Here’s why Oji Sushi is the perfect lunchtime drop-in

Beloved by the lunchtime crowd for its fresh sushi, satiating bowls and tasty sandos and dumplings, Oji is a downtown favourite, with outposts in Commercial Bay and Britomart.

Having set itself apart from Auckland’s other sushi spots for its focus on locally-sourced ingredients, sustainable practices and a straightforward, no-fuss approach, Oji is the perfect place to pop into for an easy, healthy and downright delicious lunch, particularly for those who work in the city.

Now, as more and more workplaces return to office life (after an extended WFH period), Oji is adding some noteworthy new dishes to its offering. From new rice and vegetable bowls like the Sweet Bird (with sweet chilli chicken), the Belly Banger (with pork belly and tomatillo salsa), the Purple Power (with crispy Japanese eggplant) and the Big Don (with Panko-crumbed chicken) to tantalising handmade gyoza and dumplings (think prawn with crispy onion or spicy pork with spicy mayo), and signature sandos now available in two- and four-packs, Oji is making a return to the office look all the more appetising.

And if you’d rather enjoy Oji’s offering from the comfort of the office kitchen, its catering options will see sushi platters, salads and generous packs of sandos sent directly to your workplace.


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