The latest product from this cult New Zealand beauty brand is adding much-needed glow to our daytime beauty routine

Continuing in its (very successful) mission to offer incredible products for each aspect of our skincare routines, cult New Zealand beauty brand Emma Lewisham has proudly added a daytime moisturiser to its repertoire. The Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème is both luxurious and lightweight, formulated with brightening properties front and centre in order to impart an unparalleled glow, hydration and plumpness to the skin’s complexion.

It joins the ranks of the high-performance Illuminating range, acting as the perfect following step from the Illuminating Oil Cleanser and the Illuminating Exfoliant. “We believe in creating fewer products that have a plethora of skin health benefits,” explains founder Emma Lewisham. “It’s pivotal to us that each new product has a specific purpose.”

Having been inundated with requests from many ardent fans of the brand for a day cream formulated without SPF, the team commenced rigorous research, development and consumer study regimes, and the result is nothing short of excellent.

In-keeping with Emma Lewisham’s ethos of 100 percent natural yet scientifically-backed skincare, the Day Crème is shown through in vitro testing to rebuild the skin’s natural collagen production synthesis — at a cellular level. This is crucial, given collagen is what gives our skin its bounce, strength and elasticity, the production of which naturally decreases as we age.

The first thing to notice on application is the Day Crème’s rich and almost iridescent particles, which impart a light-catching glow to the skin. This is thanks to the brightening synergy of Acerola (Barbados Cherry) and Kakadu plum; both of which are potent natural vitamin C extracts.

A blend of AHAs, including caviar lime and lime pearl, and BHA willow bark, work to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, revealing a radiant and healthy complexion. Additionally, to bolster all of these high-performance ingredients, Brighten Your Day Crème contains Saccharide Isomerate, which replenishes and maintains the skin barrier’s moisture reserves for up to 72-hours — no dry patches here.

In-keeping with Emma Lewisham’s eco-friendly ethos, the Day Crème is also available in a new circular-designed refillable jar. Customers have the option to buy refillable Day Crème pods, and send back empty pods for sterilisation and repurposing, or recycling, at no expense through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle.

After a six-week consumer study led by the brand, comprising 50 participants of all ages, ethnicities and skin types, 90 percent said the Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème enhanced their skin’s glow, and 86 percent said it improved their skin’s hydration.

When applied daily after cleansing and before SPF, it’s easy to see why Emma Lewisham is one of our most sought-after beauty brands. From the first swipe of radiance-bestowing formula, we’re sure you’ll be just as hooked on this new product as we are.

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