Watch: The Lodge Bar’s Matt Lambert shows us how to grill kingfish collar to perfection

Internationally venerated, New Zealand-born chef Matt Lambert has recently returned to our shores to helm Rodd & Gunn’s The Lodge Bar & Dining in Auckland and Queenstown’s The Lodge Bar. Having overseen operations from New York since 2017, Lambert is now able to do so directly, and is excited to evolve the offering even further now he’s back on home soil.

To celebrate his homecoming just in time for summer, Lambert shares three easy recipes to cook on the grill — beachside or at home. Deep, smoky grilled flavours are a huge part of The Lodge Bar’s offering, and Lambert is as expert as they come at utilising the delicious caramelisation of cooking over charcoal.

Kingfish collar is one of the most delicious yet underrated cuts of fish, says Lambert, due to its position on the fish as one that does the least amount of work. It also has the highest amount of fat content, meaning it’s incredibly tender and juicy when cooked.

Another tip from Lambert is to not marinade it before grilling, but add the marinade towards the end of the cooking process to prevent it from burning.

Kingfish collar
Miso paste — supermarket-bought is fine
Olive oil

1. Drizzle the kingfish collar with olive oil, then place it on the grill. Move it around a good amount, so that you don’t just overcook one area and have it stick to the grill.
2. When the fish is almost entirely cooked, spread an even layer of miso paste on both sides and just cook until it’s caramelised.
3. When the fish is fully cooked (not medium or medium rare) take it off the grill and serve.

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