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Denizen after dark: Our guide to the tastiest late-night bites around Auckland

If you find yourself still up and about when the clock hits midnight, and the inevitable hunger pains start to kick in, the main issue you’ll run into is that the vast majority of restaurants in Auckland close their doors around 10pm. And while we’re all well aware of the fast-food chains that never close, some nights you want something a little bit more than just a sad burger and some soggy chips. Luckily, there are a few eateries around town that stretch out their hours far longer than the rest, and we have rounded up our favourite ones.

Federal Delicatessen
On Friday and Saturday evenings, The Fed is the place to be. Fast becoming a favourite among late night revellers for its dedicated late night menu (which includes buffalo wings that are only available after 11pm) the only challenge is not falling into a food coma in one of its plush booths. But with its relaxed atmosphere and weekend live music, The Fed is as lively as it is delicious — and is one of the best places to head to when midnight strikes.
Open until 1am (only on Friday’s & Saturdays)

Spicy House
Late nights are run-of-the-mill for the folks at Spicy House. In fact, this Dominion Road restaurant closes around 2am and is usually heaving with hungry customers no matter what time it is. And considering its infamous chilli chicken offers the perfect conclusion to a night out, if Spicy House is on your way home, we strongly recommend you dropping in for a midnight feast.
Open until 4am (Thursday – Saturday), 2am (Sunday) & 3am (Monday – Wednesday)

Free Bird
After moving its Southern fried chicken fare from Massey to the bustling vibe of K’Road, Free Bird has quickly become a go-to spot for a late-night feed. Renowned for its Free Bird burger that consists of a juicy piece of fried chicken, Frank’s hot sauce, crunchy slaw, pungent mustard and creamy mayo, it’s the ideal feed to counteract any overindulging you did during your night out.
Open until 3am (Friday & Saturday)

Free Bird

The drinking culture in South Korea is heavily based on food and Pocha embodies that by ensuring its kitchen remains open as late as its bar. Situated in Chancery Square, this place seems to get busier by the minute and by midnight, it is packed with people who are all there for two things: the almond crusted karaage chicken and a bottle of the notorious Korean drink, soju.
Open until 4am (Friday & Saturday) & 3am (Sunday – Thursday)

Gogo Music Cafe
Another Dominion Road gem, Gogo Music Cafe offers one of the best late-night feasts around. The menu has so much variety (to the point of being occasionally overwhelming) but it ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Every meat you can think of, Gogo has it on a skewer with our favourites being the lamb and chicken gizzard which both go down a treat with a bottle of Chinese Tsingtao beer.
Open until 2am (7 days)

Bang Bang China Cafe
If you thought your night had come to an end, think again as Viaduct Harbour’s Bang Bang China Cafe (accessible through Saint Alice) leaves its doors open until 4am, churning out freshly-made dumplings while cranking up its karaoke system. The dumpling karaoke bar is run by former head chef of Depot, Maia Atvars with other chefs who had previously worked in premium Chinese kitchens around Auckland.
Open until 4am (Friday & Saturday)

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