Grilling Etiquette — Your guide to the dos and don’ts of BBQing, plus be in to win the ultimate BBQ grill and smoker

There’s been a real move in recent times towards cooking outdoors — even across the cooler months. There’s something quite ritualistic about preparing food in the fresh air that cooking in a kitchen can’t compete with, and the flavour cooking with smoke brings is unmatched.

Often overlooked as simple, manning the grill realistically requires you to cook the most fundamental parts of any meal. And while cooking a steak is hardly Masterchef-worthy, cooking one well is. With great power comes great responsibility (no one likes a burnt ribeye), so if you find yourself tasked with the role of grill master, make sure you are well-equipped for the job. The Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker is a great place to start, and our definitive guide to grilling etiquette below will help you on your way to mastery. You’re welcome.

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‘All the gear, no idea’ very much applies to grilling. What you wear to grill makes a statement, and as such, should be approached with careful consideration. This isn’t an episode of King of the Hill, so leave your ratty, misshapen white tees in the draw, instead opting for an all-black ensemble to keep things sleek and practical. To take your grilling prowess up a notch, a ‘Kiss the Chef’ apron is essential.


Equipment is everything. And while this goes without saying, your dad’s archaic, hand-me-down BBQ from the 90s has got to go. It’s 2024, and things have moved (well) on. Take the Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker, for example. Outside of being a BBQ grill, it also acts as a foolproof smoker, air fryer, and tool for baking, roasting, dehydrating and reheating — all in one, sleek appliance which, thanks to woodfire technology, easily creates rich woodfire flavour with 100% real wood pallets.


Don’t drink and grill. While a cold one is as essential a grilling accoutrement as a pair of tongs, overdoing it won’t bode well for anyone involved. Keep it civilised with one or two until after the cooking is complete, and all will remain in perfect, edible order.


Timing is everything. Overcooked BBQ food is the worst, and undercooked meat is a big no-no, which means that those in charge of the grill need to remain laser-focused at all times. Or, if you’re smart (and can’t be trusted to go it alone), look to the Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker’s integrated Smart Probe, which makes achieving perfectly cooked meat as simple as the touch of a button. Work smarter, not harder, people.


Fake it ’til you make it. These days, becoming an expert griller is much simpler than it once was, thanks, in large part, to the tech associated with the modern-day BBQ. Impress your family, friends, and in-laws with your BBQing prowess by ensuring you choose a grill that does the heavy lifting for you, meaning all that’s left to do is shuffle sausages while giving unsolicited advice on the difference between sous vide and poaching.


Tomato sauce is for toddlers and has no place at social gatherings. Inviting friends around for a BBQ is all fun and games until the tomato sauce comes out. Never, ever slap a bottle of Wattie’s on the table when hosting — it’s social suicide. Instead, ensure your fridge is well-stocked with upper-crust condiments, or, if you really want to win friends and influence people, a homemade tomato sauce goes down a treat.

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