crayfish and saffron campanell

To deviate or not to deviate? That is the question at Soul, where a number of delicious new dishes join familiar favourites on the menu

If you’re anything like us, when you book a table at Soul, it’s not just for the lively vibe, consistently impeccable service (Liv Carter and her wonderful team never miss), and irresistible list of libations. It’s with your favourite, go-to dish in mind. We all have one, and no visit is complete without it. And while a whole world of delectable delights awaits, deviating from your go-to is near impossible. But, perhaps providing the inspiration to do just that is a raft of new menu items that showcase the very best of the season.

From a delectable crudo to crayfish and saffron campanelle, prawn and chorizo risotto and an unmissable cheesecake semifreddo, there are a number of inventive new dishes that may just knock your go-to from top spot. Or at the very least, inspire you to think outside of the culinary box and mix things up on the table — grabbing a few new takes to enjoy alongside your failsafe favourites.

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And if you’re planning a visit, do yourself a favour and make it soon, as Soul’s effervescent 600 Reasons celebration is still running throughout May, providing diners with endless wonderful surprises. Trust us when we say that this is an event you don’t want to miss.

New Favourites

crayfish and saffron campanelle with curious cropper tomatoes and fennel seed
yellowfin tuna crudo with wasabi, pear, daikon, and ponzu
prawn & chorizo risotto with lemon, parsley, and crispy rice
cheesecake semifreddo with macadamia, miso, mango, and passionfruit sorbet

Old Favourites

scampi cocktail with jalapeño, lime, and edamame
macaroni cheese with ham off the bone, truffle, and parmesan crust
pure south handpicked scotch with montpellier butter and truffle fries


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