It’s World Beer Day! Make like an expert with our guide on how to pour the perfect beer

When your chosen thirst quencher is beer, the pouring process is of equal importance as the brewing one. In honour of World Beer Day on Friday 6th August, we consulted the savoir-fairest of them all, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, to verse ourselves in the five steps to a ‘Perfect Pour’. Follow them all to ensure that each and every Peroni is enjoyed at its best — prego.

1. The Vessel
If possible, use pre-chilled, clean glassware — the former will help keep the beer crisp and cool while the latter will ensure the beer’s flavour profile isn’t tainted by any cleaning products. It might be obvious but it’s often overlooked. (Ideally, you’ll have a Peroni glass on hand with a shape that enhances the bubble effect and, therefore, the overall taste.)

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2. No Contact
For hygiene reasons, never touch the glass or the beer with the top of the bottle. The outside of it may not be clean and you could transfer dirt into the glass, spoiling its taste and appearance. No one wants that.

3. The Pour
When the glass is half full, slowly straighten it to an upright position. This will ensure that the beer retains the perfect carbonation, enabling you to deliver the desired 3cm head.

4. The Head
Allowing the beer to settle with a head of dense foam will help to enhance the subtle, delicate volatiles (substances generated by the yeast that evaporate at low temperatures). Volatiles are responsible for the beer’s fruity and hoppy characteristics and having a decent head acts as a net for them, as well as augmenting its aroma.

5. Leave a Little
… in the vessel. You might have noticed that Peroni’s glasses hold a lesser volume than the bottle. This is so imbibers can keep their beer cool by topping it up with the colder product from the bottle.


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