Nespresso’s latest capsule collection will deliver the perfect brew every time

Coffee is undeniably one of life’s little pleasures, made better with the addition of perfectly frothed milk. When Nespresso debuted its Vertuo system last year, it garnered a nationwide following for a good reason — the machine boasts café-quality brews that rival those of Kiwi baristas. Delightfully, Vertuo’s capsule offering has just been extended to the Barista Creations for Milk range, promising perfect all-day-long coffee moments.

We know that New Zealanders love their coffee with milk (whether dairy or plant-based) for an exceptionally smooth, sometimes sweet touch. And Barista Creations for Milk are highly complementary to this way of living — each capsule’s flavour is masterfully blended and roasted to complement and enhance the addition of milk.

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For those wondering which of the Barista Creations for Milk best suits their tastes, Bianco Piccolo is a rich, nutty coffee that brings out the milk’s creamy texture, best poured in a short cup (think lattes). Bianco Doppio has a sweet and caramel-like profile enhanced by milk, making it ideal for the iconic New Zealand double-shot flat white experience at home. Lastly, Bianco Forte is impressively intense, with rich, roasted and cereal-like notes that endure with just a dash of milk.

Ultimately, something just feels indulgent about a perfectly crafted coffee with milk. The Barista Creations for Milk finesse the experience, and not just because of the sleek, dome-shaped capsules made specifically for the Vertuo system. The intelligent machine reads each capsule’s barcode to extract the perfect brew, whether you desire a flat white, cappuccino, latte or iced coffee — the list goes on. All you need to do is place your chosen capsule into the machine and extract the coffee with the touch of a button. Next, froth the milk with your Nespresso milk device and add it to the coffee.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee drinker or just getting started, we can tell you that Nespresso’s Vertuo Barista Creations for Milk . For those who prefer their coffee sans milk, rest assured that the Vertuo does it all, from long blacks to third-wave coffee, like Carafe Pour-Over style. To guide your at-home café-quality coffee further, Nespresso’s array of recipes will elevate the experience. 

Vertuo Barista Creations for Milk are available online and in-store at Nespresso Boutiques.


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