The Macallan’s latest exquisite drop is a unique mix of our two favourite beverages

Melding two of the world’s most beloved beverages, the latest drop from The Macallan offers a unique, sensory experience. The Macallan, the revered Scottish distillery known for its exceptional whiskies, has recently unveiled the second iteration of The Harmony Collection, an annual release that is known for its imaginative approaches. The series, driven by the brand’s endless curiosity and pioneering mindset, incorporates organic by-products and transforms them into something new.

This year’s offering from The Macallan Harmony Collection draws inspiration from the Ethiopian Arabica coffee bean and celebrates the world of coffee. The collection features two single malt whiskies, The Macallan Harmony Collection Inspired By Intense Arabica and The Macallan Harmony Collection Smooth Arabica, that are perfectly designed to complement coffee.

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The creation of these delectable whiskies, with their distinct flavour profiles, was a labour of love for Whisky Maker Steven Bremner. To achieve perfect balance, he sought the assistance of world-renowned coffee experts and hosted a masterclass. Among them were Scottish coffee roaster Lisa Lawson, American barista Andrea Allen, coffee historian Professor Jonathan Morris and Ethiopian coffee grower Kenean Asefa Dukamo.

The Macallan Harmony Collection

Inspired By Intense Arabica, with its bold and sweet espresso-like taste, and Smooth Arabica, with its gentle spice and soft Americano flavour, both of The Macallan’s new whiskies are made to be paired with coffee, offering a whole new way to enjoy this historic spirit.

The packaging of the whiskies is a homage to their coffee roots too, made out of repurposed coffee-bean husks, a by-product of the coffee-making process. The innovative packaging was created in collaboration with paper expert Michele Posocco from Italian paper mill Favini and boasts vibrant Pantone red (which speaks to the coffee fruit colour for the Inspired by Intense Arabica drop) and bright Pantone green (which is used on the Smooth Arabica drop to represent an unroasted coffee bean).

The Macallan’s new release is a testament to its inquisitive and inventive spirit, offering a sensory experience that merges the worlds of coffee and whisky. Through collaboration with experts, The Macallan has created a collection that provides a fresh way to enjoy their renowned whisky and garner new appreciation for the journey of coffee, from field to cup.


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