Love espresso martinis? This hazelnut version is sure to be your new favourite cocktail recipe

Fans of the ever-popular espresso martini will love the smooth addition of a shot of hazelnut liqueur. Nespresso has made it easy to reinvent this classic cocktail with a festive twist.

Hazelnut Nespresso Martini Recipe
Makes 1

1 capsule Nespresso Torta Di Nocciole (Espresso 40ml extraction)
60ml vodka
15ml hazelnut liqueur (such as Frangelico)
15ml coffee liqueur
1 square Nespresso Milk Chocolate 
6 ice cubes (6x 30g) 

Equipment needed:
Nespresso machine
Martini glass
Cocktail shaker

1. Place ice, vodka, coffee liqueur, and hazelnut liqueur (eg Frangelico) into a shaker.
2. Extract coffee directly into the shaker as the last ingredient.
3. Place lid on shaker and shake hard for 15 seconds
4. Remove lid and strain into a martini glass
5. Garnish by shaving chocolate square on top or lightly dust with chocolate powder.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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