This fine whisky pleads a delicious case for sobercuriosity

Whisky drinkers, by nature, are often curious, innovative and always eager for new discoveries. Yet as the sobercurious movement draws a burgeoning number of former drinkers, distillers are finding a way to ensure their drops continue to cater for all. The latest addition to the lineup comes from Lyre’s, a global purveyor of non-alcoholic spirits.

Launched just in time for World Whisky Day (this Saturday for those not in the know), Lyre’s Highland Malt is every bit as innovative and delicious as its more conventional contemporaries but is entirely alcohol free. Crafted with distinct, modern flavours to capture the traditional essence of the finest Scottish Whisky, it’s an addition that will revolutionise the modern bar cart. 

Unlike many other offerings on the market, it’s not a blend that was thrown together to appease the growing demand. Since the idea’s inception David Murphy, the brand’s Global Flavour Architect, had the vision to draw upon delicate fruits with light and earthy notes but still ensure a dynamic curiosity to the flavour profile that could only be expected in the real deal.

“We understand the popularity and unique history of whisky, and wanted to deliver the same delicious taste, but with a difference,” he shares.

Whether it’s enjoyed in a highball or on the rocks, the complexities of light honey, stone fruit and almond lend a softness to the lightly charred oak — and the neatest part — there’s no hangover to worry yourself with the morning after.

Lyre’s Highland Malt is available now, with an RRP of $54.99 (700ml bottle) or $24.43 ($200ml bottle). Nationwide stockists can be found on Lyre’s website.

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