Presenting six very good reasons to head to Amano this weekend

It’s always exciting when Amano adds new items to their menu, which (luckily for us), given their focus on the freshest possible seasonal produce, is often. Here, the modus operandi is to craft exceptional Italian-inspired food using only sustainable, locally-sourced and in-season produce from New Zealand growers and farmers, and as such, their menu is ever-evolving, based on what’s fresh and available. The result of this, is that no matter how often you frequent this Britomart stalwart, there will always be something new on offer — be it a simple change up of one or two ingredients within a dish, or something new entirely.

Amano has long-been a favourite of team Denizen, and we thought it only right that, after discovering a host of new autumnal dishes and drinks on the menu, we share our highlights. From two new pastas that spotlight the best of the season’s produce to an exceptional burrata, a tasty addition to the dessert offering, and two inventive cocktails, these are the new dishes and drinks at Amano that you simply can’t miss. Just be sure to get in quick, before the seasons shift.

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Burrata with Feijoa, Elderflower and Mint

Everyone loves burrata, and it’s easy to see why. Creamy and satiating, the burrata is a classic for a reason, and at Amano, the team has given this go-to a seasonal reimagining with fresh Pukekohe feijoa, subtly sweet elderflower, and a hint of fresh mint. A perfect starter, in our opinion.

Butternut Sopressini

Butternut Sopressini with Pecorino and Chilli

Pasta is the reason many of us walk through the doors at Amano; so consistently delicious and satisfying are its many iterations. And this seasonal take ticks all of the boxes. The expertly made, hand-crafted egg dough is paired perfectly with vibrant butternut (an autumnal staple), topped with pecorino and chilli — a truly tasty and comforting combination.

Eggplant Agnolotti

Eggplant Agnolotti with Capsicum and Oregano

This delectable dish is everything you’d expect from an autumnal pasta — each delightful, handcrafted pocket of agnolotti bursting with smoky eggplant, served atop a bed of rich capsicum sauce packed full of flavour. Chargrilled eggplant is scatted on top, too, adding a satisfying bite — sitting in perfect contrast to the impossibly soft, melt-in-your-mouth pasta. To us, this dish is autumn personified.

White Chocolate Budino

White Chocolate Budino with Passionfruit

Amano is as known for their exceptional sweet treats as they are for their pasta, and this seasonal dessert is a divine representation of the team’s talents in the sweet sector. Budino, for those unfamiliar, is an Italian pudding with a texture akin to a flan. This particular iteration pairs a delicate white chocolate-infused custard with fresh, tart passionfruit and elderflower. Bellissimo.

Left: Tomato & Olive Martini. Right: Feijoa & Sambuca Fizz

Tomato & Olive Martini

It’s no secret that, here at Denizen, we love a cocktail (or two), and inventive takes always capture our attention. This tasty take on a martini which combines fresh, juicy tomato, olive, run fino, celery and lemon, is a delightfully savoury drop sure to satisfy.

Feijoa & Sambuca Fizz

This sophisticated yet unfussy cocktail is centred on our favourite fruit come autumn — the feijoa. In this case, fresh, tart feijoa is paired with gin, sambuca, Campari, soda and lemon, resulting in an utterly refreshing (and rather boozy) tipple that will pair perfectly with many of the more rich and decadent dishes on the menu.


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