Left: Pumpkin Carpaccio with Rose & Saffron. Right: Pumpkin & Nasturtium Taco. Images by Aaron McLean

Vegetarians rejoice — Pasture is hosting a limited dinner series built entirely around vegetables

Pasture is famed for its multi-course degustations that showcase hyper-seasonal flavours and harness techniques like wood-firing, fermentation, and dry-ageing to create meticulously-considered dishes. Renowned for the way its chefs use every part of the animals and seafood they cook, Pasture provides some of the most sustainable, sophisticated dining in the City, while its intimate space can only seat six guests at a time. But because this restaurant’s offering is so specific and so seasonally planned, it is also not typically able to cater to dietary requirements, making it difficult for vegetarians to partake in the full Pasture experience — until now.

Left: Pasture interiors. Right: Choy sum with radish flowers.

For three nights only, Pasture will put on a special menu that heroes one thing and one thing only: vegetables. Designed to showcase the culinary power of vegetables, these immersive, multi-course dinners will uncover their full, flavoursome potential. “Working with vegetables is one of the most rewarding challenges,” says Pasture’s Owner and Chef, Ed Verner, “they provide so much diversity of flavour depending on how they are treated.” For Verner and his team, it is Pasture’s tried and true vegetarian dishes that are often cited as favourites, with the chef divulging that most of their staff meals are vegetarian too. “We feel that our vegetarian dishes are some of our most creative,” Verner continues, “with many diners telling us that the vegetable dishes are the most surprising on the menu, or even their favourites — meat-eaters included.”

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As such, Pasture’s upcoming vegetarian dinner series will highlight exceptional, local produce via an innovative tasting menu that harnesses a variety of techniques (including fire and fermentation) to underline the luxurious nature of vegetables. Expect dishes like Pasture’s already-beloved tomato and raspberry, or its choy sum with radish flowers, alongside a delicious array of entirely new creations.

Of course, there will also be a curated drinks menu to pair perfectly with each course, including Champagne, cocktails, cider, beer, sake and other house made beverages. There will even be an alcohol-free pairing option, consisting of various fresh juices, fermentations and mocktails.

Left: Green broth. Right: Kitchen prep.

With the Pasture team driven by the culinary creativity that can be harvested from treating vegetables, not as an afterthought or a side, but as carefully and as respectfully as they might an animal, this limited dinner series will offer vegetarian food unlike any you’ve probably tried before. And with the evenings now locked in for the 14th of September, the 21st of September and the 5th of October only, we suggest you book your place STAT. Vegetarian or not, is one you don’t want to miss. Bookings are available here.


235 Parnell Road,
Parnell, Auckland



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