Meet Toastie, a cosy new spot serving delicious coffee and toast in Auckland’s CBD

Toastie, the latest hole-in-the-wall in Auckland’s CBD, is doing something innovative and delicious with its unique Asian-inspired menu — one that has been flying under the radar, until now. The founders, brothers Blues and Harry Shim, who have travelled and lived throughout Asia, fell in love with each country’s distinctive breakfast culture. This passion for coffee and toasties inspired them to create Toastie, a concept that pulls from a variety of unique breakfast cultures to offer its own, distinct (and very delicious) menu.

The Shims are hospitality veterans who have worked in both back- and front-of-house roles, served countless cups of coffee and mixed cocktails, and even done marketing for other local businesses. But it eventually came time for them to combine their vast experience with their shared love for Asian street food, and channel it into creating something of their own. And so, Toastie was born, and eventually took shape in a shipping container in the heart of the CBD.

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Left to Right: Sesame & Sea Salt Travel Signature Drinks

The commitment of its founders to offering truly authentic flavours sets Toastie apart from other breakfast spots. The restaurant uses only the best ingredients and bread from local bakeries to ensure that each of its signature toasties taste as close to the intended inspiration as possible. The menu features a range of mouth-watering toasties that pay homage to different Asian countries, including Kaya Toast, Sweet Travel and Egg Drop Toast. Toastie has also teamed up with Ozone to offer the latter’s renowned Empire Blend coffee, and we have it on good authority that diners can expect to find more traditional, Vietnamese-filtered coffee on the menu soon too.

Essentially, Toastie is designed to transport diners to the bustling atmosphere of an Asian street food stall, its cosy interiors and warm, bustling vibe reminiscent of something you might find on the streets of any Asian city, and its bursting-with-flavour food offering something totally unique on our dining scene.

Bulgogi Toast

Open every day, Toastie is very conveniently located on the corner of Elliot and Victoria Streets. As such, the Shim brothers hope that Toastie will become a go-to spot for people seeking something delicious to break up their day, a place in the City where they can grab a coffee or a delicious bite to eat, and return to their day refreshed and satiated.

Opening Hours:
Monday — Friday, 8am until 4pm
Saturday & Sunday, 10am until 4pm


1 Elliot Street
Auckland CBD


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