Breakfast that champions: This new granola brand shines a light on local produce

When you need a filling, high-fibre breakfast as you rush out the door, granola is a go-to. Luckily, Legendary Locals has done the hard yards for us — picking the best fruits and honey from around the country to combine with their top-notch ingredients.

Hubbards’ new brand Legendary Locals is handmade on our shores and is offering three premium flavour profiles — where you can taste each provenance between a delicious medley of nuts, seeds and coconut chips.

So where do they come from? Stone Fruits with Vanilla shines a light on the sunny Hawke’s Bay’s golden peaches and juicy plums. Forest Berries with Cacao places emphasis on blackberries and strawberries plucked from the Waikato and Manawatū. Meanwhile, Honey Nut (which is grain and fruit free) sees a coating of rich Central Otago mānuka honey add a sweet depth to your granola bowl.

Supporting local producers while setting you up for a great day ahead — sounds like a recipe for success.


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