From Wagyu rigatoni to a cocktail that doubles as dessert, these are the 5 must-order dishes & drinks from Andiamo’s new menu

There are endless reasons why our favourite Herne Bay haunt is known as a city stalwart — from its cosy, relaxed vibe to an incredibly delicious menu that changes with the seasons, to an extensive list of libations that set the mood come Friday. We can say, with confidence, that Andiamo is nothing if not reliable, and as we settle into the chill of autumn, the teams both within the kitchen and behind the bar are giving us yet another reason (or five) to book a table this coming weekend — adding four new dishes and an utterly indulgent cocktail to the menu.

Butternut Girella

Given Andiamo is known for their contemporary spin on Italian fare, its unsurprising that they’ve reimagined one of Italy’s most beloved dishes — putting a unique spin on the classic. Typically served as a sweet bun brimming with cream, Andiamo’s Maritozzi is instead a savoury delight, boasting a pillowy soft bun filled with parmesan crema and topped with ora king caviar.

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That said, if you’re more of a pasta fan, you’ll be hard-pressed to pass up the Butternut Girella. Here, delicate ribbons of fresh pasta are paired with nutty butternut (an autumn staple), crisp sage, and a flavourful burnt onion brood delivering a warming depth and unbelievable flavour.

Left: Wagyu Beef Rigatoni. Right: Tiramisu Martini.
Ricotta & Fig Genovese Sponge

The third new addition is the Wagyu Beef Rigatoni — and it’s our pick of the bunch. This delectable dish pairs succulent Wagyu beef, slow-cooked to tender perfection, with creamy buffalo curd, topped with a tasty horseradish gremolata adding a welcome kick.

And lastly, when it comes to sweet satiation, it’s almost impossible to choose a favourite, but luckily, given the nature of these tempting delights, you can opt for both. The Ricotta & Fig Genovese Sponge is a sight to behold. Arriving at the table like a work of art, this tasty dessert pairs an impossibly soft, light and airy sponge with chestnut crema and pear sorbet, with fresh figs further adding to its vibrancy. While on the drinks list, an entirely indulgent Tiramisu Martini now features, complete with house made savoiardi biscuit.

So whether you consider yourself an Andiamo devotee or only visit occasionally, here are five very compelling reasons to book a table now.

Andiamo Eatery

194 Jervois Road


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