Three dishes you need to try from Bar Magda’s delicious menu

When Bar Magda opened the doors to its Cross Street basement restaurant, we weren’t sure what to expect. But reimagined into one of the city’s best dining destinations, courtesy of Carlo Buenaventura’s tasteful vision, it is a place that has become one of our weekly go-tos, which is why were were understandably excited to hear about the arrival of its delicious new menu.

Offering dishes that are still grounded in Buenaventura’s roots — a considered and elevated take on classic Filipino foods — this seasonal overhaul offers a refreshing take on the freshest, local produce. From rich, interesting flavours to unique takes on classic dishes, Bar Magda’s new menu proves why this inner-city spot has become so popular.

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So, when you next visit (and trust me, you should do so soon), be sure to order one of these utterly delicious dishes with a side of anything else that takes your fancy.

Barbecue octopus with almond satti, preserved kohlrabi and whipped duck fat
Perhaps the most divine dish on the menu, this Filipino take on octopus is refined yet authentic. Served hot and fresh, the almost vinegary preserved kohlrabi clashes perfectly with the almond satti — a sauce related to the Indonesian satay, yet distinct in its taste and presentation. Let this dish be your introduction to the greatness that follows.

Braised beef short rib with sauce Paitum and roti
If Bar Magda is known for one thing, it is its inspired execution of simplicity. The braised beef short rib is the most outstanding example of this, so tender and practically falling off the bone and topped with a sauce that only heightens the natural flavours. Of course, a healthy side of flaky roti is needed to mop up any extra.

Purple kumara with clover honey soy, goats cheese and Szechuan pickled beetroot
Served cold, this dish pays homage to childhood memories with a subtle Filipino take. A classic combination of honey and soy meets a sweeter honey and goat’s cheese, paired with gorgeous seasonal root vegetables. It is a side that could easily be flavoursome enough for a main, and it is one that you shouldn’t go without.

Opening hours:
Monday — Saturday, 5pm until late.

Bar Magda

25B Cross St,
Newton, Auckland Central


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