Ponsonby favourite Farina has re-opened with a whole new space and a delicious new menu

Since Farina decided to temporarily close its Ponsonby Road restaurant at the end of last year, we have suffered from a Farina-shaped hole in our dining agenda that nothing else has quite been able to fill. Luckily, after many months and much anticipation, the delicious Italian stalwart has reopened with aplomb after an extensive renovation, showcasing a significantly revamped space and an exciting menu upgrade. “The decision to embark on this transformation was driven by a desire to enhance the dining experience for our loyal patrons,” says Farina’s Executive Chef, Sergio Maglione, “and also to be able to accommodate more customers.”

Left: Bottoni
Conetto San Daniele Pizza

When the space next door to Farina became available last year, the team seized the opportunity to expand, looking to build on what Farina had already achieved while improving the food offering and creating a more spacious and inviting environment that had a greater presence on Ponsonby Road. As Maglione articulates, “This isn’t a new Farina, it’s just improved.” He continues, “While we have reimagined the menu and the space, we wanted to retain our essence and still offer the classic Farina service everyone knows and loves.”

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Collaborating with Darrelle McWilliams and Paul Izzard of Izzard Design, the Farina team embarked on a significant makeover, which resulted in a more spacious front dining room and larger bar area for customers to relax and enjoy the ‘Cucina Italiana’, as well as a large prep kitchen and improved back of house to assist with operations. In keeping with the essence of Farina, the restaurant still boasts the same front-of-house open kitchen and rear pizza bar, while the interior marries a palette of soft terracotta and neutrals with comfortable booth seating and playful artworks. During the day, the space feels refreshing and vibrant, while at night, it feels intimate and cosy — a space filled with warmth and character that is ready to welcome patrons into its comfortable environs any time of the day.


Of course, at the heart of Farina is its exceptional culinary offering. And while the menu has undergone a thoughtful evolution, the central idea of serving traditional Neapolitan fare with a contemporary twist remains. Here, fresh handmade pasta and mouthwatering pizzas are still staples, while new additions such as the blue mussel corndog with nduja salsa, the indulgent ‘conetto’ (a fried pizza cone topped in various ways) and the ‘Amalfi’ dessert of lemon meringue pie sorbet, showcase how the food at Farina has been taken to the next level.

Left: Vitello Tonnato

The bar has also received a makeover, boasting an expanded selection of beverages ranging from Italian wines to artisanal cocktails. Whether you prefer a classic Negroni or a refreshing Peroni on tap, there’s something to complement every dish and satisfy every palate.

Corn Dog

Executive Chef, Sergio Maglione with the Suppli al Telefono.

Despite all the changes, it’s clear that Farina’s heart and soul remain unchanged. The restaurant exudes a lively Italian atmosphere, inviting guests to enjoy good food and company in a relaxed setting. And whether it’s for a leisurely dinner with friends or a quick bite at the bar, patrons can expect the same warm welcome and exceptional service that have become synonymous with the Farina experience.

Left: Raviolone

“It is great to be back open again,” Maglione tells me. “There is nothing better than seeing the joy on the faces of our customers, both new and returning ones, when they come in and see the new space.” With a renewed commitment to excellence and innovation, Farina is poised to continue delighting food lovers and cement its status as one of the preeminent culinary destinations on Ponsonby Road.

Opening hours:
Monday — closed
Tuesday & Wednesday — 4pm until late
Thursday to Sunday — 12pm until late


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