Double Cheeseburger
Chocolate Shake & Cheesecake Shake
Veggie Burger

Meet Shake Out, the undeniably delicious burger joint worth crossing bridges for

Burgers might sound simple but we’d like to argue that they are one of the most versatile delicacies in the entire world. From the different types of proteins, sauces and vegetables to the types of buns used, there are so many different variations on the simple burger. These days, if someone says they are “craving a burger,” it no longer specifically relates to the classic meat patty with cheese on a sesame bun. It could mean any number of things. And while each and every burger joint in Auckland offers something different and has its own charm, Shake Out at Smales Farm is bringing something particularly special to the table.

Shake Out boasts a signature yellow bun which is naturally coloured from pumpkin flour. The potato pumpkin bun is pillowy soft and soaks up all the sauciness of the filling like a sponge which is highly necessary as these burgers are messy in the most delicious way. The menu is short, straight-forward and simple with only four burgers — cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, chicken burger and veggie burger, along with a few sides which include fries, cheesy fries and a pickle. Shake Out uses pure New Zealand beef and the patties are succulent and juicy beyond words. The slices of cheese melt all over the freshly grilled patties and lend a creamy richness to the smoky, meaty burger. The chicken burger is not any less juicy than the beef as it has been fried to perfection, boasting a crispy exterior while the meat remains tender.

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This burger joint doesn’t neglect the vegetarians either with a housemade veggie pattie jam-packed with spice and flavour that certainly doesn’t disappoint. The side option of crispy shoestring fries are served with the skin still on and have been seasoned simply with salt, making it almost impossible to stop at just one. Those with a sweet tooth can also expect to have their needs met at Shake Out, where the number of sweet items actually outnumber the savoury ones on the menu. All made with organic, New Zealand dairy, the line-up includes deliciously smooth sundaes, and classic chocolate, caramel and banana shakes. Upping the ante even more, is the indulgent cheesecake shake that tastes like a blitzed cheesecake and is topped with ginger biscuit crumble, showing there’s really nothing Shake Out can’t shake out.

Differentiated by its streamlined, automated ordering system — food and drinks are ordered via screens set up on the front counter — and the fact that all of its packaging is compostable or recyclable, Shake Out’s new-age fast food is adding to the ever-growing, culinary offering at The Goodside precinct in the new, Smales Farm. Already touted by a few people we talked to (and now a number of us in the office) as being one of the best burgers in town, when we say these treats are worth a trip across the bridge, we mean it.

Shake Out

Smales Farm (inside the Goodside)
72 Taharoto Rd

(09) 489 8223


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