Go hard at home with the best online HIIT workouts to get the blood pumping

Whether you’re working from home currently or are just keen to engage in a dynamic sweat session from the comfort of your own abode, there are plenty of great avenues to do so — all at your disposal with a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a screen.

It’s ideal to mix up your workouts during the week so you’re getting a good array of movement and types of exercise. For when you’re short on time, or want to push yourself and up your fitness, we suggest opting for a bout of high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. Benefits include increased calorie burning thanks to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which means you keep shredding even as you revert back to a rested state. Plus, you’re likely to experience improved oxygen and blood flow, heightened athleticism and even improved mental health.

Local gyms and boutique exercise studios are currently open for business, but if you’re laying low then signing up for a subscription service is a great way to support them. Here are some options to get the blood pumping.

The slick design of its online studio is on par with the stylish serenity of Ponsonby boutique workout space Sala. The studio is renowned for its yoga classes, with plenty available on its online portal, but its HIIT classes are what we turn to when we want a serious workout. These include HIIT Pilates, HIIT Cardio, and Cardio Barre. Tune in and turn it up for only $25 a month, or go for a 14-day trial if you’re a first-time visitor.

Les Mills+
National gym Les Mills needs no introduction, but if you’re currently homebound you’ll be pleased to know it also has its internationally respected classes available online, including seriously sweaty HIIT classes. Go to the Les Mills On Demand tab and you can sign up for the app which includes over 1,500 workouts. At the moment, you can trial the range of classes for free for 21 days before signing up, and if you are already a member of Les Mills’ physical gym you get a discounted rate for the online library.

Ludus Magnus
Newton training centre Ludus Magnus is known as the place to find some of the most dynamic, challenging workouts in town, and now it has launched a 30 Days of Ludus online programme. Beaming those burpees right into your home, the 30-day challenge is not only about getting your sweat on (although, you definitely will), it’s a holistic wellness journey with daily journal prompts, breath-work, yoga and plenty of community support.

Fitness All Together
This exercise group is known for its emphasis on community and isn’t letting any of its regulars (or newbies, for that matter) get complacent — even if they aren’t there in person for classes. It has launched an on-demand arm of its offering, where a monthly membership will give you access to its famous HIIT workouts as well as yoga and pilates. Find the information and workouts here.


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