Bring in the effortless cool with the frozen espresso martini: here’s how to make your own

For anyone still holding to the notion of the espresso martini as ‘out-dated’, we suggest you update its classification under ‘timeless staple’. It’s beyond question that it’s a drink to savour when your energy needs a reboot on a long night out, and it’s an undeniably delicious one. Recently, our Editor-in-chief modified her previous mutual stance on the cocktail, sharing that the frozen espresso martini she’d enjoyed in Sydney was one of the taste highlights of her holiday. So we decided to recreate it, in our own mini-bar.

– 1 cup of quality brewed espresso, chilled
– 1 cup of vanilla-flavoured vodka
– ⅔ cup of Kahlua
– ⅓ cup of Tia Maria
– Approximately 30 regular-sized ice cubes
– Pinch of cinnamon

In a high-power blender, add all the ingredients in the same order as listed above. 
2) The quantity of ice might initially seem excessive but the consistency needs to be the same as a slushy.
3) Just continue blending until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. 


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