Watch: The Lodge Bar’s Matt Lambert shows us how to make the ultimate grilled summer dessert

Internationally venerated, New Zealand-born chef Matt Lambert has recently returned to our shores to helm Rodd & Gunn’s The Lodge Bar & Dining in Auckland and Queenstown’s The Lodge Bar. Having overseen operations from New York since 2017, Lambert is now able to do so directly, and is excited to evolve the offering even further now he’s back on home soil.

To celebrate his homecoming just in time for summer, Lambert shares three easy recipes to cook on the grill — beachside or at home. Deep, smoky grilled flavours are a huge part of The Lodge Bar’s offering, and Lambert is as expert as they come at utilising the delicious caramelisation of cooking over charcoal.

This grilled strawberry, pea and cream dessert might sound unusual, but trust us — the grill brings out the beautiful sweetness of fresh peas in a delightful way; when combined with grilled strawberries and charcoal-caramelised cream, it’s a match made in heaven.

Fresh peas, shelled

1. Grill some strawberries, to bring out and intensify the sugars in the fruit.
2. Put your peas inside an all-metal sieve and cook them directly over the embers. This also amplifies the sugar within the pea, and gives a smoky sweetness.
3. Using tongs, take your coals and put them in a metal pot. It’s important you put something under the pot like a board.
4. Pour your cream directly over the coals. You don’t want to submerge the coals, if you’re doing that, you’re using too much cream.
5. To serve, arrange the grilled strawberries on a plate, with the grilled peas on top, and drizzle the caramelised cream on top.


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