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Say goodbye to hangovers with these sinfully delicious Bloody Marys

The cocktail that you can drink before midday without inciting serious judgement, our devout love for the remedial Bloody Mary knows no bounds. It’s the ultimate hair of the dog beverage, perfectly paired alongside a hunger-busting brunch or, in some special cases, devoured as a meal in itself. As an ode to the supreme breakfast cocktail, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best around town — prepare to be cured.

The ideal Sunday situation if there ever was one, Ostro’s Bloody Mary trolley serves up a sinful conveyor belt of fresh, reviving elixirs every final day of the week. Pair this alongside one of their mouth-watering, hearty roast dinners and all your hungover prayers are answered.

Ideal for when the hangover is so crippling that leaving the house isn’t an option. McClure’s reimaging of the classic Bloody Mary mix combines spicy pickle brine with dill, garlic, black pepper, tomato paste and fresh cucumber juice for a bold and tangy mix, just add vodka and you’re away laughing.

46 & York
At 46 & York you can eschew the bar snacks, for their rendition of this fiery beverage, comes with an added bite. Blow-torched candied bacon, pickles, pickled onions, cherry tomatoes and a sprig of rosemary garnish this spicy concoction, created with Kaitaia Fire hot sauce and Waiwera Peperdello vodka.

Federal Delicatessen
With a take on the Bloody Mary that you won’t find elsewhere, Fed Deli’s rendition sees both vodka and port combined with habanero mustard, horseradish cream, pickle juice and other secret spices for a seriously booze-infused, spicy potion that will truly kick that hangover to the curb. You can thank us later.

Bedford Soda & Liquor
Combining Belvedere Bloody Mary vodka, tomato juice, roasted capsicum, Manuka smoked BBQ sauce, Kaitaia Fire hot sauce, basil, lemon, smoked sea salt and cracked pepper, The Bedford Mary is a flavoursome mixture that deserves the finest garnishing treatment, namely: coriander, a dill pickle, and a chorizo meatball.

As part of Teddy’s elevated take on bottomless brunch, the Ponsonby Road Bar and Brasserie has introduced the traditional Bloody Mary into the mix. Absolut vodka is combined with Worcester sauce, tomato juice and a dash of Tobasco before being topped with a lemon wheel or an oversized stick of celery in a refreshing nod to the classic. If it ain’t broke…

The Culpeper
While not officially on the menu, The Culpeper serves up the ideal medicinal breakfast in a glass if you ask them nicely enough. Perfect for when you need that extra boost, they combine vodka with tomato juice, Tobasco, pepper, and a dash of lemon, before adding olive, celery and a wheel of lime for a refreshingly zesty wake-up-call.

The Butcher’s Son 
Because vegans get hangovers too! The herbivorous lot over at The Butcher’s Son has created a much-acclaimed Bloody Mary that caters to any and all meat-less proclivities. Combining vegan Worcester sauce with vodka, tomato juice, secret spices, and a zesty wheel of fresh lemon as the garnish, this delicious variation will have you forgetting bacon even exists.

While L’Affare’s all-encompassing brunch list is enough to stop any morning after crapulence in its tracks, there’s something else on the menu that might just get the job done quicker. Their take on the tipple infused juice brings together all the usual suspects before topping off with a refreshing lemon wheel.

Mission Bay Pavilion
Both delicious and aesthetically pleasing, Mission Bay Pavilion’s variation is a red-blooded beverage that has us wetting our whistle long before midday, with a combination of vodka, tomato juice, mixed spices and an olive and celery garnish.

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