The Chivas Entrepreneurial Award Winner, Mimi Gilmour

Many know Mimi Gilmour as the powerhouse hospitality name behind a number of Auckland’s most popular restaurants including Burger Burger and formerly, Mexico. Her entrepreneurial spirit has seen a new breed of casual dining emerge with more than half a million diners known to pass through her doors each year. While hers has become an iconic tale of a businesswoman crushing it in the hospitality industry, what many don’t know is how Gilmour is using her position to encourage young people to gain employment and develop an excellent work ethic. With a goal to be the best workplace for under-25s, she is committed to creating an engaged and energetic workforce via a programme called BB University which will create positive growth by way of incentivised financial opportunities and an unprecedented support network. Gilmour is leading by example and is positioning the hospitality industry as a viable career path for young people.

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