Manis is the delightful new Ponsonby bakery where France meets Indonesia

Those with a penchant for something sweet may have heard rumours of Ponsonby’s Manis, the unique new bakery where Paris and Bali collide. Denizen was recently among some of the first to try this new Ponsonby Road patisserie, and we can attest that the offering tastes as delicious as it looks.

Manis, translating to ‘sweet’ in the owners’ native Indonesian tongue, is a tasty collision of cultures, offering traditional Balinese pastries like martabak (a sweet pancake) and pie susu (a sweet milk tart) alongside French viennoiserie — including a number of variations on the classic croissant. There are also plenty more savoury pastry options (from pain au pesto and salami croissants to mouthwatering, filled house made rolls — perfect for anyone seeking a wholesome workday lunch).

Manis Ponsonby: Pistachio Croissant
Pistachio Croissant.

Considering that Auckland bakeries seem to be a dime a dozen, where Ponsonby’s Manis makes its mark is via the marriage of fresh, innovative flavours and proven culinary expertise. Co-Owner and Head Baker Angga Saputra spent eight years in the perennially-delicious Amano Bakery, and this recent opening is the culmination of his vision to bring sweet Indonesian cuisine to Auckland. To achieve this, he teamed up with Co-Owners Thaufik Probowasito, Rizky Venni and Nurhayati A Roi to open a bakery with a difference, and so far, the offering is already proving popular across the City. It is worth noting too, that as Indonesia is a largely Muslim nation, all the meats used in Manis’ sandwiches and baked goods are sourced from a local halal supplier.

Manis Ponsonby: Macadamia Caramel Danish
Left: Macadamia Caramel Danish.

The tasty food is coupled (of course) with perfectly-brewed coffee (there’s even a celebratory two-for-one offering running this month), and given Manis’ convenient location on the southern end of Ponsonby Road, it is a place that we’d recommend visiting early in the day before the crowd-favourites sell out (which we’ve been told happens often). We’d also suggest ordering a few to take home, or back to the office like we did, as the perfect summer afternoon treat.

Manis Ponsonby: Raspberry Cruffin
Raspberry Cruffin.

Opening hours:
Tuesday — Sunday, 8am until 3pm.


38 Ponsonby Road,
Grey Lynn, Auckland


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