Meet Lulu’s, Ponsonby Central’s new plant-based soft-serve and acai bowl window

The newest addition Ponsonby Central is inviting us to indulge in something sweet and feel good about it in the process. Newly-opened Lulu’s is a charming spot dedicated to plant-based soft serve and nutrient-packed acai bowls, and marks an evolution from the brand’s cult-followed, food truck beginnings. Here, flavour and sustainability come together in harmony, and there are already people lining up to get a taste of the magic for themselves.

You’ll find Lulu’s tucked in the laneway by Silky Otter, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. It’s the brainchild of Lula and Tyla Samuel, a mother-daughter team inspired by the latter’s travels across Europe, Indonesia and Australia. Having noticed a gap in the market, they decided to bring delicious, plant-based soft-serve ice cream and Brazilian acai bowls to our city in new and innovative ways. And so far, it seems the venture is paying off.

The hero at Lulu’s is its coconut-based soft serve, a treat that tastes as good as it looks. The flavours are mesmerisingly swirled together to create flavour combinations that are delicious and undeniably photogenic. Instagram-friendly, if you will. The most popular flavour, we’re told, is the mango soft serve. Reminiscent of both the tropical vacation we crave and the sorely-missed Fruju Tropical Snow, it’s easy to see why this iteration has become so sought-after.

In addition, Lulu’s Ponsonby also serves incredible acai bowls. But instead of blending everything together like many other places, the team here hand-scoops the ingredients, which results in a delightfully creamy texture. The bowls are topped with seasonal fruits and superfoods, turning them from a tasty treat to a healthy indulgence.

Before finding this permanent Ponsonby home, Lulu’s operated from a food truck for four years. And while the duo behind Lulu’s loved being on the go, they found that the weather sometimes got in the way of their events, and it soon became clear it was time to lay down more permanent roots. That’s why they were thrilled when they found the perfect little shop window in the heart of a humming hospitality hub. It was the opportunity they had been waiting for.

The Samuels have big dreams for Lulu’s. They hope to keep expanding the menu and even open a second location one day. With their dedication to solely plant-based cuisine and their commitment to deliciousness, there’s no doubt that Lulu’s will continue to grow and gather more foodie fans along the way.


8 Brown Street,
Ponsonby, Auckland


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