s a smooth libation in a league of its own and it’s so limited that technically, it isn’t even finished yet.

A celebratory swill, the distillery’s limited edition ‘Just Hatched’ single malt marks the momentous occasion of the batch turning three years old — the amount of time it takes to officially be classified as a ‘whisky’. Each and every drop is the perfect marriage of the distillery’s ex-bourbon & ex-sherry casks. The result is a sublime flavour profile of honey, vanilla and spice, giving us a delicious insight of what’s to come when the expertly-crafted spirit matures into a signature ten-year old. With a taste that’s as smooth as a Michael Bublé track and a window of opportunity that’s more fleeting by the second, (once these bottles are gone, they’re gone) we suggest you get your mitts onto one asap — trust us, this is one whisky experience you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Cardrona Distillery

2125 Cardrona Valley Road

(03) 443 1393


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