Chef Hercules Noble

Become the ultimate summer host with Chef Hercules Noble’s three delicious cocktail recipes

In a bid to elevate summer hosting sessions, we called on Chef Hercules Noble to create a trio of summer cocktails guaranteed to impress any guest. After all, hosting should be a seamless process with an impressive end result, and Noble’s selection of tipples offer just this. Using Schweppes’ most beloved cans of fizz, the result is a raft of refreshing, modern classics perfect for sipping on all summer long.  

According to Noble, the key to cocktail success is a little bit of preparation, such as extracting your own cucumber water for a refreshing Moscow Mule (as simple as blending and squeezing) or making your own sugar syrup for a Whisky Fizz (that can be adapted with your favourite fruits and spices). For Noble’s take on a frozen negroni, the Cherry Boulevardier, all you need is a blender to create a big batch at once — idyllic for summer hosting.

Once you’ve nailed the basics, which are surprisingly easy to do, you can get creative with your own takes on the recipes that follow. Noble has swapped the Mule’s traditional Ginger Ale for Schweppes Soda Water, making it a lower-carb take that retains its vibrant hue. Elements like egg white in the Whisky Fizz add to the theatrics (the hallmark of impressive cocktails), making them sure to impress but easy to put together in a moment, so guests never go thirsty.

One last step? Always be sure to chill your glasses. For Noble, this is as non-negotiable as a Negroni.

Please enjoy responsibly.


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